Sunday, August 31, 2008

Brian Hornback On The Ballot Again?

UPDATE: In order to save our voting contingent west of the Mississippi. Our friend Steve Mule suggested that we change the date to September. We made a mistake in typing August. Hat tip to Steve Mule for suggesting that we may have made an error. Now that we have secured all those votes west of the Mississippi, Steve Mule is in line for Secretary of Health and Human Services.

Dan Andrews and the team over at 865 politics has discovered a news story that has uncovered the next candidacy of Brian Hornback. Check out the Andrews team post here.

Here is the TV news story that the Andrews team discovered. It was aired in Denver, during the Democrat National Convention.

We were anticipating a kick-off rally on the Worlds Fair Site at the base of the Sunsphere for Saturday September 6, 2008.


My oldest kid (son) sent me a video from a website that I did not know existed. Here you can check out GodTube. GodTube has allot of snippets from the Saddleback forum and just some great videos with a life meaning message.

We get all caught up in day to day local stuff that we forget the global view of what our mission should be and what our answer should be. This video focuses on what we all must do. Check it out. I hope it ministers to you this Sunday morning.

Friday, August 29, 2008

We're All Just Raisin' McCain

The Obama freak show ended last night with the Demo's all experiencing a mile high moment. Now while they all nurse their mile high for the next few days. We launch with the McCain/Palin team.

We're now just raising McCain. You can get on the train or get out of the way.

Foster Arnett "Math Was Never My Strong Suit"

This morning, the first duties as assigned to the Knox County Clerk was to conduct the Knox County Commission Chairman election. After all the nominations and casting of votes had concluded. Foster Arnett announced "13 votes for Strickland, 5 votes for Leuthold and 1 vote for Briggs." Knox County Commissioner Paul Pinkston said wait, there are only 18 Commissioners here. (Phil Ballard was sworn in as the Knox County Property Assessor and was not participating in the Commission meeting) In response, Arnett said "math was never my strong suit." Commissioner Strickland said "I hope it is when you are collecting all the fees."

Brian's Blog is wondering if he can't count to 18. How will he ever count to 60 for a license plate. Sources indicate that the News Sentinel launched an audit into their Charities. Since Arnett has been serving as President of the News Sentinel Charities and now he has self admitted to math not being his strong suit.

Senator Tim Burchett Wakes Up Early

This morning was the first BIG ORANGE WAKE-UP call on WIVK FM 107.7 this is where Jimmy of the Andy and Allison morning show goes into someone's bedroom with a band and wakes that someone up with version of Rocky Top.

This morning it was State Senator Tim Burchett R-Knox. His wife Allison let the wake-up crew in their home. Fortunately, it went well. With Burchett's first words being. "First, Obama and now this." He was a good sport. He even sang along on the second playing of Rocky Top.

See, Senator being married is a wonderful thing except when your spouse allows the wake-up crew in the house. When you were single, Jimmy NEVER got into your house.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Presidential Debate Series in Knoxville?

Former Knox County Democrat Party Chairman Don Daugherty is now the creator, founder and Chairman of the newly formed Democratic Resource Center ("DRC"). He has issued a challenge to the Knox County Republican Party 's 1st Vice Chair for a series of local Presidential debates. Below is the letter sent to 1st Vice Chair Johns. This seems like a great idea, I only hope that the Republicans will seize this opportunity to take the message to the people.

Corey Johns
1st Vice Chair
Knox County Republican Party
5953 Wilksboro Lane
Knoxville, TN 37912

Dear Corey:

I would like to propose a series of jointly sponsored local events to coincide with the three scheduled Presidential Debates and the Vice Presidential Debate. These proposed events would be planned and conducted as a means to compliment the scheduled debates, inform the electorate, and increase voter participation and interest in the election.

My suggestion is that we provide four well-informed surrogates for our parties’ four respective nominees, hold these debates immediately preceding the four scheduled Presidential Debates in four different – East, West, North, and South Knox County – locations, publicize the events in the media and elsewhere, and insure that we have available for the public an assortment of campaign materials, such as yard signs, bumper stickers, buttons, lapel stickers, brochures, position papers, and other informative materials on our nominees.

Corey, I’m certain that we could also rely upon the local media and other public interest groups to assist in sponsoring and promoting these events and providing unbiased moderators agreed upon by the Knox County GOP and the DRC. I would also propose a joint viewing of each Presidential and Vice Presidential Debate by local Republicans and Democrats at commodious venues. The dates of the Presidential Debates are Sept. 26, at Ole Miss, with domestic policy focus; Oct. 7, in Nashville, in a “town hall” format; and Oct. 15, at Hofstra, with foreign policy focus. The Vice Presidential Debate is scheduled for Oct. 2, at Wash. U in St. Louis, focusing on both domestic and foreign policy.

As far as details go, I would propose that we follow the agreed upon format of the Presidential and Vice Presidential Debates. For instance:

• Each debate will begin at 7:00 p.m. EDT;

• Each debate will have a single moderator and last for 60-90 minutes;

• In the first and third Presidential Debates and the Vice Presidential Debate, the candidates will be seated with the moderator at a table;

• One Presidential Debate will focus primarily on domestic policy and one Presidential Debate will focus primarily on foreign policy. The second Presidential Debate will be held as a “town meeting” in which Knox County citizens will pose questions to the candidates. The Vice Presidential Debate will cover both foreign and domestic topics;

• During the first and third presidential debates, and the vice presidential debate, the time will be divided into ten-minute segments. The moderator will introduce each segment with an issue on which each candidate will comment, after which the moderator will facilitate further discussion of the issue, including direct exchange between the candidates for the balance of that segment;

• The participants in the town meeting will pose their questions to the candidates after reviewing their questions with the moderator for the sole purpose of avoiding duplication;

• Time at the end of the final presidential debate will be reserved for closing statements.

Corey, I believe the citizens of Knox County are ready for a series of events as outlined above, don’t you? I’m sure you would agree that we are all well-served by increasing public participation in the electoral process. These events would provide local voters with direct involvement in the process and are intended to encourage such participation. We may want to allow the parties and public interest groups to hold other events to coincide with the debates, such as voter registration drives.

Finally, I am more than willing to discuss and accept any suggestions you might have which would improve the overall format and process of the debates.

With kindest regards,
I am,

Don Daugherty
Chair, Democratic Resource Center

McCain is a Class Act

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It Appears to be Confirmed that Obama Kissed Jill Biden on the Lips

As we posted here 25 minutes ago. I was watching CSPAN and when Obama surprisingly appeared on stage Obama kissed Jill Biden squarely on the lips. For the record she ran backstage until she had the whole Biden family. Big Joe should have slugged Obama right then, right there. He should have defended his wife's honor.

Here is what other bloggers witnessed and posted about the incident. Blatant Reality, What Should Obama Do, Deliveries from the Paperboy, So Say We All and The Madness Hamster.

Again, I repeat to Obama "that ain't cool!"

Obama Can't Stand Not Being "The One" in the Spotlight

Obama just couldn't let Joe Biden have all the spotlight tonight. And if my eyes were not deceiving me it appeared that Obama kissed Mrs. Biden right on the lips. I am sure the instant replay and still photographs will prove me tight or wrong. But down here in the South that just ain't right, Obama.

Did you see the shocked throngs of Democrats when Biden advocated sending the troops from Iraq to Afghanistan. It was if they said NO we are not war mongers! How did we get a war monger on our national ticket?

Obama Needs To Call His Wife, NOW!

As I am watching former President Bill Clinton deliver his 15 minute speech to the Democrat Convention. I need some of you Democrats to call Obama and tell him he needs to call his wife and tell her to get that look of smug, disdain and disgust off of her face when and while the Clinton's are received so well.

Last night during Hillary's speech, I thought that I was reading Mrs. Obama wrong. Tonight, her reaction to Bill is worse.

I was asked on the Voice this morning what I thought of Hillary's speech. I said then and now that Hillary did a great job. Bill Clinton has always been a great deliverer of a speech. I do not agree with Hillary's social agenda of taking a village to corrupt all of our children. But last night she did good. Will I ever vote for a Clinton? NO! NO! NO!

I find it interesting that the Democrats are turning on themselves. Obama is not reaching out to the Clinton's. The Clinton's realize that with four years of McCain. Hillary will be the leading challenger for President in 2012.

So it goes on and on for the Democrats. I can't believe that they are limiting their only successful President (Bill Clinton) to 15 minutes tonight. 15 minutes. I hope "Slick Willy" talks for 45. Right now he is 5 minutes over and counting.

Joe Biden - Democrat Vice President Nominee Speaks Tonight

One of our Brian's Blog team members has filed a report that has reminded us of Joe Biden's presentation to the NEA-RA last summer. This team member attended the NEA-RA meeting in Philadelphia last summer, so this is from a first person account.

Last summer when Biden spoke at the NEA-RA in Philadelphia (2007), his major play to educators was that he wasn't simply going to have a teacher as Secretary of Education, he was going to be sleeping with a teacher in the White House. He made comments related to that a few times since his wife had just graduated with her PhD in English Lit and was teaching at a community college. Just thought you might want to be reminded of that and that was a part of his campaign for President.

Passed Over

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Commissioner Moore Stuns Reporter

This afternoon, Commissioner Scott Moore was being interviewed by a reporter and was asked about a resolution that was postponed during yesterday's commission meeting. The resolution in question is to allow certain elected officials to move their retirement plans to the state retirement plan. The reporter indicated that she had inquired of the county's retirement office and that this move could potentially cost the taxpayers $1.0 million dollars. The reporter asked, Is this a wise decision?

Commissioner Moore responded. I don't know. It would probably be as wise as giving $55 million dollars to the News-Sentinel that they never pay back. The reporter some what stunned said, well that's another story. Commissioner Moore asked the reporter when will I read that story? The reporter said that she was working on it.

Here is what the front view of a $55 million dollar PILOT (Payment In Lieu Of Taxes) looks like. A side view looks like a BIG metal shed on a hill.

Monday, August 25, 2008

It's Official...News-Sentinel is Potentially Non-Compliant

Brian's Blog is the ONLY media in East Tennessee that has reported that the News-Sentinel is in potential non-compliance with it's PILOT (Payment In Lieu Of Taxes). Today at the County Commission a report was given by Dale Baker of Tax Management Associates of Mt. Juliet, TN. He discussed that at this point in his firms review of the PILOT's. They have examined 10 of 26 PILOT's. They began in March of 2008, 6 of the 10 real property PILOT's are in compliance. 4 of the 10 reviews of real and tangible property reviews are at this point in non-compliance. They are non-compliant due to failure of filing a proper assets inventory report.

Mr. Baker indicated that letters have been sent to the four entities that a review of their PILOT's is being investigated and additional information is needed. Mr. Baker said that within two weeks he will contact the four entities and schedule financial reviews. He anticipates within 30 days finalizing the review.

The four companies are. Bush Brothers - their PILOT agreement has expired. However, if they are found in non-compliance. Remedies could be sought. Knoxville News-Sentinel - is lacking a filing of real and tangible personal property filing. Exedy - a real and tangible personal property filing. Crippen/Jackson - (JSwiss) - real and tangible personal property filing is lacking. This PILOT agreement expired on 12/31/2007. However, should a non-compliance be found. Remedies could be sought. These filings should have a tangible personal property inventory continually filed.

Todd Napier of Knox Chamber Partnership rose and spoke to Commission saying that the IDB is the support staff for PILOT's and they perform a yearly compliance review on each PILOT. Commissioner Moore asked Mr. Napier. so if these entities were not filing the proper paperwork than that falls into the review and responsibilty of the IDB. Napier said that with the Bush Brothers. The IDB Compliance Committee said that they were satisfied and it was determined that they (Bush Bros.) did what they said they would do. Commissioner Moore said that he had a conversation with members of the IDB and they indicated that there were problems. Napier agreed and said that there were issues but the committee felt it had been resolved.

Sources close to this situation indicated to Brian's Blog that when the old News-Sentinel site on Church Street was sold to Robert Talbot there were back property taxes owed on the property. Also, News-Sentinel Editor Jack McElroy disclosed on his blog on August 16, 2007 that he failed to timely pay his property taxes on his personal residence. So, the News-Sentinel failed to pay their property tax on the Church Street property. They fail to file their PILOT filing in a timely manner. So far, they are not very good corporate citizens and the Editor does not have a good history as well.

So, now we may know why the News-Sentinel did not initially investigate and report the delinquent property taxes of the News Sentinel Charity President Foster Arnett and other Sentinel endorsed candidates for elective offices. It should be noted that following the Brian's Blog report of the delinquent property taxes of Foster Arnett. They wrote a story buried in the back of the local section.

Here are the links to previous reports by Brian's Blog about the News-Sentinel's inability to comply with the PILOT requirements.

August 24, 2008 - News Sentinel In Violation of It's PILOT

July 26, 2008 - News Sentinel Lays Off High Paid Employees

July 26, 2008 - News Sentinels Pilot, Victor Ashe and Endorsements

July 24, 2008 - Are McElroy and Hartmann and E.W. Scripps

July 20, 2008 - News Sentinel Fails To Keep It's PILOT.

Here is the link to News Sentinel Editor Jack McElroy's post.

August 16, 2007 - The Upfront Page blog post of News Sentinel Editor Jack McElroy and by News Sentinel Editor Jack McElroy about his failure to pay his personal property taxes on time.

Knox County Schools Treat Students Differently

This morning the students and faculty at Karns High School were evacuated to the football stadium due to a gas leak. They were held outside in the rain for 2 hours.

Austin East High School has a loss of power (electricity) and they close the school. Students and faculty go home early.

That is not fair and consistent to all the students and faculty. Some are expected to endure adverse weather conditions. While other student and faculty get a early dismissal. All on the same day by the same school administration.

Commission Chair Tank Doesn't Play Well With Others

This afternoon during the Commission meeting discussion about the Mayor's Hospitality Fund, a commissioner called for the question. Commission Chair Tank called on his district mate Sam McKenzie to speak. Just last month, Commission Chair Tank would cut off Commissioners that he didn't like after a call for the question. Tank doesn't play well with others.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

News-Sentinel in Violation of it's PILOT

Sources within the City - County Building indicate that the News-Sentinel and it's parent company E.W. Scripps have not filed the necessary paperwork in order to maintain it's PILOT. No the Sentinel does not have a quick stop fueling center on their property, where they can get a Free Sentinel on Friday's. Their PILOT is a Payment In Lieu Of Taxes. It is corporate welfare in it's grandest scheme.

Without the timely necessary paperwork being filed. Brian's Blog sources in the City - County Building indicate that the News-Sentinel could be subject to paying millions of dollars back into the coffers of Knoxville and Knox County.

Joe Biden - Famous Plagiarist

Do you remember a few years ago when fellow Democrat Mike Dukakis outed Joe Biden for being a plagiarist. Biden quickly exited the Democrat primary for President. Obama who does not have the institutional history of Biden now selects a plagiarist as his running mate. To see all of Biden's history. Check it out here.

Senator Biden’s plagiarism of a speech by British Labor Party leader Neal Kinnock took place at a campaign stump at the Iowa State Fairgrounds. In closing his speech, Biden took Kinnock’s ideas and language as if they were his very own inspired thoughts, prefacing Kinnock’s ideas with the phrase “I started thinking as I was coming over here . . . “. Little did Biden suspect that video footage of this speech would be spliced together with footage of Kinnock’s speech in an “attack video” which would be distributed by members of the Dukakis campaign.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Zach Wamp - The Rising Republican Star in Tennessee

Richard Sammon of Politics '08 has a column that is circulating amongst those of us that support our Tennessee Congressman Zach Wamp.

His August 20, 2008 column details the current Republican Stars. Like Governor Bobby Jindal, LA or Rep. Adam Putnam, Fla. Elected to Congress at age 29. He talks about Rep. Eric Cantor, Va. or Gov. Tim Pawlenty, Minn. or Sen. John Thune, S.D. or Gov. Sarah Palen, Alaska.

Here is what Sammon had to say about Rep. Zach Wamp, Tenn. "If Republicans are serious about tightening the reins on federal spending and limiting government growth, Wamp will be one of their champions. The 51-year-old lawmaker, an energetic, born-again Christian popular with evangelicals, has been on a mission to cut spending throughout his 14-year congressional career, much of which has been on the Appropriations Committee. He rankled his leadership by trying in 2003 to convert President Bush's spending request for Iraq into a loan. He's been an early promoter of alternative energy. Wamp is also a self described fitness freak, sponsoring legislation, for instance, that would give special tax breaks to companies who actually pay their employees to work out. He'll probably run for governor in 2010."

Last Saturday, I Received a Present.

Last Saturday, I attended the Knox County Republican Party convention as we selected our nominee for the position of Knox County Criminal Court Clerk. I enjoyed seeing each and everyone of my Republican friends there and spent time catching up with ones I hadn't seen in a a year or so.

One of my friends, text messaged me that he had left a present for me on my vehicle. He had to help some friends move so he couldn't stay long. When I got to my vehicle this AWESOME bumper sticker was wedged in the drivers side window. Thank you to my NRA buddy!


So much for change that you can believe in. The Democrats offer the same ole' same ole' bunch of liberal gibberish.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Where Has Knox County Spent Their Money? On Video Security Cameras. Money Wasted?

Dale Yeager of Seraph talks about the need to STOP wasting money on buying security video cameras in schools. School administrators MUST manage inappropriate behavior with human to human contact, not by purchasing video security cameras. In the past 5-10 years Knox County Schools have spent thousands and thousands of dollars on cameras. Yeager also discusses bullies. Check out his video here.

Two Young Lives Lost. Are Lessons Learned? Do NOT Let Another Life Be Lost!

Within two weeks of school starting. One young man Eric Law lost his life due to move school furniture at Karns High School/Byington Solway Vocational School. Then yesterday young man Ryan McDonald lost his life in a school shooting at Central High School. A school shooting that another young man stands accused of shooting Ryan in the cafeteria.

While everyone stands around patting themselves on the back and saying this is NEVER avoidable. It helps to have an outside third party expert look and see what could have been done to potentially avoid this incident. This morning, Hallerin Hill of News Talk 100.3 had Dale Yeager a school security expert on his show to provide an on the surface review. Mr. Yeager of Seraph says that Knox County Schools FAILED.

The new Superintendent, Dr. James McIntyre and the 9 members of the Knox County School Board MUST act to ensure that NO MORE lives are lost. If they do not move in this direction. We as a community MUST force them to take actions to prevent another life from being lost in the future.

Hear the interview, here.

Dan Andrews Launches Blog

Dan Andrews, a local Republican activist has launched a blog. His first post is about the most recent Concord-Farragut Republican Club. Check out Dan's blog, here.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The One on the Road to Denver

We have read that Randy and the Mrs. Randy from the local liberal blog have headed to the mile high area to have the light shine on them. Any others taking the trip?

A Housing Problem....Yes..But in Obama's World

Metal Detectors in Schools? They Already Exist

The calls in talk radio today had people asking about metal detectors in schools. Gene Patterson of the ABC affiliate asked Knox County Mayor Mike Ragsdale about buying metal detectors during his live 5 p.m. broadcast. In 2002 or 2003 while I served on the Knox County School Board a set of portable metal detectors were purchased. However a particular School Board member (not me) questioned the legality of utilizing metal detectors and the portable set(s) have been moth balled in a storage area ever since.

One or two sets of portable metal detectors may not solve the situation that happened today. However, if they would move the set each day from school to school. They could be at each high school every 13 days. The bottom line is that it doesn't totally prevent a shooting from happening. But it is a deterrent and the kids if they thought there is a possibility that a detector will be there. Would keep the weapons at home.

R. Larry Smith - I Just Can't Wait to be King

Early this morning on the knoxnews website, Seventh District County Commissioner R. Larry Smith informed all the people of Knox County that the student was dead. All that we can think is that R. Larry confused his position as one of nineteen commissioners as his being the KCSO spokesperson.

This was prior to KPD or KCSO announcing that Ryan McDonald had died to the gunshot wounds. With Commissioner Smith's announcement it begs the question. If you were Ryan's parents and you saw the knoxnews website with Smith announcing the victim is dead. And you receive a phone call to go to UT Medical Center because your son has been transported there. Is that what you want from a Seventh District Commissioner.

Also, appointed Fourth District County Commissioner William Daniels couldn't keep himself out of the spotlight. Within the first 30 minutes, Daniels had called into the Hallerin Hilton Hill Radio Talk Show on NewsTalk 100. Then later in the morning, he called into The Voice between 10 a.m. and 12:00 noon.

R. Larry Smith was critical of Commissioner Victoria DeFreese for sending out a press release about a non-profit in the district where she serves as an appointed Commissioner. Hundreds of people had some things to say about R. Larry elbowing his way to be in the story. It has become a pattern for R. Larry. Just like the character Simba from the Disney movie The Lion King. He just can't wait to be king.

UPDATE: Sources close to the situation have confirmed that the Public Information Officers for the Knoxville Police Department, Knox County Sheriff's Office and Knox County Schools are VERY irritated at today's actions of R.Larry Smith. Smith took information that he overheard from the situation room. The situation room where he wasn't invited to be present. He immediately left the room and began calling WNOX, the News Sentinel and others to inform them that the shooting victim had died. All of this before the "official" announcement as not all relatives had been contacted.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

State Senate Race Begins Today..Duncan III is the Likely Replacement

With the announcement of State Senator Tim Burchett's intent to run for Knox County Mayor in 2010. That means that eyes turn to the State Senate race in 2010, to replace Senator Burchett. State Representative Stacey Campfield is expected to run for the upper chamber seat. However, inside Republican sources have contacted Brian's Blog and it appears that John J. Duncan III, the son of our popular Second District Congressman John J. "Jimmy" Duncan, Jr. is being encouraged to seek the State Senate. Young Duncan has not said No.

Brian Hornback, founder and President of Brian's Blog has already committed to a Duncan III State Senate candidacy.

Note: I am confident that Duncan III will NOT say his mentor is Ben Atchley. I sincerely believe that he will credit his father as his mentor. That my friends, is a GOOD mentor.

Now, eyes turn to Campfield's current State Representative seat. Ron Leadbetter would be expected to seek the position again. City Councilman Steve Hall is being encouraged to consider a run. Citizens for Home Rule President John Emison is also being encouraged to run.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Former Democrat County Commission Sixth District Candidate Kathy Bryant is the Dems Choice for Criminal Court Clerk

Thanks to a joint venture this evening. Hubert Smith of The Hubert Smith Radio Show and One on One with Hubert Smith has phoned into the Brian's Blog office suite to inform us that former Democrat County Commission Sixth District candidate Kathy Bryant is the unanimous choice of the Knox Dems to challenge Joy McCroskey for the position for Knox County Criminal Court Clerk.

As Hubert called into our office, we could hear Bryant delivering her victory speech.

UPDATE: Bryant was nominated by Second District Democrat County Commissioner Mark Harmon.

Burchett Announces Intent..BUT........

Not a surprising event State Senator Tim Burchett announced his intent to seek the position of Knox County Mayor. While I like Tim Burchett and likely Knox County Mayor candidate Tim Hutchison. I was shocked by a statement attributed to Burchett on the NBC affiliate. "He said his mentor Ben Atchley helped teach him to reach across party lines." Citing the name of Ben Atchley is not a positive, even in Republican circles. Let's review. Atchley ran extensive radio commercial endorsements for Chad Tindell in May 2006. Tindell received less than 1 in 4 Republican voters votes over Jimmy Kyle Davis and the ultimate primary winner Judge Andy Jackson. In August 2006, Atchley appeared in direct mail pieces and robo calls for Gary Drinnen. Again less than 1 in 4 Republican voters voted for Drinnen over State Representative Stacey Campfield. Just a few weeks ago, Commission candidates Ruthie Kulhman, Don Sproles and Chuck Ward were endorsed by Atchley and they were unsuccessful. The effect of Atchley has reached comical proportions. Most Republicans look to see which way Atchley is going and they vote in the opposite direction.

Burchett has time to purge the name Atchley from his vocabulary in an effort to remain competitive in the County Mayor's race.

Bud Armstrong - The Right Choice for the Eighth District

When the Eighth District Republican delegates gather at Gibbs High School on September 2, 2008 at 7:00 p.m. an important decision will be made. The decision for the Republicans is who will they replace their eighth district County Commissioner. The one person to succeed Property Assessor-Elect Phil Ballard.

The right choice for the eighth district Republicans to select is Bud Armstrong. Armstrong received his Bachelors and Masters from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in Economic Geography and Education C/I. He received a Doctor of Education from Columbia University. He received a Doctor of Jurisprudence from the Nashville School of Law.

He retires from TVA this month, where he has worked since 1978. He has served as a Professional Manager of Environmental Compliance Training since 1993. Before that he has served in Management and began his career as a Scientist with the organization.

He has served on the Board of Directors of the East Tennessee Historical Society from 1996-2004. In 1997, he was awarded the Volunteer of the Year award by the East Tennessee Historical Society. He served the Society on the Development/Construction committee. He served as Treasurer of the society in 2004. He served as a volunteer with the East Tennessee Historical Society - First Family of Tennessee Project in 1997.

He is currently a past member of the Woodward Lodge No. 737 F&AM Past Master. He is a past Trustee of the lodge. In 1989, Armstrong was involved with the East Tennessee Past Master’s Association F&AM.

He is Co-Director International Research Team “Workforce Development” - TVA/University of Tennessee. He has served as a Consultant with US Congress Vocational Technical Education - OK and AL.

Armstrong has extensive teaching Experience at TVA, University of Tennessee, and Roane State Community College. Armstrong's background in Agriculture, Retail, Technology, Real Estate, Insurance and Securities. He assisted in start up activities of small businesses and HR. He also serves as a Lead Training Consultant - Instructor in the National Training Institute - University of Tennessee/University of Michigan from 1990-present.

Armstrong has and is currently a volunteer with the Knox County Republican Party. Armstrong has been involved in community development activities in Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, North Carolina. With industrial workforce development and Technology Demonstrations.

Armstrong resides with his wife in the Ramsey community on the Carter side of the Eighth district. You can contact Bud at his email address located here.

Monday, August 18, 2008

The TaxMan Cometh

Is William Daniels Gone?

I thought that I heard appointed Commissioner William Daniels ask a question or two today at the Finance Committee meeting. But as I was on KGIS this evening looking up an address so that I could properly address a thank you card. I discovered that my friend in the fourth commission district is represented by Commissioners Elaine Davis and Ed Shouse. I wonder why Finbarr was left out. Oh well, if KGIS says it, it must be true. Just like if it's on the Internet, it must be accurate.

Here is what KGIS reported this evening.

County Commission: 4
Elaine Davis
Ed Shouse

Song Suggestion for McCain Team

There has been some news reports about the McCain team and the musical selections that they have been playing at campaign events. John Rich of the country duo Big and Rich has endorsed John McCain. So Brian's Blog suggest the Big and Rich song "You never stop loving somebody you start loving somebody else." The bottom line message will be that while everyone is so in love with the rock star image of Obama. Once they see the real Obama, they will start loving John McCain.

Pray for the Law Family

Please pray for the Law family. My children were in the same church youth choir as young Eric. Eric was loved by all.

When Will Knox County School Safety Seriously?

It took over 24 hours for Knox County Schools to report the accident that ultimately cut Eric Law's life short. When will the Knox County School district take serious the safety of our children? Instead of having a governmental bureaucracy known as school security tying the hands of the local law enforcement within their jurisdiction of the schools. The school system should turn all school security within the city limits over to the Knoxville Police Department. The school system should turn all school security outside the city limits over to the Knox County Sheriff's Department. The welfare of the children requiring it.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Tom Jensen - You're Out!

Former Republican State Representative Tom Jensen was interviewed on the local NBC affiliate this evening and he spoke against the Knox County Republican Party's position of opposing the charter amendments.

Jensen's wife was a former field rep for U.S. Senator Bill Frist. She was unsuccessful candidate for appointment to the County Clerk's position on January 31, 2007.

Now that he has publicly opposed the party's position. He will be the first individual that will have a complaint filed against him. It will result in Jensen being told. Tom Jensen, You're Out!

BREAKING NEWS: KCRP takes official Position to Oppose the Charter Amendments

UPDATE: Any candidate for elected office on the Republican ticket and any Elected Official that is a declared Republican through the election process MUST oppose the Charter amendments or they will be subject to censure and possible removal from utitlizing the Republican party title.

Original Post 12:32 P.M. At this morning's Knox County Republican Party Convention after unanimously selecting Joy McCroskey as the Republican nominee for Criminal Court Clerk.

Ann Milsaps, Cedar Bluff precinct Chair made a motion to OPPOSE the charter amendments that are being promoted by the groups, Knox Accountability, Knox Charter Petition, the Knoxville News-Sentinel and it parent company E.W. Scripps. It was seconded by many individuals.

S. Daniel Carter, a former failed candidate for Knoxville City Council rose to make a Point of Order. He asked Corey Johns if this was to oppose one or both of the amendments. Johns, who serves as the 1st Vice Chair of the Knox County Republican Party explained that it was one motion to oppose both the Orange questions and the White questions. Carter along with City Councilman Joe Bailey asked for a division of the question. The motion to divide failed by a nearly 20-1 margin.

The vote was held with a nearly unanimous vote to oppose both the orange and white amendments. Only one or two No's were heard. Even many of the members of Knox Charter Petition and Knox Accountability Group (like Jim McClain) kept their seat.

So, now if you are a delegate member of the Knox County Republican Party. You are bound by the vote of the party to OPPOSE the charter amendments. To do so will violate your standing within the Knox County Republican Party. You could open yourself up to censure or removal from the party.

The Third Option

This morning I finished reading the third of nine books written and published by Vince Flynn. The first book Term Limits was an excellent read. The second book Transfer of Power was a fast paced and superb book. The third book, The Third Option has Mitch Rapp in the middle of an covert operation in Germany. Unknown to him he becomes a focus of the operation and now he has to move fast to protect himself, the woman that he loves (which he met in the second book) and the country.

The ending is not what you expect as any good fictional thriller should be. However, Vince Flynn exceeds expectations again. So, now it's on to Vince Flynn number four Separation of Power. I have the first eight books and will purchase the ninth book when it comes out in paperback. However, I am reading them in the order that they were published and released.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Craig Leuthold - Does the Scarecrow have a brain?

I am a property tax payer in the fifth commission district, while I have supported Craig Leuthold both times (2002 and 2006) that he ran for commission. While I supported his father in 1994 and 1998. That should actually give me a reason to raise the following points.

So, I read on the newspapers website that Craig has ignored the sunshine law in lobbying three of his colleagues for the position of Commission Chairman. It makes me think of all my time growing up in East Knox County and seeing cornfields with a scarecrow in the middle of the field. The scarecrow's job was to be on a stake in the middle of the field. All the crows were intimidated by it's presence and stayed away. But the scarecrow just like in the book and movie, The Wizard of Oz didn't have a brain. It begs the question, does Craig have a brain? Is Craig's presence just to be on the stake and intimidating enough just to keep others away?

Let's review the past two years of Craig Leuthold's history.

First, he was on the commission on Black Wednesday, January 31, 2007 when the entire commission including Craig were found guilty of violating the Sunshine law. Their actions resulted in many appointments, including the appointment of Craig's father, former Commissioner Frank Leuthold.

Second, Craig was the recipient of a high level Supervisory promotion in the Trustee's office that came with it a substantial pay increase immediately following his motion on Black Wednesday to appoint his NEW boss Fred Sisk.

Third, now that his appointed boss Trustee Fred Sisk is the elected Trustee. Craig wants to become the Commission Chairman. He is paid a high salary to supervise the Trustee's substation. But, now he wants to be Commission Chairman.

Say what you will about former Commission Chairman Scott Moore. But, when he was attending to additional duties assigned to the Commission Chairman, he wasn't robbing time and money from the taxpayers. I certainly hope that the County Commission will select a Chairman that does not have a full time taxpayer funded job. It is bad enough that during commission meetings they are double dipping out of our wallets. Let's not give them a blank check book.

Out of the 19 County Commissioners, 4 of the current and 1 Commissioner -Elect have taxpayer funded "real" jobs in addition to their Commissioner job.

The Commissioners are.

Commissioner Tank Strickland - Mayor Haslam's office
Commissioner Mark Harmon - University of Tennessee
Commissioner Ivan Harmon - City of Knoxville
Commissioner Craig Leuthold - Supervisor in the Knox County Trustee's office.
Commissioner - Elect Brad Anders - Knoxville Police Department.

It is interesting to note the arrogance of Craig that the voting population decreased in re-electing Sisk and others on August 7, 2008 and they think that they can go back to "old" ways of doing things, Pre-Black Wednesday. Since 1/31/07 it is a new day in Knox County and things can't go back to the backroom days that Craig would desire us to go back to.

I sincerely believe that Trustee Fred Sisk understands that it is a new day in Knox County and he will inform Commissioner Leuthold that if he desires to be Commission Chairman than he must forgo his position in the Trustee's office while he campaigns for Chairman and if selected as Chairman will NOT work in the Trustee's office.

Trustee Fred Sisk will do the right thing. After all 2010 is not that far away.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Logan Brummitt's Blog Makes The Daily Read Links

Logan Brummitt, local political activist joined the blogosphere and we announced his blog a few weeks ago. Many of our regular readers have asked that Logan be added to the Brian's Blog daily read links. Why we failed to do that before now escapes us. But it is there now.

Go easy on Logan for now as he is just starting on his blogopshere venture.

Are You Going to Join "The Fan Club"?

Today is Truly a Sad Day in America

It doesn't matter if you are a Republican, Democrat, Third Party or Independent. Your political beliefs and activity should never cause you to be murdered. A sad, sad day.

Our thoughts and prayers to the people of Arkansas and especially the Arkansas Democrat Party.

Here is the story.

Here are the comments from former Republican Presidential candidate and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee. “The senseless shooting at Democratic Party Headquarters in Little Rock today is a shocking and sobering reminder of just how depraved our world has become. All of our thoughts and prayers turn toward Bill Gwatney and his family today, while we await details on what happened and why.”

News-Sentinel set to Lose Major Contract

Sources indicate that the Knoxville News Sentinel will likely lose a major contract. Our sources indicate that the Oak Ridger newspaper has been sold to the owner of Morristown's Citizen Tribune.

In our research we have learned that The Oak Ridger was owned by Morris Communications Company, LLC. Morris is a privately held company headquartered in Augusta, GA. It's CEO is William S. Morris III. They currently have 27 daily's and 12 non daily and numerous free community newspapers. Some cities include Augusta, GA, Jacksonville, FL, Topeka, KS, Lubbock, TX and Amarillo, TX. The Citizen Tribune in Morristown, Tn is owned by Lakeway Publishers, Inc.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Slopper News Columnist Larry Van Gilder Gets It Wrong...Again

The Slopper News is notorious for getting it wrong. Their columnist Larry Van Gilder gets it wrong again this week. But then again he may have been angling for a better job. Here is what he wrote.

"If commission chooses to appoint a replacement for Phil Ballard’s 8th District seat before November, the vote should indicate where any battle lines remaining after last Thursday are drawn. Ragsdale will lobby heavily for his choice, rumored to be former school board member Steve Hunley."

First of all Brian's Blog contacted Knoxville Focus Publisher Steve Hunley to verify his interest in the position. He said absolutely not. We asked if Larry Van Gilder had contacted him prior to the publication of this column, Hunley was unaware the column even existed.

I have personally known Steve Hunley since 1990, he can not be labeled as a "Ragsdale man" or any body's man. He is a very active Republican but carries no body's water. Many politico's go to Hunley for advice and support, but he is not tied to any one camp.

In addition to being a successful businessman with several different business interests. He also is the Publisher of a competitor to the Slopper. The only locally owned Knox Countywide weekly newspaper, the Knoxville Focus. The Slopper is owned by E.W. Scripps and the Editor Sandra Clark and columnist Larry Van Gilder are hourly employees of Scripps.

It is also believed that Gilder was interested in the recently vacated position of Editor for the Knoxville Focus. That position has been filled and Van Gilder was not the successful applicant.

So the Slopper, slops on. Here at Brian's Blog we report the truth that the Slopper can not obtain.

Hardin Valley Academy High School

Principal Sallie Reynolds at the ribbon cutting of the Hardin Valley Academy High School on Friday recognized former School Board Member Diane Jablonski, a board member that was defeated in 2002. She is a former board member that had NOTHING to do with the new high school. However, Reynolds ignored former School Board Member Chuck James that actually led the board in the decision in 2005 to build the Hardin Valley Academy High School. Politics and Education make strange acquaintances.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Breaking News from State Senate Candidate Becky Ruppe in District 12

RUPPE TAKES LEAD IN 12th SENATE RACE - Tennessee looking for a new strong leader...

Harriman, TN- Becky Ruppe, the conservative Democrat running to fill Tommy Kilby's open State Senate seat, released a new poll today showing her leading Ken Yager.

The poll shows Becky Ruppe leading with 44% compared to 39% for Ken Yager.

Other key findings in the poll include: +3% advantage for a generic Democratic candidate in the 12th Senatorial District

58% of respondents believe that Governor Phil Bredesen is doing an excellent or good job.

The 403 survey respondents were randomly selected probable voters in the 12th Senatorial District. Respondents were chosen to reflect the historic voter turnout in each county. The survey was conducted by Cooper & Secrest Associates between July 8-9.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Chuck WIlliams To Replace Liberal Council Member Frost

Chuck Williams, an unsuccessful candidate for the Second District County Commission seat announced on Friday night during the community television show One on One with Hubert Smith and again today on The Hubert Smith Radio Show that he will replace liberal council member Rob Frost on Knoxville's City Council representing the Fourth District.

Good Luck, Chuck!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Straight From The Heart With More Lies

Do you remember a couple of weeks ago when we posted about the local criminal defense attorney lying about Brian Hornback on Inside Tennessee. We posted the entire history and how five days before it aired Brian had talked with Bill Shory, News Director and Jeff Lee, General Manager of Gannett's WBIR. But they ran the lie anyway.

Thanks to the local liberal blog known as Knox Views for posting this evidence of "oops they did it again." It is like they didn't pay their property taxes for two years and "golly gee, it was my bad. I goofed." This time it was their longest serving news anchor Robin Wilhoit that did it again.

We now turn to Robin for another inaccurate report, straight from the heart. Over to you Robin.

If these news readers would get out in the community, attend commission meetings, town hall forums and candidate debates then they would know the candidates, what party they are representing and would not blindly read inaccurate news copy.

By the way, Brian's Blog sends Congratulations to Brad Anders, the Republican County Commissioner - Elect from District Six for winning the election. To Kathy Bryant, the Democrat County Commission candidate from the Sixth District we recognize your hard work and thank you for submitting yourself to the process.

General Sessions Judge Contest

It is likely that there will be a second Republican party convention this month to select a nominee for the General Sessions Court Judge vacancy that will become vacant upon Bob McGee's move to Criminal Court Judge Div. II.

Glenna Overton has been making the rounds for at least six months to all 13 of the Republican clubs. She would be considered to have worked the hardest at this point in the grassroots.

Patricia Long currently an employee of the District Attorney Generals office has made some Republican clubs and has committed some time to working the grassroots.

John Owings, the retiring Knox County Law Director is rumored to have an interest.

Cathy Quist, the General Sessions Court Clerk had an interest a couple of years ago and backed out. It has been rumored that she may be interested. Although sources close to her say No.

It has been noted that shortly following the Republican primary in February, Former Republican Party Chairman Chad Tindell became silent on the blogosphere. He was an active participant on the local liberal blog known as Knox Views. He was often quoted by the tabloid bully editor girl. But he became silent, it is believed that this was a move to become less controversial in order to make his second run for General Sessions Judge. In 2006, he ran in a three way race for General Sessions Judge and garnered nearly 24% of the vote, finishing last.

Knox County Mayor Candidates in 2010

There are allot of names circulating for Knox County Mayor in 2010. The campaign will begin by at least next year, August 2009. Let's first look at the Democrats.

Former Knoxville Mayor and perennial candidate Randy Tyree. - After Thursday in failing in his second bid for the office on L1 of the City County Building. It is expected that he will begin looking for the office on the sixth floor of the City County Building.

Former Knox County Clerk and failed Democrat candidate for U.S. Senate Mike Padgett - Sources have indicated that his bid for the Democrat nomination was to test his fundraising ability and to increase his visibility and to flush his name id and reputation as an ousted term limited County Clerk with a reputation of phantom employees and office mismanagement.

Unknown Party Affiliation

Brad Hill - an early organizer with Knox Charter Petition Group is utilizing his contacts to pursue a run for Mayor.

The likely Republicans today are

Former Sheriff Tim Hutchison
State Senator Tim Burchett
County Commissioner R. Larry Smith
County Commissioner Mike Hammond
County Commissioner and Property Assessor - Elect Phil Ballard
County Clerk - Elect Foster Arnett
Former Trustee Mike Lowe
Knoxville Utilities Board Chairman and Knoxville Attorney Bruce Anderson
Former State Senator and Knoxville Attorney Bud Gilbert

John Edwards

The news from yesterday about the former North Carolina Senator and former Democrat Vice President John Edwards admitting to an ex-marital affair brings two things to mind for me that cause me to respect Edwards instead of all the other lamebrain idiots that have been caught in this stuff.

One, I appreciate the fact that Edwards "man upped" and did all of this public confession without forcing his wife to stand by her man. You remember the infamous Hillary 60 minutes and now everybody else feels like they must subject their wives to the Hillary standard. Even when Jim McGreevey admits to sleeping with the same sex, he takes his wife out there. The Republican pervert from the men's bathroom stalls takes his wife out there. Give me a break! Edwards gets high points from me for going this public confession alone. He committed the act alone without his wife, the confession should be his his alone.

Secondly, a caller on the Saturday morning call in show on C-Span brought up an interesting thought and too am wondering from the news reports and reading between the lines. If he has been a subject of blackmail. I am simply asking the question. I don't know if it is true or not. It just seems likely from the news reports that she may have been getting funds through the campaign as a film director and this was a form of blackmail. Time will tell.

My thoughts and prayers are with Elizabeth, John and all the Edwards family.

Friday, August 08, 2008

The Countywide Republican Sweep Declines The Republican Membership of County Commission

Prior to election day 2006, the Democrats had 4 seats on the Knox County Commission. In August of 2006, the Republicans lost one seat on County Commission the one from the Second District. Giving the Democrats five seats. All countywide seats were swept with the Republican party, similar to this year.

On January 30, 2007, the Republicans picked up the other Second District seat. Leaving the Democrats back with only 4 seats on the 19 member Knox County Commission. All of this while our blog founder and president, Brian Hornback served as Chairman of the Knox GOP. He served as Chairman from March 2005 - March 2007.

On February 20, 2008, the Republicans gained another seat on County Commission in the Sixth District. The Democrats then held three seats on the 19 member body. The position in the Second District went to Independent Mark Campen.

Now the election of August 7, 2008 the Democrats gained two additional seats on the Knox County Commission. This gives the Democrat caucus of the County Commission 5 members. The current Chairman of the County Commission is one of the 5 Democrats. A few more elections like this and the Democrats could end up with a functioning majority. Heck, with Democrat Commissioner Strickland as Chairman the argument can be made that they already have a functioning majority.

Black Wednesday became Two Tone Thursday

The comment above was overheard between two elected officials outside the ballroom of the Crowne Plaza last night following the Republican victory speeches.

Who were they talking about? Who wears two tone shoes? Our own Knox County Sheriff Jimmy "J.J." Jones. He is his own man. He is Knox County's "elected" Sheriff. Congratulations to my Sheriff Jimmy "J.J." Jones.

Flashback: The Man That Tamed and Won The West.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Results

The ones that we got right.

Jones for Sheriff, Arnett for Clerk, Witt for Register of Deeds, Sisk* for Trustee, Ballard for Property Assessor, McGee for Criminal Court Judge, Div. II, Saunders for Fourth District Seat A, Shouse for Fourth District Seat B, Anders for Sixth District Seat A, Wright for Eighth District. New Knox County School Board members Kincannon, Buttry, Carson and Phillips. Lockett for Knox County Law Director. Woodson and Farmer in their respective primaries for State Senate. State Representatives Nicelely, Brooks, Tindell and Dunn. Ray for the Republican nomination to take on Joe Armstrong. Haynes for State Representative District 14, Campfield for State Representative District 18, Nicodemus for Democrat candidate State Representative, Overbey, State Senator Dist 8, Unted States Senator Lamar Alexander for the Republican nomination. Tuke for Democrat candidate for United States Senate, Padgett winning Knox County. U.S. Representative John J. "Jimmy" Duncan, Jr. and Scott, the Democrat candidate for United States House of Representatives in Dist. 2

The ones that we got wrong.

Baah in the First District County Commission, Bolus in the Second District County Commission, Sproles in the Fifth District County Commission and Ward in Ninth District County Commission.

The great news is that the little community newspaper with the tabloid bully editor girl picked Kulhman and Drevik to endorse in the fourth district. Brian's Blog predicted Saunders and Shouse and guess what happened. The tabloid bully editor girl lost again and this time it was Brian's Blog that predicted more accurately than she.

* prediction was too close to call.

Election Day Predictions

Sheriff Jones -v- Tyree - Jones wins

County Clerk Arnett -v- Henley Vandergriff - Arnett wins but is closer than expected. Some Republican insiders are predicting a 72% win for Arnett, that won't happen. However, Brian's Blog predicts Henley Vandergriff comes back and runs again in 2010.

Register of Deeds Witt -v- Emge - Witt wins.

Trustee Sisk -v- Bratton - Too close to call.

Property Assessor Ballard -v- Graybeal -v- Bedwell - Ballard in a close one.

Criminal Court Judge Div. II McGee -v- Irvine - McGee wins.

County Commission

Dist 1A - Baah -v- McKenzie -v- Spellings - Baah with the upset of the night. No one can take credit for a Baah win except Baah himself.

Dist. 2B - Bolus -v- Broyles - Bolus wins.

Dist. 4A - Kulhman -v- Saunders - Saunders wins a close one.

Dist. 4B - Shouse -v- Drevik - Shouse wins.

Dist. 5C - Briggs -v- Sproles - This one is too close to call. But, I will not wimp out like I did on the Trustee race. Sproles wins an extremely tight race.

Dist. 6A- Anders -v- Bryant - Anders wins.

Dist. 9A - Brown -v- Ward - Ward wins.

We also predict that David Wright will be elected County Commissioner in District 8. Indya Kincannon, Cindy Buttry, Karen Carson and Bill Phillips will be elected to the school board seats that they seek. Bill Lockett will be elected Law Director. State Senator Jamie Woodson will be selected the Republican nominee for her seat. Gary Farmer will be the Democrat nominee for the same senate seat. Harry Brooks, Frank Niceley and Bill Dunn will win their Republican primaries. Rachel Ray will win the Republican primary to take on Joe Armstrong in November. Harry Tindell will win his primary.

In the contested Republican primaries in District 14 Haynes -v- Baer - Haynes wins. In District 18 Campfield -v- Katsiros -v- Leadbetter - it's a close one, but Campfield wins. In Bill Dunn's District 16 in the Democrat primary. Nicodemus -v- Meyer. Nicodemus wins.

In the hotly contested State Senate District 8 Overbey -v- Finney -v- Bishop. Overbey wins.

In the Second Congressional District John J. Jimmy Duncan, Jr wins the Republican primary and Bob Scott wins the Democrat primary.

In the U.S. Senate race Lamar Alexander wins the Republican primary. In the Democrat primary between Clayton -v- Davis -v- Eaton -v- Ladner -v- Padgett -v- Tuke. Tuke wins. Brian's Blog predicts that Mike Padgett carries Knox County overwhelmingly.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Amy Broyles Illegal Vote Scheming Tomorrow

UPDATE: Brian's Blog has received two emails and the information in those emails when we fact checked with individuals named does not line up exactly as presented in the emails. We do believe that it is accurate that Amy has received information that this is potentially illegal. We do believe that she contacted a candidate or two to join her in this endeavor. But no other candidate interviewed tonight has agreed to join her in this school supply give away. For the record, we have discussed this with all interested parties, except Broyles. We have been unable to contact Broyles. We have at least 5 individuals that confirm that this was announced at the Saturday morning club.

It appears that Amy Broyles, candidate for Knox County Commission Second District has organized and will be leading an illegal vote scheming campaign tomorrow. According to Second District Democrat insiders, Broyles mailed out 3,200 direct mail pieces over the weekend stating that everyone should come to the polls on election day, Thursday August 7, 2008 and bring your kids. Because the Broyles campaign will be handing out school supplies to your children. This is vote buying through an intermediary. (the children)

I certainly hope that no other democrat candidates have participated with the Broyles campaign in this illegal vote scheme. It is rumored that other Democrat candidates may have helped pay for the postage or the school supplies. This announcement was also made at the Saturday Democrat morning club this past Saturday. It is remarkable that no one stood up and said this is illegal. Hopefully the Knox County Election Commission will instruct the election officers in the Second District to be monitoring this activity tomorrow and stopping this illegal vote scheming.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The First Days of August Begin The Race for Chairman

The first days of August begin the race for Chairman. Chairman of County Commission and Chairman of Knox County School Board. The first meeting in September every year, the first order of business, both bodies must elect a Chair and Vice Chair.

Let's begin with the Knox County School Board. The current School Board Chair has served two years and for at least the past 10 years the board has self imposed a two year term limit to the position of Chair. It is expected that the current Vice-Chair Indya Kincannon and Seventh District member Rex Stooksbury will seek the position. Two members that could pursue it, but have not voiced any public interest in the position are Sixth District member Thomas Deakins and/or Third District member Cindy Buttry. On September 1, 2008 the School board is losing Jim Williams from the Eighth district and gaining successful businessman Bill Phillips. The winning candidate will need 5 votes. With three or more candidates interested in Chairman, Phillips could be the vote that will elect a Chairman.

On to the Knox County Commission, while Commissioner Thomas "Tank" Strickland having had a brief honeymoon as Chairman serving from March 2008 - present. It was widely speculated at the time of his election, that his term as Chairman would only last until August 31, 2008. A majority of the current Commissioners are not pleased with his long drawn out meetings and his attempt to silence some Commissioners with the call for the question and allowing other commissioners to go on and on and on. The following Commissioners are expected to have an interest in becoming Chairman. Commission Vice Chairman Mike Hammond, Commissioner R. Larry Smith and Commissioner Tony Norman.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Baer's Latest Backfires

I was at the community pool today for a couple of hours and was talking with a fellow church member. Someone that I have known and they know that I am politically involved and active. He is a regular voter but not politically involved or active, as always with conversations with me the topic of a political campaign came up. This one being the Ryan Haynes -vs- Baer for State Representative. He asked me if Ryan's father was a leader at our church. I confirmed that was true.

He said, well when I got that mailer yesterday I knew that I wasn't voting for Baer. At a time when we should be encouraging young people, Baer is tearing him down. He also said that after reading Baer's piece about nuclear experience it gave him a flashback to Jimmy Carter. You know the failed former President.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Tom Baer Goes To The Mulch Bed

Desperate candidates do desperate things. Tom Baer "the liberal PHD" that is a candidate for State Representative is no exception. Today, he distributed a direct mail piece that is pure mud and slim politics.

In response to Brian's Blog receiving Tom Baer's filth. We are submitting reasons why Baer should be rejected a second time within a few months. Remember he finished at the back of the pack of candidates for the Republican primary on February 5, 2008 for County Commission in Knox County's Fifth District.

Baer has signed the ASPA Code of Ethics. Item Number 2 of the code says he will “promote affirmative action.” (this is on the candidknoxville candidate guide)

Baer is on record supporting bigger government and higher local taxes as shown in his WATE survey.

On Baer's website for his failed County Commission candidacy, he promised to enforce extreme environmental regulations that would harm local small businesses. ( – he has removed this from his website of only four months ago). Removing his beliefs from his website within less than six months demonstrates that he is only a political opportunist, trying to get elected to anything that he can.

Baer in responding to a survey to while seeking appointment to the County Commission, (this past February) said commissioners should be able to meet behind closed doors.

According to the Farragut Press, Baer wants to delay millions of Americans getting back the money they have paid into Social Security by raising the retirement age (which he has already reached himself).

Baer has run a completely negative campaign, attacking Ryan Haynes and Jimmy Duncan at every door he has visited. Some Baer volunteers were recently seen taking up Haynes yard signs along Northshore Drive.

According to the State Republican Party’s Voter File, Baer voted in the 2002 Democratic Primary refusing to vote in competitive Republican primaries for Governor and U.S. Senate.

Baer has failed to vote in numerous Farragut elections over the last decade.

Baer has lived away from Tennessee for nearly 40 years. The majority of his campaign contributions have come from out of state.

Electing a political opportunist for the sole purpose of him being elected to anything is a risky choice that our district doesn't need to gamble with.

Vines Gets It Wrong Again

Georgiana Vines in today's News Sentinel identifies Corey Johns incorrectly. Vines wrote and published "Corey Johns, GOP vice president," Johns currently serves as First Vice Chairman. There are currently 53 County Vice Chairs. Each precinct is eligible to have a precinct chair and vice chair. There are NO Vice Presidents within the local Republican party governance.

Come on Georgiana it doesn't take that long to confirm what you are writing about.

Friday, August 01, 2008