Sunday, August 24, 2008

News-Sentinel in Violation of it's PILOT

Sources within the City - County Building indicate that the News-Sentinel and it's parent company E.W. Scripps have not filed the necessary paperwork in order to maintain it's PILOT. No the Sentinel does not have a quick stop fueling center on their property, where they can get a Free Sentinel on Friday's. Their PILOT is a Payment In Lieu Of Taxes. It is corporate welfare in it's grandest scheme.

Without the timely necessary paperwork being filed. Brian's Blog sources in the City - County Building indicate that the News-Sentinel could be subject to paying millions of dollars back into the coffers of Knoxville and Knox County.


Anonymous said...

Was Northshore Towne Centre a PILOT or a TIF? Do you know if they met their deadlines? How can I found out?

Pamela Treacy

Brian Hornback said...

Northshore Towne Centre was a TIF. I believe.

Anonymous said...

"Northshore Towne Centre was a TIF"

That is correct.

Anonymous said...

So does a TIF have requirements that must be met by the developer in order to get the TIF? It looks like one big hole.