Sunday, May 03, 2009

WATE was 12 minutes after Brian's Blog

WATE was 12 minutes after the first report on Brian's Blog.


Anonymous said...

yeah, but you also said bearden was out, and they are not.

Brian Hornback said...

well, there is still time for another press conference later in the week. So, while ALL the intial information may not have panned out, I was still the first.

Steve Mule said...

Yes, you were right and kudos to you for it! BUT ... You might have been wrong and if wrong only added to unfounded fear. I suspect the reason you were first is that the news services WATE, KNS were busy doing confirmation, fact checking and making sure they had a complete set of facts to report rather outhouse rumors from unnamed sources.
This time you were right but be careful you could have just as easily been wrong.
Also, the school closing will be 5 school days which in this case means seven calender days. My source for this is KnoxViews. You beat Randy Neal by about 16 minutes but he's got the more complete and correct (as far as details; i.e.: days and schools involved and so on) report.


J Mark Underwood said...

Brian, here's a good old fashioned compliment...Job well Done!

Keep it up!

Mark Underwood

J Mark Underwood said...

Here's an old fashion compliment,
Good Job!...Keep it Up

Mark Underwood