Wednesday, August 13, 2008

News-Sentinel set to Lose Major Contract

Sources indicate that the Knoxville News Sentinel will likely lose a major contract. Our sources indicate that the Oak Ridger newspaper has been sold to the owner of Morristown's Citizen Tribune.

In our research we have learned that The Oak Ridger was owned by Morris Communications Company, LLC. Morris is a privately held company headquartered in Augusta, GA. It's CEO is William S. Morris III. They currently have 27 daily's and 12 non daily and numerous free community newspapers. Some cities include Augusta, GA, Jacksonville, FL, Topeka, KS, Lubbock, TX and Amarillo, TX. The Citizen Tribune in Morristown, Tn is owned by Lakeway Publishers, Inc.


Laurie said...

Sorry Brian, according to one of the owners of Lakeway Publishers and The Tennessee Press Association; this is just a rumor. The Oak Ridger has not been sold.

Brian Hornback said...

o.k.thanks for the clarification and correction. It is noted that this is a rumor. No sale is finalized.