Saturday, August 09, 2008

John Edwards

The news from yesterday about the former North Carolina Senator and former Democrat Vice President John Edwards admitting to an ex-marital affair brings two things to mind for me that cause me to respect Edwards instead of all the other lamebrain idiots that have been caught in this stuff.

One, I appreciate the fact that Edwards "man upped" and did all of this public confession without forcing his wife to stand by her man. You remember the infamous Hillary 60 minutes and now everybody else feels like they must subject their wives to the Hillary standard. Even when Jim McGreevey admits to sleeping with the same sex, he takes his wife out there. The Republican pervert from the men's bathroom stalls takes his wife out there. Give me a break! Edwards gets high points from me for going this public confession alone. He committed the act alone without his wife, the confession should be his his alone.

Secondly, a caller on the Saturday morning call in show on C-Span brought up an interesting thought and too am wondering from the news reports and reading between the lines. If he has been a subject of blackmail. I am simply asking the question. I don't know if it is true or not. It just seems likely from the news reports that she may have been getting funds through the campaign as a film director and this was a form of blackmail. Time will tell.

My thoughts and prayers are with Elizabeth, John and all the Edwards family.

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