Saturday, August 09, 2008

General Sessions Judge Contest

It is likely that there will be a second Republican party convention this month to select a nominee for the General Sessions Court Judge vacancy that will become vacant upon Bob McGee's move to Criminal Court Judge Div. II.

Glenna Overton has been making the rounds for at least six months to all 13 of the Republican clubs. She would be considered to have worked the hardest at this point in the grassroots.

Patricia Long currently an employee of the District Attorney Generals office has made some Republican clubs and has committed some time to working the grassroots.

John Owings, the retiring Knox County Law Director is rumored to have an interest.

Cathy Quist, the General Sessions Court Clerk had an interest a couple of years ago and backed out. It has been rumored that she may be interested. Although sources close to her say No.

It has been noted that shortly following the Republican primary in February, Former Republican Party Chairman Chad Tindell became silent on the blogosphere. He was an active participant on the local liberal blog known as Knox Views. He was often quoted by the tabloid bully editor girl. But he became silent, it is believed that this was a move to become less controversial in order to make his second run for General Sessions Judge. In 2006, he ran in a three way race for General Sessions Judge and garnered nearly 24% of the vote, finishing last.

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