Friday, August 08, 2008

The Countywide Republican Sweep Declines The Republican Membership of County Commission

Prior to election day 2006, the Democrats had 4 seats on the Knox County Commission. In August of 2006, the Republicans lost one seat on County Commission the one from the Second District. Giving the Democrats five seats. All countywide seats were swept with the Republican party, similar to this year.

On January 30, 2007, the Republicans picked up the other Second District seat. Leaving the Democrats back with only 4 seats on the 19 member Knox County Commission. All of this while our blog founder and president, Brian Hornback served as Chairman of the Knox GOP. He served as Chairman from March 2005 - March 2007.

On February 20, 2008, the Republicans gained another seat on County Commission in the Sixth District. The Democrats then held three seats on the 19 member body. The position in the Second District went to Independent Mark Campen.

Now the election of August 7, 2008 the Democrats gained two additional seats on the Knox County Commission. This gives the Democrat caucus of the County Commission 5 members. The current Chairman of the County Commission is one of the 5 Democrats. A few more elections like this and the Democrats could end up with a functioning majority. Heck, with Democrat Commissioner Strickland as Chairman the argument can be made that they already have a functioning majority.


Anonymous said...

Considering the Republican leadership that Knox COunty has had and still has, a Democratic majority would be bad why?


Brian Hornback said...

This post was put up by a member of the Brian's Blog team. However, since you asked your question of me. There are some R's that I have little confidence in and some R's that I will fight with through eternity. Your question would be a really good conversation for another day. After the elections of 06, 08 and now the convention on Saturday to name a nominee for Criminal Court Clerk. I will wait a few weeks to have that conversation