Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Hubert Smith Makes An Excellent Point, Is McWherter Being Set Up?

Knoxville Media Personality and Talk Show Host Hubert Smith makes an excellent point and hopefully this issue will be debated before Thursday's debate. Hubert sent the following to many individuals in Knoxville media yesterday.

This coming Thursday there is a debate scheduled between Mike McWherter and Bill Haslam, here. Two of the panelists are Tom Humphreys, representing the News-Sentinel, and radio personality Hallerin Hill. Who is Hill representing? This morning I listened to Hill's radio program, "Inside Politics" with Dennis Francis and George Korda.

They were discussing the Tennessee gubernatorial race and Hill mentioned the Thursday event and that he would be a panelist. At 09:38, he said this about the race. "This race is all done but the shouting."

There's nothing wrong with that UNLESS you're going to be a panelist featuring the gubernatorial candidates. There's nothing wrong with that UNLESS Pilot Corp. is a primary sponsor of your television broadcast on WBIR-TV 10.

This is the problem with politics in Knox County and East Tennessee. It's inbred to the CORE and this is a prime example.

Is there any living, breathing, clear thinkingperson (regardless of Party affiliation) who believes that after making such a statement and being sponsored by Pilot Corp., that Hallerin Hill will be an objective panelist?

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