Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What Is TN Right To Life Thinking or Are They?

So, sources tell us that TN Right to Life has given Liberal Dennis Ferguson a 100 for his pro life voting record. What they don't tell you is that Liberal Ferguson has only been voting pro-life since the Republicans gained control of the legislature. What they don't tell you is that Liberal Ferguson in all his years always voted the Jimmy Naifeh line, which would have included voting for funding Planned Parenthood to the tune of $1.0 million a year.

What better candidate to support the pro-life movement but Conservative Julia Hurley. Hurley as a young women faced an unplanned pregnancy and she chose life. Today she is a single mother to her 13 year old daughter.

It appears that the TN Right to Life is picking candidates they think may win so that their record is better in the win column than in the loss column. So, the choice is easy, NOT Liberal Ferguson but instead VOTE Conservative Julia Hurley. Vote Early, Vote Hurley!

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Anonymous said...

The TN right to life is headed up by a nut case please don't think that all pro-lifers agree with this.