Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hatfield Financial Disclosure Irregularities Persist

Here is the latest financial disclosure for Ted Hatfield, the Republican State Executive Committeeman. It has been reported that the campaign ads that ran in the Fountain City Focus had not been timely filed per the TCA statute that governs financial reporting. In the filing this week it only shows one ad as having been provided by a Black Wednesday appointed County Commissioner. The filing disclosure says "AD in Knox Focus" Ad being singular, as in only one ad. Interesting to note that Hatfield's wife has been rewarded with a job promotion in the City County Building since her husband's election. Cronyism is alive and well. We will be reporting on the cronyism once all positions are filled and all the moving around is complete.


Anonymous said...

I was struck by this entry on your blog . . . I received automated calls for your candidacy. I went to the same location where Hatfield's reports are located and found yours. You didn't report any spending for the phone calls and nothing for "in-kind" donations . . . what am I missing?

Brian Hornback said...

Hey Anonymous, as long as you are logging in from an IP address assigned to the Trustee's office, you may want to watch that during business hours. But, I am happy to respond to your question. If you in fact did read my financial disclosures you would see that I checked that TCA statute that stated that I had raised or spent less than $1,000 which included in kind contributions and that because I did not exceed the $1,000 threshold I was exempt from detailed disclosure.

So, I followed TN law while Mr. Hatfield committed a felony of perjury in placing false information on an election document (his qualifying petition)