Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Vines Stripped Of Coverage Not The Whole Story

The discussion of Georgiana Vines being stripped of her coverage of State Representative Stacey Campfield's State Senate campaign has been discussed among the community for at least a week. News Sentinel Editor Jack McElroy came out today on his blog (here) and put his spin to it. However, sources within the Big Metal Shed on the Hill say that McElroy is not being "upfront" about the issue on his "Upfront Page Blog" It seems that Vines did not come out about her "friend" being a supporter of Randy Walker, but that it was disclosed to her employer and that she was asked about it. The timing was interesting as she was working on a story that was expected to go to print, but she was abruptly stripped of her duties. The story she was working on then appeared on a Nashville blog and then on the local liberal blog with connections to new Scripps columnist Pam Strickland. Other Scripps employee Sandra Clark has signed a qualifying petition and donated to a candidate and then wrote negative nonfactual stories this summer. Did McElroy or Birmingham do anything to Clark? Of course not according to sources within the Big Metal Shed partly because Clark is McElroy's sons supervisor.

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