Friday, December 31, 2010

2011, Will Be Interesting

A week or so ago 5 RV's were traveling I-40 East near the Midway Road exit all headed east. They all looked alike. Here are the pics. Now, the Bible I read says no man knows the day, hour when Christ returns. That would lead me to believe that one thing is certain, it will not be May 21, 2011.

Hunley and Clark Are Not As Predictable

The two weekly newspaper publishers from North Knox County are not as predictable as some have thought they are. You see it seems they are working jointly on several initiatives, most recently the opposition of the Midway Business Park.

It was anticipated that they would criticize Mayor Burchett's RFP development committee. You see they believe that a resident of the Midway Road / Thorngrove Pike ares be placed on the committee. However, Mayor Burchett went in a professional direction, selecting individuals that bring experience and expertise to the committee that will develop the RFP for the build/lease/purchase of a new Carter Elementary School.

So, while Hunley and Clark are predictable, it appears they are not as predictable as some thought.

We Will See How This Hamilton County Mayor Post Will Be Filled

This from Chattanooga Times Free Press

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Chattanoogans Picking Sides in Interim County Mayor Post

This story from Chattanooga Times Free Press detail the selection process for Hamilton County Mayor. The Hamilton County Commission met last week and deadlocked 4-4. So now former Mayor and Chattanooga Developer supports one candidate. While current embattled Mayor Ron Littlefield supports the other. What politicians need to understand that while you may get the support of one politico and some of his friends/supporters, you are sure to get 100% of their enemies.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What Is Going On At The County Clerk's Offices?

First it was reported that Foster Arnett the Knox County Clerk reported a stolen bank deposit from the Knoxville Centre satellite office. Then the Sevier County Clerk after being investigated returns money and resigns. Then last week we posted a story about the TBI looking into the Morgan County Clerks Office. Now here today on knoxnews it is reported that $5,000 has been taken at the Anderson County Clerk's office, it has been returned. Come on what is going on at the County Clerk's offices?

Chattanooga Keeps Kicking Our Butt

This from Chattanooga Times Free Press detail how Southeast Tennessee has gotten three big job producers the past three years. All three located in industrial parks right off I-75. So, it looks like all the new good jobs will be 85 miles south of Knox County.

County Officials Possibly Acting Badly

This from the Commercial Appeal

Ballard Under Investigation

The News Sentinel discloses here an investigation into Phil Ballard, Knox County Property Assessor and his dealings with an employee. Multiple sources have either informed or confirmed that the rumor mongering of this situation has been fueled by former Property Assessor employees that are now employed in another Knox County fee office. Employees that until September of this year were supposedly loyal to Ballard.

How about these employees just doing the job that Knox County taxpayers are paying them to do and not being rumor mongers. Just let Knox County Human Resources do their job.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

We Should Thank Our Law Enforcement Professionals and Military Personnel Daily

We should appreciate those individuals that risk their lives to keep ours safe and secure. This news from the Chattanooga Times Free Press is a terrible tragedy, especially tragic during the holidays.

Nashville's 2010 Memorable Quotes Quiz

Here is the 25 question test from the Tennessean. I got 20 out of 25 correct, that is pretty good for a guy that has never lived in Nashville.

Sandra Clark Supports Spending More Than $15 Million on Land For Carter

In this weeks Scripps owned Shopper News, Scripps employee Sandra Clark is advocating here to build the Carter Elementary School on the Knox County taxpayers $10 million plus investment at the proposed Midway Business Park. The last line of her story states, "Just build an elementary school at Midway and let's all move on."

That is twice the cost of the Board approved renovation cost and at least 25% greater than Sandy Loy of Construction Plus indicates that he can build a new school for. What Sandra Clark may or may not have forgotten is that the school board in 2003 purchased property on Strawplains Pike for a new school. So, she is advocating a $14-$16 million land cost. That is before $8-$10 million is spent on actually constructing the building. That is so absurd, that the good people of Carter would reject this type of wasteful spending that Sandra Clark proposes.

Monday, December 27, 2010

The Loss of Local Influence at Love 89.1 FM Will Hurt

The direction of Love 89.1 FM going with nationally syndicated programming will hurt the local Christian community for many years to come. Today the ownership of Love 89.1 and Life 88.3 announced that Air 1 will be broadcast on Love 89.1 and K Love will air on Life 88.3, the effects of losing local on air talent will hurt the loyal audience that has included these broadcasters as part of our own families. The jobs will hurt, losing the voices will hurt.

But what our community is really losing is the link to the community. Ministries like Water Angels and Lost Sheep will not have a venue to promote it's events and it's needs. For me on Sunday nights listening to Kris Love introduce local musicians and bands will be lost. How will we ever know about local groups and musicians? How about all the concerts? Without a local presence will we ever host another Winter Jam after this year? This decision is hurtful to those of us that consider Love 89 as a member of our family, however, the loss of a bully pulpit for the Christian community is a greater loss.

Let us also not forget that Marshall and Marisa are the reigning East TN's BEST Morning Drive Team as awarded by the voters in the Knoxville News Sentinel East TN Best Poll.

What Is Up With Missing Money at County Clerk's Offices

First it was Knox County Clerk Foster Arnett and a bank deposit that went missing from the Knoxville Center satellite office. Arnett reported that it was stolen from the counter however no word on the investigation, no arrests and no suspects. Even though there are cameras recording the Clerk's office activities. Then the Sevier County Clerk resigned when it was discovered that thousands of dollars were taken. Now, the News Sentinel is reporting here that the TBI is investigating the Morgan County Clerk's office for missing money. What is going on?

Changes at Love 89.1

Beginning January 1, 2011 Love 89.1 FM will begin airing Air 1. Their sister station 88.3 FM will begin airing K-Love. While I have heard great things about K Love, and a review of Air 1's website appear to have similar music to Love 89.1. The big question that hasn't been answered yet, what happens to Marisa, Marshall and Kris and any other local Love 89 on air talent?

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Campfield Earns Man of the Year Award from Focus Staff Writer

As we approach the last week of 2010, there will be lots of recaps of what coulda, woulda, shoulda or did happen this year. State Senator Stacey Campfield has earned the 2010 Person of the Year honor by Dan Andrews, Staff Writer of the weekly Focus publication. Here is the link to this weeks edition. It is believed that Shopper rivals Betty Bean and Sandra Clark may need some blood pressure reducing medication, due to their mutual admiration for Senator Campfield.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Hamilton County Board of Education Makes Excellent Decision

The Chattanooga Times Free Press details (here) that the Hamilton County Board of Education has contracted with a third party provider to utilize a pre-employment online screening process for teachers, Principal applicants and support staff applicants. This is a great move, the more you know the least likely you will be surprised later.

Friday, December 24, 2010

The Real Meaning of Christmas Put To Work

We talk and know about the real meaning of Christmas. But this story in today's Tennessean details how the real meaning of Christmas was put to work.

To all the readers of Brian's Blog, Have a Very Merry and Blessed Christmas. Remembering that God became flesh in the form of a baby born in a manager. His purpose in coming to earth was to do something for us that we can not do for ourselves. Providing a Savior to save us from our sins.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Memphis Desires To Leave ALL The Children Behind

Memphis City School Board has sent notice to Shelby County Election Commission submitting (details here) to the the voters a referendum to surrender their charter, like Knoxville did in the 1990's. By law Knox County Schools had to take over the city school system. Which caused the county schools to suffer because all the dollars for the next 12-15 years were spent bringing the city schools up to county standards. Shelby County Schools appear to be preparing (details here) for that eventual referendum and are taking necessary action to protect themselves.

Ruh Roh!

This from the Chattanooga Times Free Press

Scripps Employee Sandra Clark Disagrees With Editorial Position of Employer

The Knoxville News Sentinel Editorial Board feels this way about the County Commission vote on the Midway Rd Business Park. However, Scripps employee Sandra Clark disagrees with the Editorial Board position. Metro Pulse, one of the other Scripps owned publications details here in it's Ear to the Ground column Clark's renegade reaction with her employers position.

Jim Henry is a Great Choice by Governor - Elect Bill Haslam

This announcement from the Tennessean.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Oops, Hammond Loses An Old Friend

In this weekly community newspaper the publisher attacks Commission Chairman Mike Hammond over his vote on the Midway Business Park. Using the words "dismal failure". The publisher has always stated that he and Hammond go back to the early days of WIVK and it's parent company, Dick Broadcasting. Obviously one vote can turn one old friend into a name calling enemy to the other friend. It is sad that one issue has to do this to someone that publishes a weekly newspaper. We should all use the advice of Alex Haley and Senator Lamar Alexander, "Find the Good and Praise it". It is equally sad that publications become such purveyors of name calling and negativity.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

TVA Should Restore the Swan Pond Community

In this story from today's News Sentinel, my friend and Roane County Commissioner Randy Ellis makes the point that TVA should restore the Swan Pond community to what the citizens desire. Commissioner Ellis grandmother lived in Swan Pond.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Foster Arnett: A Liar or A Political Opportunist?

In 2008, Foster Arnett offered himself as a candidate for County Clerk with the promise of "throwing the door of the clerk's office open" and "to always do the right thing" He was elected and served the remaining two years. In 2010, Arnett ran for a full four year term as County Clerk as a continuation of his first partial term. Then within 60 days of taking office on September 1, 2010 he appoints his brother as Treasurer of an exploratory committee to run for the position of City of Knoxville Mayor. Sources close to Arnett indicate that not only is he definitely running, he is planning his Mayoral administration. Obviously, Arnett never participated in little league sports as a child. Because when young kids want to quit the team when the going gets tough, dad's always say "you have to finish the season." So, either Arnett is a political opportunist running for Mayor or he is a liar after having said he would "always do the right thing." The right thing is to complete what you said you wanted to do and what the public gave you the honor of doing.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Harmon -v- Tindell

Sources in the fractured and splintered Knox County Democrat Party are talking about a primary challenge for State Representative. It seems that Mark Harmon (the university twit, as labeled by Lumpy Lambert) is strongly considering a primary challenge to State Representative Harry Tindell in 2012. There is no love or even mutual admiration for the Tindell's by Harmon. First, when former Second District Commissioner Billy Tindell supported Commissioner David Collins instead of Harmon and then when Tindell rarely took the stance that Harmon expected. Could be interesting especially after redistricting.

In South Carolina There Is NO Free Ride and NO Free Gas

In Hampton County South Carolina the Mayor was filling up his car with gas and charging the town for it. He didn't have a county issued car, he didn't have a car allowance. Between May 25, 2009 and May 5, 2010 he got less than $2,000 of gas. The town called SLED, which is the TBI equivalent in South Carolina and after an investigation the mayor is arrested and charged. I wonder where he was going? Where he is headed now is in the wrong direction. Here is the link to the story from the website of WLTX in Columbia, S.C.

Monday, December 13, 2010

O'Charley's Closes 16, None in Tennessee

According to this in the Tennessean

"Prince Phillip of Nashville" Bredesen and TN Lottery Get An F

According to this story in the Knoxville News Sentinel, TN's lottery scholarships have increased attendance at post secondary institutes of learning. However, the failure rate is the highest. So, while the high school graduation rates increased. The psychological damage of students failing so quickly may have hurt them more. So, Bill Haslam has another challenge thanks to eight years of "Prince Phillip of Nashville" and a TN lottery that is just about keeping the poor, poor.

Commissioner Smith Changes His Name Again

This summer we learned when Steve Rodgers, the Independent candidate for County Commission Seventh District revealed an old newspaper article that Commissioner Smith was once Robert Lawrence Smith. He was then known as Larry Smith, however sources close to Smith indicate that when he discovered there was another Larry Smith in the Halls community, he began using the name R. Larry Smith. Evidently he has changed his name again. When you check the giveaway Fountain City Focus this week on page 5, he is now Karry Smith. Here is the link to the Fountain City Focus online.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Is Obama Just The Front Man? He Wishes

After this from yesterday. Unlike President Clinton, Obama and Biden can not quiet the liberal nuts that are led by Reed and Pelosi.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Businessman Mark Padgett First Out Of The Gate With Media

Knoxville Mayoral Candidate Mark Padgett is the first of the candidates for Mayor to launch a television ad. Also, his website is located, here. In launching his website Padgett said “My campaign is about more easily accessible government, and is a good example of how I will conduct the city’s business,” Padgett said. “It’s an accessible, user-friendly way to learn about me and what my values are.”

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Sorry Excuse Of......

This from the Chattanooga Times Free Press

Monday, December 06, 2010

Shelby County and Memphis City Will Not Merge At This Point

This from the Commercial Appeal, Shelby County Commission says No, Thank You.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

TN GOP SEC Will Likely Table Closed Primary Resolution Today

In communication with some TN GOP SEC members, I am confident that the proposal to close Republican primaries will be tabled for 60-90 days and a committee of the SEC will begin investigating this proposal.

I initially supported the concept of closing the primaries. However, after discussing the matter in an open dialogue with Moderately Marvelous on twitter. I am OPPOSED to closing the Republican primaries.

The reason is that when the primaries are closed, you could be excluded by voting if the Republican party determines that you are not a bona fide Republican. For someone like myself where 5 former of the 10 former living Knox County GOP Chairman publicly opposed my election as an SEC member, they could determine that I am not a bona fide Republican. The five are jealous of the success that the party achieved during my term. So, they're opposition was clearly a self serving. This type of activity should not remove my ability to cast a vote.

For the record in my SEC race, my opponent spent in excess of $15,000 while I spent ZERO dollars. I garnered 37.3% of the vote, very good results for the investment.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

You Better Be Ready

whether Jesus returns tomorrow, May 20 or when these folks (as detailed here in the News Sentinel) say it will happen.

Randy Neal Launches Investigation on a Republican Councilman

Here, Randy Neal of the local liberal blog launches an investigation on a Republican Knoxville Councilman. So, he owns a rental property. OK. They landlord / tenant relationship is not always fair, it even has a tendency to lean toward the tenant. The first inspection was in March 2010 and the last inspection was in September 2010. How much damage can be done in six months. I don't have to remind everyone that Senator Stacy Campfield was accused of being a bad landlord. But, when the proof was presented, Campfield won the counter suit. Why can't the local liberal blog try to something productive? Like convincing President Obama and the Democrats to extend our tax cuts so that the 9% unemployed can be employed and the economy rescued. After all, it is the economy!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

TN GOP SEC to Consider Closed Primaries

If there enough members with a brain on the TN GOP State Executive Committee they will proceed at their meeting this Saturday with closing the GOP primaries in TN. For too long the Democrats have been selecting our Republican candidates and it is time, in the words of Barney Fife "to nip it, nip it in the bud."

Your Knox County SEC members are June and Bill Landrum, email them here, Sally Absher, send her an email here. Ted Hatfield, call him at 865-925-9606 or 865-922-1123 or email here. Karen Brown, email her here and Ken Gross, email him here.

Hat tip to Blue Collar Muse for breaking this news story here.

Mayor Burchett is Doing the Right Thing for Carter

Tomorrow we should find out if the Knox County School Board will allow Knox County and specifically Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett to as through an RFP whether there is any interest in the private sector to pursue a construct/lease back for a NEW Carter Elementary School to be located on property purchased in 2003. This blogger voted to purchase that property, because I believed then that Carter deserved a new school. While I support a NEW Southwest Knox County Elementary School, I also believe that Carter is deserving as well. Thanks to Mayor Burchett for thinking out of the box and coming up with a win win solution. He is only wanting to ask the question. Let's hope that the school board agrees to ask the question.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sen. Corker! Really?

From this News Sentinel story it is revealed that Senator Corker has discouraged VW from allowing a union to be formed at the TN plant. I mean really? How about doing what a Senator should do. How about working to repeal Obamacare? How about having NEVER voted for TARP? Subjecting our country to a debt we can not pay. How about reading the Constitution, discovering what your role is and perform that role to the best of your ability. I don't believe telling a private business what they should do in your home state qualifies.

Friday, November 26, 2010

McElroy is Having To Search The State Over

Today's News Sentinel headline story is a fluff piece on Congressman Jim Cooper. Since Jack McElroy has been the Editor, he has printed favorable stories for Democrats or R.I.N.O's (Republican in Name Only) that will be sympathetic to Democrat positions. After November 2, 2010 election results it seems that McElroy has to write about a Democrat more than 250 miles from his office space. sad, sad.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

TN's Republican Star

Happy Thanksgiving!

County Commission Meets Tomorrow?

My buddy Walt Wojnar text messaged me thinking that County Commission is meeting tomorrow. Because there has been a lot of talk about Black Friday.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Courthouse Cronyism Chess Game

We have been posting since August about the various cronyism moves in the City County Building with a couple of fee offices. It seems the latest is as we previously reported that Trustee employee Craig Leuthold (and former County Commissioner) is in negotiations with Property Assessor Phil Ballard to move from the Trustee's office to the Property Assessors office. The word in the courthouse is that a switch is in play to swap another Property Assessor employee for Trustee employee Craig Leuthold.

The wrench in the swap is that their is a disparity in salary, which sources indicate that Property Assessor Phil Ballard will have a reduction in force (lay off or termination) in order to accommodate the switch. Leuthold who has Trustee experience, has NO Property Assessor experience.

Links to our previous posts August 28, 2010; October 28, 2010; November 6, 2010; November 8, 2010; November 11, 2010

Republicans Unite to Replace Michael Steele

A website dedicated to collecting supporters for a Replace Michael Steele as Republican National Committee Chairman is located here. The twitter for the group is located here.

Jake Mabe Travels Back 47 years

Jake Mabe is back to blogging on a regular basis. Today he commemorates the 47 th anniversary of a historical moment in our country's history. So, pull up a chair and read Jake's post here and travel back 47 years ago today.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Town of Farragut Needs To Install The Red Light NOW

From this weeks Farragut Press (here) we learn that Farragut Mayor McGill and a few Aldermen are dragging their feet on installing a red light at the Campbell Station Road/Farragut High School entrance. The entrance has been closed for over a year for the widening of Campbell Station Rd. While back before the widening of Campbell Station Rd, it was a two lane road with a center turn lane, the school didn't need a red light then. Now that the widening is complete and Campbell Station Rd is now four lanes with a center turn lane, it is imperative that a red light is installed.

The distance between this proposed red light and the red light at Kingston Pike and Campbell Station and the red light at Campbell Station and the park/Knox County library are greater than the traffic light at Farragut High School entrance on Kingston Pike and the Campbell Station Rd/Kingston Pike and Concord Rd/Kingston Pike red lights.

The delay by the Town of Farragut is a gamble that jeopardizes the lives of teenage drivers. Farragut Principal Mike Reynolds is correct. Install the red light now!

The town is probably waiting so they can install the red light camera at the same time so as to increase the towns revenue. It seems that the Mayor and some aldermen are taking the attitude, student safety be damned.

Red Bank Leaders Discuss Red Light Camera Removal

That is a good thing. Read the story from today's Chattanooga Times Free Press, here. In Knoxville someone should borrow the strategy of the Red Bank red light camera opponents and have some signs that read "Mr. Haslam Tear Down Those Cameras" In Farragut someone should borrow the strategy of the Red Bank red light camera opponents and have some signs that read, "Mr. McGill Tear Down Those Cameras"

Friday, November 19, 2010

Congressman Ron Paul on TSA Groping

As always, Congressman Ron Paul is spot on. We have to say enough is enough. Ron Paul has the solution.

Hello, You Need To Get The Votes First

In all the excitement building up to the TN House Speaker vote yesterday. A source indicated that Knox County State Representative Harry Brooks was co hosting a meet and greet for the 22 House Republican freshman to meet Speaker candidate Glenn Casada. At first, I was unable to confirm that Brooks was co hosting a meet and greet. But then I received a reliable confirmation that in fact Brooks was co hosting a meet and greet for Casada. However, the meet and greet was last night. The vote for Speaker was at 1 p.m. Nashville time, 2 p.m. Knoxville time. No reason to meet the runner-up candidate for Speaker at that point.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Beth Harwell Broke The Glass Ceiling

Good News, 63 Republican members of the TN House (one member abstained) have selected Representative Beth Harwell to be their nominee for TN Speaker of the House. Now let's celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas and see her elected in January 2011. The first female TN Speaker of the House. Great job, Speaker Harwell

Harwell Is The Best Choice

Today the TN Republican House members will meet in caucus to select their leader. The choice is State Rep. Beth Harwell or State Rep. Glen Casada. While I have met both and both are exceptional people. Rep. Harwell will make a good Speaker. First, she has leadership experience having served as TN GOP Chairman while serving as a State Representative.

Unfortunately for Casada his supporters have attempted to demonize Harwell. I received a phone call yesterday from an activist tea party member, he asked is Harwell a RINO? I said absolutely NOT, I know RINO's Harwell ain't one. We discussed some of her votes and positions. While I may not agree with every position an elected official takes. If I can see how they arrived at their position, then I can respect that person. Harwell is the kind of leader that Governor Haslam and TN need for 2011 and beyond.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bob Pope Utilizing the Lincoln Davis Strategy?

Yesterday Moderately Marvelous was all over the race for Speaker of the TN House. Here she discusses the attacks on Rep. Beth Harwell by Bob Pope. As I read Bob Pope's emails it looked familiar. It looked like Lincoln Davis re-election campaign. You know where the candidate attacks their opponent but never gives you a valid reason to vote for the candidate of their liking. That Lincoln Davis strategy did not work very well.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Colquitt Brothers Opposing Each Other On The Field Only

Dustin and Britton Colquitt will oppose each other as Kansas City takes on Denver today. Read a great story in today's News Sentinel, here. Craig and Anne have much to be proud about.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Good News

This from the News Sentinel, Knox County School Bus Contractor Harry Mabry ends a theft and recovers a stolen truck. This is Good News.

The Absolutes by James Robison

I just finished reading the 2002 book, The Absolutes by James Robison. This is a great book that details historically what our government is built on. The only hope for the future of our representative republic is adherence to the absolutes. We must begin to see our universe from the world view that God is the creator and sustainer of all.

What Happens When Democrats Lead

This from the Kingsport Times newspaper is an example of what happens when Democrats lead. The U.S. Post Office has lost $8.5 billion dollars in spite of cutting services and people. This will cause Obama and the Democrats to cue the Blame Bush reel.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Sen. Corker Should Answer The Question

Here in today's Tennessean is a report of Sen. Corker's debt town hall that was held in the mid state area. One was held in Knoxville yesterday morning. Former Davidson County GOP Vice Chairman asked Sen. Corker how he could have voted for TARP and then rally against the debt. The former GOP official then attempted to give Corker a copy of the Constitution to which Sen. Corker reportedly said I find that offensive. Is it the Constitution that the Senator finds offensive or the question that was asked? Sen. Corker should have explained what he found offensive and he should answer the question on his TARP vote and how that vote has impacted the National debt.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

News Sentinel Editorial Misses the Cronyism Mark

This Editorial in Yesterday's News Sentinel missed the mark on cronyism. The News Sentinel Editorial Board cites Zach Brezina as a potential political patronage becoming cronyism. The editor writers stated that Brezina is a college graduate. What the editorial authors missed is the daughter of political gadfly Mose Lobetti that has been hired into the Trustees office with no Trustee experience at a salary in excess of $50,000 it is reported to Brian's Blog that this hire is not a college graduate. More details could be forthcoming on this hire. To my friends at the Big Metal Shed on the Hill this is an example of Cronyism 101.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Rep. Curry Todd Sometimes Shoots From The Hip, But He Did Apologize

The Tennessean here details that Rep. Curry Todd made a comment at a committee meeting and when asked about it, he apologized. Rep. Todd one of the most colorful members of the legislature will sometimes shoot from the hip, but he will correct it when necessary.

A Week Later, the Tennessean Looks Back


Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Veteran TN Legislator Passes Away

This from the Tennessean blog, Veteran TN Legislator Ulysses Jones has passed away. Jones from Memphis will be missed. Rest In Peace Rep. Jones.

Leuthold to Move From Trustees Office

Former County Commissioner Craig Leuthold is apparently in negotiations with Knox County Property Assessor Phil Ballard to change his employment from the Trustees office to the Property Asessors office. Leuthold's position will be abolished in March 2011 when the four Trustee satellite offices close. Leuthold has been the Supervisor of the Trustee satellite offices.

Also, it is rumored that Ballard has instructed his Supervisors to inform employees of the Assessors office to voluntarily reduce their hours to 30 hours per week.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Beth Harwell Will Be a GREAT TN Speaker

This article from the Chattanooga Times Free Press details State Representative Beth Harwell commitment to the House Republicans concerning the election of Speaker. How refreshing Beth Harwell will be as Speaker.

Magazine States What all Tennesseans Have Known for Years

This from the Commercial Appeal.

Mike Donila - Newspaper Reporting ain't That Swift

Mike Donila of the News Sentinel had a story in the Saturday edition that appeared to take information from an August 28 and October 28, 2010 blog posts from here at Brian's Blog. It seems that bloggers and commenter's quickly began commenting on the knoxnews website and the supposed similarities between Donila's November 6 story and our blog posts. In the comments it was mentioned that Duncan III had informed Brian's Blog that Donila brought a copy of our blog posts during his interview with Duncan III. Donila admits that yes, he printed out the blog post and took it to the Duncan III interview but didn't feel that he should credit Brian's Blog as his source. What is most interesting is that in Donila's explanation of his "work". It is that he began working on this story on October 22. So, Scripps pays someone a full-time salary to work 14 calendar days to publish a story? Now we know why Scripps takes the newspaper business away from the profits and loss of it's other business interest. Brian's Blog doesn't need 14 calendar days to give you a glimpse inside our county government. Interestingly, Donila has resorted to sending condescending, negative tweets to me.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Political Leverage States the Obvious about the Sentinel

Yesterday Political Leverage stated the obvious, Mike Donila of the Sentinel published this story today that was published on Brian's Blog here on October 28. Sources close to Duncan III have told me that Donila even took a printed copy of the post and presented it to Duncan and asked for his reaction. Where is the journalistic integrity for crediting Brian's Blog? Or is Jack McElroy just running a Knoxville version of New York Times with a Jayson Blair on staff?

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Pelosi Loses Speaker Post, Her Hometown Strips Kids of Their Toys

On November 2, 2010 San Francisco has banned toys with kids meals. Is this because their Congressperson is no longer the Speaker of the House, beginning in January? Read it here.

She is Her Mother's Child, Obviously

Bristol Palin says that she forgot to vote. Read it here, if you want to waste a few minutes.

Haslam to Step Down Later, as I predicted

Thirty minutes before Mayor Haslam held his 9:30 a.m. press conference today I predicted on my twitter and facebook that he would not resign earlier in order to avoid the special election provision and allow City Council to name one of their own as his successor before the regular City of Knoxville General Election in November 2011. Haslam will step down on 1/10/2011 at Noon on the same day Council will meet to name one of their own as Interim Mayor. They will serve as Council Member and Mayor. Does that mean the individual selected will receive both salaries?

Rep, Harwell and Casada Seek Speaker Post

The Tennessean reports here that the new override proof Republican majority in the TN House of Representatives have two legislators considering the Speaker position. Representatives Beth Harwell and Glenn Casada. Representative Harwell would be an excellent Speaker. Her experience as not only legislator but as TN GOP Chairman show that she has broad based appeal. Representative Harwell is a reasonable legislator, never prone to antics and political grandstanding.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Is One Party Rule Good or Bad?

WVLT's Mario Boone reports reaction to that question, here.

Congratulations to All The Winners, But Especially MY Friend Julia Hurley

Last night was a GREAT Republican night. I was the Republican analyst on WVLT Volunteer TV. Congratulations to all the winners in TN and across the nation. Speaker Boehner will lead the Republican Majority in the U.S. House to provide the appropriate checks and balances for the good of our country.

Congratulations especially to MY friend Julia Hurley who is the Republican State Representative representing Roane County and Lenoir City.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Campaign 2010

Today is the day, Election Day 2010. If you didn't vote early, be sure that you cast your vote by 8 p.m. today. Then at 9 p.m. tune into WVLT Volunteer News for live coverage of the results.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Knoxville Government in Flux?

A local weekly newspaper gave a rumor that Vice Mayor Bob Becker may be vacating his seat to move to Virginia. Knoxville reporter Hubert Smith has snagged the detailed story, read it here.

Friday, October 29, 2010

A NEW Knox County High School Proposal is Announced

This morning at 10 a.m. Knox County School Superintendent Dr. Jim McIntyre was joined by School Board Chair Indya Kincannon, Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett and Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam to announce a proposed STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) High School. The high school would be housed at the L&N Station in downtown Knoxville. If the Knox County School Board approves the proposal along with Knoxville City Council's approval. Then Knox County Schools would enter into a 20 year lease on the space at the L&N Station for $225,000.00 per year and the City of Knoxville will invest $200,000.00 per year toward that rent payment. Here is the link to read the proposal.

Brian's Blog asked what the future of Austin East High School is. Dr. McInytyre cited the increase of the Reading, Math and Graduation rates at the inner city school and feels that the turn around of the school is on track.

Dr. Jim McIntyre announced the proposal for a STEM high school to be housed at the historic L&N station.

Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam discusses the City of Knoxville's commitment to the STEM high school proposed in downtown Knoxville.

School Board Chair Indya Kincannon discusses the proposal that the School Board will consider next week.

Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett offering the county's support for the NEW STEM high school. Burchett discussed how his father was on the City of Knoxville School Board and how his Dad always discussed the need for education.

Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam answering questions from reporter Lola Alapo.

Happy Birthday Drew

Twenty years ago today, I became a Dad for the first time. It is hard to imagine how the time has flown by.

Happy Birthday, Drew!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Knox County Trustee Salaries in 2010 -vs- 2009

The Knox County Fee Offices are required to file a salary suit in Chancery Court to allow their employees to be compensated. This year on September 1, 2010 the Trustee's office is the only office where the incumbent was replaced with a new Trustee. So, we have examined the salary suits. In 2009, Trustee Fred Sisk filed a salary suit for 27 positions with a salary requirement of $1,239,663.68; the salary suit was amended in August 2009 where the salaries were reduced -$13,400.04 to a salary requirement of $1, 226,263.64 Originally, there were 9 employees with an auto allowance, in August the auto allowance was reduced to 7 employees receiving the auto allowance. In 2010, the average salary in the Sisk administration was $45,417.17

In 2010, Trustee Sisk filed a salary suit for 39 employees for a salary requirement of $1,749,285.80 Again 9 auto allowance with an annual expense to the Knox County taxpayers to $48,600.00 In 2010 the average salary in the Sisk administration was $44,853.48

So, what about the recent salary suit of 2010 by new Trustee John Duncan it reveals 40 positions with a salary requirement of $1,855,904.80 with 9 employees receiving an auto allowance of $4,050 a year to an annual commitment by the taxpayers for $48,600.00 The average salary in the Duncan adminstration is $46,397.62

There is a possible ethical violation with the latest Trustee salary suit. You see the Trustee employee Chadwick B. Tindell signed the salary suit as the Attorney for the Trustee. So, he was petitioning for his own salary of $106,905.00 and his $4,050.00 auto allowance per year. In the past the contracted Attorney for the Trustee petitioned the court, but he did not have his entire salary, auto allowance and benefits on the line. So, to a citizen that is not a licensed Attorney it appears as a conflict and most of the time perception is reality.

Our review has been just a quick cursory review. We will dig into further details and may update this post.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Walt Wojnar Finds a TN Solution to a National/International Crisis

Walt Wojnar, the one person that originally coined the phrase "Black Wednesday" for the County Commission appointments on January 31, 2007 has found a Tennessee solution to a National/International crisis.

Wojnar announced today that in solving the immigration problem of illegals crossing the border from Mexico to the United States that on Wednesday November 3, 2010 all the green posts holding the Bill Haslam for Governor signs should be collected and transported to the Mexican/USA border and build the fence with all the green fence posts. There are enough to build the fence.

With such thinking outside the box, we can expect that Wojnar will be in Washington advising the new Republican majority.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

John Duncan Spends $56,599.26 in Taxpayer Dollars on a p-card

Mayor Burchett in a great move yesterday began a database search on all p-card expenditures on the Knox County website. So imagine my surprise when I discovered that between 9/13/2010 to 9/21/2010 John Duncan had spent $56,599.26 utilizing a p-card. So, I called a reliable source in Knox County Government to discover that yes, John Duncan Director of Pharmacy of the Knox County Health Department made these purchases. Not the recently installed Trustee.

Cronyism in the Courthouse, This is a Test

Word spreading through the courthouse is that the position of Deputy Director of Parks and Recreation has created tread marks on the 6th floor carpet going to the Mayor's Office. Both a current employee of the General Sessions Court Clerk's office, Bill Deatherage and a current Parks and Rec employee Chuck James are supposedly vying for this position. This will be Mayor Burchett's first test of a new direction or same ole cronyism. A hire of either of these individuals is a cronyism call. I am believing until proven otherwise that Mayor Burchett stays headed in a new direction.

Billy Haslam Was For It Before He Was Against It, He Was Against It Before He Was For It

as detailed here by the News Sentinel. It will be a long four years.

TN GOP Chairman Finally Sees It MY Way

Chris Devaney the TN GOP Chairman put out a letter and email this weekend saying what I have been saying since August 5, 2010. Julia Hurley is running for TN House of Representatives District 32 to create jobs and encourage business development in the area, cut wasteful government spending, improve education in Tennessee, keep taxes low in Tennessee, fight liberal Washington (which are the buddies of the 18 year liberal incumbent) and protect Tennessee values. Julia is pro-life, pro-family, pro-business and will always protect our Second Amendment. Vote Early, Vote Hurley, Vote Julia Hurley for House in District 32.

*This photo was taken while I was traveling with the Zach Wamp campaign during the summer.

Friday, October 22, 2010

The Admiral Nation Mourns

Thursday evening (here) we lost Assistant Farragut High School Football Coach Ryan Shoup and an exemplary professional business educator.

Coach Shoup, We Loved You! Rest In Peace My Friend. We Will NEVER Forget the legacy that you built into the young men that are Admirals yesterday, today and forever. *The photo was taken from the Farragut High School academics page.

Keep Prayer at Soddy Daisy High School

Here is a column from the Chattanooga Times Free Press detailing a student led initiative to keep prayer at Soddy Daisy High School

Bruce Pearl's Contract Voided

According to the Commercial Appeal, here.

TN GOP is Drunk On It's Own Perceived Power

This story from today's Tennessean details why the TN GOP has a perception of being outta control. The Republican nominee has asked do not send out negative mailers and the TN GOP send out two. Then the TN GOP lies and says that they haven't talked to the candidate about it. So is the candidate lying or the TN GOP. There are some Republican nominees that would welcome negative mailers in their race and the TN GOP are doing nothing for them.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Jim Bryson Attracted More Knox County Voters in 2006 than Bill Haslam in 2010

Knox County election officials are telling the Knoxville News Sentinel (here) that early voting is trailing 2006. So, that means that Jim Bryson the 2006 Republican nominee attracted more voters than Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam is in 2010. It could also be the lackluster leadership in the Knox County Republican Party this year -vs- 2006.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mayor Burchett is RIGHT about the Ten Year Plan

This from Mayor Burchett about the future of the Ten Year Plan. Sources close to the Ten Year Plan also indicate that in addition to the alcohol plan, that Methadone treatment will be permissive in the housing as well.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Vines Stripped Of Coverage Not The Whole Story

The discussion of Georgiana Vines being stripped of her coverage of State Representative Stacey Campfield's State Senate campaign has been discussed among the community for at least a week. News Sentinel Editor Jack McElroy came out today on his blog (here) and put his spin to it. However, sources within the Big Metal Shed on the Hill say that McElroy is not being "upfront" about the issue on his "Upfront Page Blog" It seems that Vines did not come out about her "friend" being a supporter of Randy Walker, but that it was disclosed to her employer and that she was asked about it. The timing was interesting as she was working on a story that was expected to go to print, but she was abruptly stripped of her duties. The story she was working on then appeared on a Nashville blog and then on the local liberal blog with connections to new Scripps columnist Pam Strickland. Other Scripps employee Sandra Clark has signed a qualifying petition and donated to a candidate and then wrote negative nonfactual stories this summer. Did McElroy or Birmingham do anything to Clark? Of course not according to sources within the Big Metal Shed partly because Clark is McElroy's sons supervisor.

Jack's Tale Doesn't Measure Up

News Sentinel Editor Jack McElroy is trying to defend (here) the timing of the Haslam failed business story. His explanation doesn't measure up. During the 19 months of the Republican primary there lots of discussion on blogs from West TN, Middle TN and East TN about Saks Direct and the non Pilot business activity of the Knoxville Mayor. Let us not forget that Pilot procures 50,000 or more News Sentinels every Friday and gives them away for FREE and has done so for the past 7 years.

Brian's Blog Has Made It

Brian's Blog has made it, Moderately Marvelous has written about me. Link here. For those of you in Ritta and East Corryton, doppelganger is "a ghostly double of another living person that haunts it's living counterpart."

Monday, October 18, 2010

Lloyd Daugherty Endorsement of Lincoln Davis

In yesterdays Knoxville News Sentinel letters to the editor (here) Lloyd Daugherty has endorsed the Pelosi voting, Lincoln Davis. Sources close to the Daugherty's TN Conservative Unions (TCU) annual Reagan Day Dinner fundraiser have informed Brian's Blog that Lincoln Davis has always purchased a table at the TCU annual fundraiser from the time he was a State Senator and every year since he has been the Fourth District Congressman.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ivan Harmon IS The City Mayor

When you glance through the Shopper tomorrow check out the announcement about Ivan Harmon's kickoff and fundraiser for Knoxville Mayor to be held this Thursday October 21, 2010 at the Knoxville Expo Center off of Clinton Highway. The first four words in the announcement is "Knoxville Mayor Ivan Harmon". Evidently, the election has been held and according to the Shopper led by Scripps employee Sandra Clark, Ivan Harmon was elected. So, instead of a kickoff, let's just turn this thing into a celebration party.

Also, while you are at it look at the announcement next to the Harmon announcement. Scripps employee Sandra Clark is telling you to tune into WNOX-FM 103 in order to hear the Seventh District State Senate candidates debate from 9-10 a.m. Well, tell me what you hear when you do what the Shopper tells you to do. For Brian's Blog readers, if you wanna hear Representative Campfield tune to WNOX FM 100.3, evidently an extra 0 and . was to difficult for Scripps employee Sandra Clark. The real facts have always escaped Clark, at some point Scripps management should cut the embarrassment that is Sandra Clark and just let her go.

Why Has the News-Sentinel Sat On This Story for 22 Months

Today the Knoxville News-Sentinel published this story about Bill Haslam's less than stellar business experience. Why publish it now? For the past 22 months they sat quietly by and allowed the lie to be believed that he was a successful businessman.

Why Does TN GOP Play The Obama Card in State Races?

In state legislative races the TN GOP are playing the Obama/Pelosi bait card. They started this early on in the state representative race in Hamblen County, Larry Mullins and Don Miller are running for a seat that has been vacated. TN GOP spent GOP dollars on a billboard with Larry Mullins and President Obama picture opposite each other, and created a website. Recently, they have mailed out a card in the Eddie Yoakley and Jeremy Faison race in Cocke County for State Representative. Again painting Yoakley as tied to President Obama. What does President Obama have to do with State Representatives in Tennessee? Now, if they use Speaker Pelosi against Lincoln Davis or any Democrat running for the U.S. Congress that is a valid issue. Because it will be the next Congress that will select the next Speaker of the House. To use President Obama against any and all Democrats running for Congress or Senate that is fine as well. But it has NO place in state legislative races. In my many years of political involvement, I have come to realize that too often political campaigns do not focus on the real issues but instead use bait tactics that have no real effect on the job at hand.

For those of you that are shocked by this post, you can file this as my "Lee Atwater" moment.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

RIP Mrs. Cleaver

Here the Knoxville News Sentinel is reporting that Barbara Billingsley, Beaver Cleaver's mom has passed away.

Hatfield Financial Disclosure Irregularities Persist

Here is the latest financial disclosure for Ted Hatfield, the Republican State Executive Committeeman. It has been reported that the campaign ads that ran in the Fountain City Focus had not been timely filed per the TCA statute that governs financial reporting. In the filing this week it only shows one ad as having been provided by a Black Wednesday appointed County Commissioner. The filing disclosure says "AD in Knox Focus" Ad being singular, as in only one ad. Interesting to note that Hatfield's wife has been rewarded with a job promotion in the City County Building since her husband's election. Cronyism is alive and well. We will be reporting on the cronyism once all positions are filled and all the moving around is complete.

Stephen Fincher The Real Deal

For those of us that are not looking forward to January 2011, when Zach Wamp the only enthusiastic member of the TN delegation of the U.S. House of Representatives departs office. The good news is that if Stephen Fincher is elected, then he will become the enthusiastic Conservative member of the delegation.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It is Time To Reject Lincoln Davis!

It is not right and the citizens of TN Fourth Congressional District needs to reject these attacks and send Lincoln Davis home.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What Is TN Right To Life Thinking or Are They?

So, sources tell us that TN Right to Life has given Liberal Dennis Ferguson a 100 for his pro life voting record. What they don't tell you is that Liberal Ferguson has only been voting pro-life since the Republicans gained control of the legislature. What they don't tell you is that Liberal Ferguson in all his years always voted the Jimmy Naifeh line, which would have included voting for funding Planned Parenthood to the tune of $1.0 million a year.

What better candidate to support the pro-life movement but Conservative Julia Hurley. Hurley as a young women faced an unplanned pregnancy and she chose life. Today she is a single mother to her 13 year old daughter.

It appears that the TN Right to Life is picking candidates they think may win so that their record is better in the win column than in the loss column. So, the choice is easy, NOT Liberal Ferguson but instead VOTE Conservative Julia Hurley. Vote Early, Vote Hurley!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Congressman Zach Wamp Honored By Oak Ridge City Council

Third District Congressman Zach Wamp arrives at the Oak Ridge Municipal Building, a local Boy Scout troop working on their civic merit badge were in attendance. Congressman Wamp spent some time with time before the meeting.
Congressman Wamp makes his way into the Municipal Building. Right before the 7:00 p.m. meeting start all electricity went out in Oak Ridge. The only power in the courtroom where City Council meets was the emergency lighting. No public address system.
Congressman Wamp was asked to deliver the prayer prior to the start of the City Council Meeting.
Here Congressmnan Wamp speaks to the honor that the City Council bestowed on him, He said that if the City would like to honor him for them to keep on keeping on. Congressman Wamp also remarked that the comment was made that he would not leave Congress until they turned the lights off and evidently that was true. Everyone laughed in reaction to the lights were out in Oak Ridge.
Here Mayor Beehan and Mayor Pro Tem Ms. Miller present the key to the City of Oak Ridge. Congressman Wamp also received a pottery bowl.

I should receive a copy of the Resolution honoring Congressman Wamp's 16 year service tomorrow. I will post the verbage of the Resolution in it's entirity.

This Side of Politics is Nasty

Moderately Marvelous in this post examines a campaign ad and gives us the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Why is it that most individuals in politics are not truthful? The good ones don't stay around, the lying and the politics of personal destruction are too much to tolerate.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Rural Metro SUCKS!

Last night at the Farragut / Bearden football game during the third quarter defensive player Robby Leonard went down with a terrible injury. Now, the trainers were there and began an IV on the field. However, there was NO Rural Metro ambulance on site. The Knoxville/Knox County Volunteer Rescue Squad was nearby and came on the field. Leonard was ultimately loaded onto a backboard from the rescue squad's truck and then transported off the field on a Farragut gator type cart. Once off the field the injured player and personnel were still forced to wait another 10 minutes for the Rural Metro ambulance to show up to transport Leonard to a hospital. So, he was on the ground for 15-20 minutes and another 10 minutes. So, Rural Metro's response was nearly 30 minutes to get to Farragut High School.

The Knox County Commission awards the ambulance contract every few years for Knox County. As Knox County homeowners that are not served by a Volunteer fire department, we are obligated to contract with Rural Metro for fire protection. In the Knox County contract there are mandatory response times, which Rural Metro clearly violated last night. Sources close to Knox County's EMS department have informed me that it is understood that Rural Metro has been in non compliance with response times for some time.

Rural Metro hires a local (popular to government bureaucrats) PR firm and also has a former Knox County Commissioner on their payroll as a Government Relations employee, code word for Lobbyist and deal maker. This is an unacceptable practice.

This is a photo taken from the stands as the VOLUNTEER Rescue squad performs the duties that the Knox County contracted Rural Metro were unable to perform last night.

I would encourage anyone that can to make financial contributions to the Knoxville/Knox County Volunteer Rescue Squad by visiting their website, here.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Bill Shory, The Award Winning Hypocrite News Director

Bill Shory ranted and raved at Bud Ford because Lane Kiffin had ground rules for his press conference when he announced he was outta here. Shory was right then, he even received a journalism award for his position in that situation. All media should have had equal access to be broadcast in what ever way they use.

However, all media that requested media credentials for tonights Gubernatorial debate in Knoxville received a similar "Lane Kiffin" type instructions. So just call Bill Shory, "Bill Lane Kiffin" Shory now.

Here is the email that was received yesterday from Amy Blakely, the Assitant Director, Media and Internal Relations at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

You or one of your staff members are on our list for media credentials for tomorrow night's gubernatorial debate at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

As you know, the debate begins at 8 p.m. in the Cox Auditorium in the Alumni Memorial Building. Doors open at 7 p.m. Free parking is available across Phillip Fulmer Way in Staff Lot 9.

Please sign in and pick up your media lanyard at the media table in the foyer of the Alumni Memorial Building.

Only WBIR and the News Sentinel, two of the debate sponsors, will be allowed to shoot videos and still photos in the auditorium. Photos will be available from the News Sentinel by calling Jigsha Desai on the photo desk at 865-342-6358. There will be standard audio and video feed provided on site (BNC for video, XLR for audio). For more information about video, call Randy Stephens at WBIR, 865-

After the debate, both candidates will be available for interviews in the media room, Room 158.

There will be reserved seating for media in the front, center section of the auditorium.

Other than the designated pool photographers and videographers, all other media representatives will be asked to leave their photo and video equipment outside the auditorium, either in their vehicles or in the media room.

Call or email me if you have questions.

On debate, you can reach me via my cell phone, 865-


Amy Blakely

*Note: where it appears to be a cellphone, we have taken the liberty to not publish that number here.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Hubert Smith Makes An Excellent Point, Is McWherter Being Set Up?

Knoxville Media Personality and Talk Show Host Hubert Smith makes an excellent point and hopefully this issue will be debated before Thursday's debate. Hubert sent the following to many individuals in Knoxville media yesterday.

This coming Thursday there is a debate scheduled between Mike McWherter and Bill Haslam, here. Two of the panelists are Tom Humphreys, representing the News-Sentinel, and radio personality Hallerin Hill. Who is Hill representing? This morning I listened to Hill's radio program, "Inside Politics" with Dennis Francis and George Korda.

They were discussing the Tennessee gubernatorial race and Hill mentioned the Thursday event and that he would be a panelist. At 09:38, he said this about the race. "This race is all done but the shouting."

There's nothing wrong with that UNLESS you're going to be a panelist featuring the gubernatorial candidates. There's nothing wrong with that UNLESS Pilot Corp. is a primary sponsor of your television broadcast on WBIR-TV 10.

This is the problem with politics in Knox County and East Tennessee. It's inbred to the CORE and this is a prime example.

Is there any living, breathing, clear thinkingperson (regardless of Party affiliation) who believes that after making such a statement and being sponsored by Pilot Corp., that Hallerin Hill will be an objective panelist?

Hubert Smith can be found on Facebook, here.

Can You Hear Me Now?

This story from the Tennessean details how Verizon is refunding $90 million dollars to its customers.

Monday, October 04, 2010

$40k Is a Bit Excessive

The Tennessean has the story here that Titans defensive coordinator Chuck Cecil received a $40,000 fine for flippin the bird in reaction to a call. That's a bit excessive, don't ya think?

Opry Mills Ain't Gonna Be The Same

According to this story in the Tennessean, Opry Mills retailers are finding other locations to put their stores. So, Opry Mills ain't gonna be the same.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Lincoln Davis The Hypocrite Congressman

Greg Johnson details here the two faces of Congressman from TN's Fourth Congressional District. I am no fan of Davis and have confronted him at a Duncan BBQ, just ask Voluntarily Conservative. He witnessed how outta sorts Davis got when confronted by me.

What Is Frank Leuthold Thinking?

This letter to the editor in today's Knoxville News Sentinel from former County Commissioner Frank Leuthold in support of former Knox County Library Director Larry Frank. This is the same Larry Frank that reduced the hours of operation of the branch libraries but did not reduce the hours of the employees. Meaning that the citizens were locked out. The same Larry Frank that advocated that the federal government "give" Knox County a building for the downtown library. The same Larry Frank that has built, operated and maintained more library branches per capita than any other library system in the country. Frank's actions were that of a liberal that believed more taxpayer dollars were the answer, not adequate service based on sound business principles. It could be that Leuthold was thinking with hurt feelings, that neither Mayor bothered to ask him for his opinion. It could be they already knew his view.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bredesen Appoints "Republicans" to Board of Regents

The Tennessean is reporting here that Governor Phil Bredesen is appointing three "Republicans" to the Board of Regents to diffuse criticism by State House and Senate committee. He is appointing Chattanoogan Tom Griscom, Knoxville Danni Varlan and Emily Reynolds of Nashville.

Griscom formerly with a Chattanooga newspaper, Varlan wife of federal judge and former Victor Ashe Law Director Tom Varlan. Danni Varlan has not spent anytime within the Knox County Republican Party's grassroots network, so the "Republican" status could be questioned. As for Griscom, in 2006 immediately following a Chattanooga debate between US Senate candidates Harold Ford, Jr and Bob Corker. Griscom appeared on WBIR's talking head post wrap up supposedly as the Republican, but as cameras rolled live, he declared himself to be politically independent. The more time rolls on, nothing ever changes just the faces. Good ole boy/girl/ cronies appointment processes for political purposes, all in an effort to save an unqualified John Morgan as TBR Chancellor. Here's a letter to the editor concerning the Board's "arrogant" actions. Here is another letter to the editor concerning his appointment.

Actor Tony Curtis Dies

The Tennessean is reporting here that Actor Tony Curtis has passed away overnight.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hurley Gains Momentum

Julia Hurley, candidate for State House District 32 has momentum on her side over the 18 year incumbent liberal Democrat. Here is the latest hand out cards. With an assist from Republican candidate for Governor, Bill Haslam and State Representative Tony Shipley.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Julia Hurley Bringing Conservative Principles to State House District 32

Here is a story from the Roane County News that details last weeks debate between Julia Hurley and the incumbent Democrat for State Representative District 32 that represents Roane County and Lenoir City. It seems that the incumbent keeps harping on he is from Roane County. The district includes Lenoir City as well. In addition, the incumbent in trying to shield his liberal Nancy Pelosi/Harry Reid ways bragged that he obtained dollars for meals on wheels, the sad part is that he secured over $1700.00 for only 147 citizens for meals on wheels. So, he used our tax dollars for only a few citizens and not the program as a whole. The Hurley website is located, here. Hurley is photographed here with Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett.

Underage Beer Sales Should NOT be Tolerated on Third Offense

A local Northeast Knox County business appeared before the Knox County Commission Beer Board. They are guilty of the third violation of under age beer sales. The Beer Board on motion of David Wright, (who disclosed that he is a friend of one of the owners and a shopper of the store) that the establishment be fined $1,500 or a 90 day beer license suspension. The business chose the $1,500 fine. A third strike should take you out of the ballgame.

Commissioners Brad Anders and Sam McKenzie publicly stated that a fourth incident will result in revocation or longtime suspension. It is good that two commissioners have a backbone, too bad David Wright can not make a decision separate his personal connections and loyalty.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Stacey Campfield's Opponents Supporters, Where Are They?

Stacey Campfield's opponent has these elusive Republicans For yard signs, which is really just a sign extender. Kinda like them hair extensions that some ladies use. Anyway, the one "Republicans For" sign discovered today is in a ditch of a county right of way on a rural county road. So, are Campfield's opponents Republican supporters the type that live in the ditch?

Friday, September 24, 2010

Pastors Have the Right to Free Speech Too

This from the Tennessean, several Pastor's will endorse political candidates from the pulpit. If the Supreme Court lifted the ban on corporate contributions, then the ban silencing Pastors should be lifted. By the way, I agree individuals in Tennessee's Fifth Congressional District should vote for and elect David Hall. Check the David Hall campaign out, here.

We Don't Have To Take It! No, We Aint Gonna Take It

My buddy Moderately Marvelous took it straight to National GOP Chair Michael Steele yesterday. Read her blog post detailing his trip to Jackson, TN and their meeting here.

KPD is Spinning for the Knoxville Mayor

Here, KPD is spinning for the Knoxville Mayor. Why? Because he is running for Governor and with nightly criminal activity it doesn't look good that two nights in a row, Knoxville has had 5 robberies. Is that what we can expect for the state if/when the Knoxville Mayor is Governor?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The GOP Keeps Losing the Good People

Here Moderately Marvelous makes the cases for how the GOP in Tennessee keeps imploding.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Joe Armstrong Just Needs To Accept He Is a Loner On The State Senate District Seven Race

Joe Armstrong while a good man is a good man that is desperate. Desperate to maintain close ties to Haslam but also not tick off the extremist that are the Democrat Party. He wants to appear to support McWherter. So, while he squirms his way into explaining his name being on the host list for Haslam, which has obviously irked the 4.5% of extremist that are the Democrat Party. Armstrong tries in this article in today's News Sentinel to throw Senator Jamie Woodson under the bus. That bus ain't moving. Senator Woodson stated to the paper's reporter "if asked I would have signed up to be on the host list." I know Senator Woodson, She is MY Senator. Ain't nobody in the State Senate better than her. She is rock solid. Don't make me correct you.

By the way, is this accident (that Armstrong discusses) just like the accident that Bruce Pearl made in intentionally lying to the NCAA to attempt for a cover up.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Every Vote Counts Ask The People Of Lakewood

This from the Tennessean reports that the recount is complete from the Lakewood referendum. Shall Lakewood disband and join Metro. After the recount 400 citizens voted YES, 399 voted NO. So, Lakewood will cease to exist. So, Yes every vote counts.

Opryland Hotel On Schedule for November 15 Re-Opening

This news from the Tennessean concerning the Opryland Resort and Conference Center in Nashville that has been closed since the 100 year flood consumed the property earlier this year. The re-opening is on track for November 15.

Nashville Is Getting the Full Body Scanners

This from the Tennessean, Nashville International Airport (BNA) is receiving the full body scanners.

Jeri Thompson - The Truth Slayer

Here in American Spectator Jeri Thompson slays the Republican establishment with the truth. The facts are the Republican establishment good ole boys will not support a woman (or man, but we are talking about O'Donnell in this example) that is independent and does not kow tow to their order. It is true in every facet of Republican politics. The women that they support are women who will do what their told, when they are told to do it. It is time for members of the tea parties to turn the boat over or the Obama agenda will NEVER be stopped.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


The only way to beat Obama and his agenda is to continually drive a stake in the heart of the establishment RINO's that have taken over the Republican Party. It is time to re-build the party with fresh new blood. Tennessee will be slower to re-build, but the move is taking shape in the grassroots.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Great Night for Conservatives

The win of Christine O'Donnell in Delaware to be the Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate seat that Joe Biden vacated is a GREAT win for Conservatives and especially the Tea Party. The stake in the heart to the establishment RINO's. (Republican In Name Only)

What is the Future of Carter Elementary School? Renovate or New School

The Knox County School Board and Knox County Commission had a touring session this afternoon at Carter Elementary School. The Superintendent & School Board have proposed a $5.0 million dollar renovation and minor expansion. The community is requesting a new school built on the Strawberry Plains Pike property that was purchased in 2003. The tour helped to give the Commissioners and School Board Members an idea of what the renovations and expansion will look like, now real consensus was shown by those in attendance. Mr. Conley Underwood aka "Mr. Carter" served as the community representative on the tour. Five of the Eleven Commissioners attended; Commission Chairman Mike Hammond, David Wright, Mike Brown, Jeff Ownby and Tony Norman. Four of the Nine School Board Members attended; School Board Chairwoman Indya Kincannon, Cindy Buttry, Pam Trainor and Mike McMillan. Superintendent Dr. Jim McIntyre, School Facilities Director Doug Dillingham, Schools Communication Director Melissa Copelan and Administrative Assistant Mary Martin were all part of the delegation.
Here is the front entrance for Carter Elementary School. However, it is as far away from the office as it could possibly be.
Here David Collins of McCarty Holsaple McCarty (the architect) is showing where the new office space is planned to be located. Yes, it appears I am standing in the office, probably sent there for something I did.

Here is a better shot of the group of County Commissioners and School Board Members that attended.
Mr. Conley Underwood, the PTO leader at Carter has been a magnificent leader in making the communities views known. Mr. Underwood should be named "Mr. Carter"
Here David Collins answers questions from County Commission Chairman Mike Hammond.
Here School Board Chairwoman Indya Kincannon listens to questions and answers and was an excellent host for the short tour.
Here School Board Member Cindy Buttry asks questions about the portable classrooms and the proposed new classrooms.

Here Commission Chairman Mike Hammond and School Superintendent Dr. Jim McIntyre listen to Collins answers to Buttry's question.
Here the group were leaving after viewing a portable classroom that will be removed with the proposed renovation. They also examined the exterior of the building.
Here Commissioners Norman and Wright along with Knox County Schools Facilities Director Doug Dillingham examine the Kindergarten and First Grade playground. Kim Trent of Knox Heritage was along the tour. She is the one in the red skirt.

Wal-Mart Enters the Cell Phone Business

This report from the Commercial Appeal has Wal-Mart entering the cell phone business as early as next week.

Joe Biddle States The Obvious: Mike Hamilton's Job is in the Balance

Joe Biddle here in the Tennessean states it like no one else has, "Tennessee is in the NCAA crosshairs now, and Hamilton's job hangs in the balance." Why does this straightforward approach never appear in a Knoxville publication? Oh yeah! We know.

Good News for 2013 - GM and Spring Hill, TN

The Tennessean is reporting here that GM may begin production of the four cylinder Ecotec engines at Spring Hill in 2013. Here's hoping those laid off workers can last that long. But it is good news.

James Haswell?, the Latest Dishonesty Case

It seems that the dishonesty thing is going around not just the collegiate ranks but in political circles as well. Read here what Moderately Marvelous has discovered about the latest round of dishonest reporting.

Monday, September 13, 2010

What Goes Around Comes Around Eventually

Here is a report from Nashville's Tennessean about the history of Bruce Pearl. Not surprised that Pearl did not return the phone call.

Put a Fork in Randy Walker, He is DONE

State Representative Stacey Campfield will have a fundraiser for his Seventh District State Senate bid on September 21, 2010 at 6:30 p.m. at Club LeConte.

Host for the event include TN Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey, TN Republican nominee for Governor Bill Haslam, Knox County Trustee John Duncan III, Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett, Knox County Sheriff Jimmy J.J. Jones and more.

Tindell's Appointment and Public Statement - Coincidence or a Ploy?

On June 26, 2010 this guest editorial was published in the News Sentinel by local political perennial candidate, Chad Tindell. He is considered by many as perennial because there isn't a Knox County elected job that he hasn't sought and every time he has been unsuccessful. In 1998, Phil Guthe handily defeated Tindell in the Republican primary for Fourth District Knox County Commission. In 2006, he garnered only about 25% of the Knox County Republican primary voters for the Republican nomination for Knox County General Sessions Judge, he was bested by former State Representative Jimmy Kyle Davis and the ultimate winner Knox County General Sessions Judge Andy Jackson. In 2008, he sought the appointment of Knox County General Sessions Judge for the remaining term of office for Criminal Court Judge Bob McGhee's term. He dropped out at the last minute when not 1 of the 19 Knox County Commissioners would nominate him.

But here on August 19 and here on August 20 was the announcement that Knox County Trustee John Duncan III would be appointing Tindell as the in house tax attorney. Is it a coincidence that Tindell's guest editorial was concerning the DUNCAN law school in June and is then selected as the in house delinquent tax attorney within 6 weeks? or was it an orchestrated ploy by Tindell and his public relations friends to bolster a lack luster record of accomplishments? Either way it is interesting. Sources close to Duncan indicate that Tindell and Tindell cronies began contacting Duncan III shortly after the May primary election asking for the appointment.

Of course, Tindell has a history of speaking ill (publicly and privately) of fellow Republicans. Time will tell if Tindell can be muzzled as Duncan has promised he will be.