Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Slopper News Columnist Larry Van Gilder Gets It Wrong...Again

The Slopper News is notorious for getting it wrong. Their columnist Larry Van Gilder gets it wrong again this week. But then again he may have been angling for a better job. Here is what he wrote.

"If commission chooses to appoint a replacement for Phil Ballard’s 8th District seat before November, the vote should indicate where any battle lines remaining after last Thursday are drawn. Ragsdale will lobby heavily for his choice, rumored to be former school board member Steve Hunley."

First of all Brian's Blog contacted Knoxville Focus Publisher Steve Hunley to verify his interest in the position. He said absolutely not. We asked if Larry Van Gilder had contacted him prior to the publication of this column, Hunley was unaware the column even existed.

I have personally known Steve Hunley since 1990, he can not be labeled as a "Ragsdale man" or any body's man. He is a very active Republican but carries no body's water. Many politico's go to Hunley for advice and support, but he is not tied to any one camp.

In addition to being a successful businessman with several different business interests. He also is the Publisher of a competitor to the Slopper. The only locally owned Knox Countywide weekly newspaper, the Knoxville Focus. The Slopper is owned by E.W. Scripps and the Editor Sandra Clark and columnist Larry Van Gilder are hourly employees of Scripps.

It is also believed that Gilder was interested in the recently vacated position of Editor for the Knoxville Focus. That position has been filled and Van Gilder was not the successful applicant.

So the Slopper, slops on. Here at Brian's Blog we report the truth that the Slopper can not obtain.


Green Hornet said...

Thank you for contacting Hunley and for reporting the facts about this story. It reminds me of what Eighth District School Board Member - Elect Bill Phillips has said about Gilder. "He can't get a story right"

Halls Hero said...

Jake Mabe is the only real reporter at the Slopper. This weeks in the beanster's column. It seems that the beanster is attracted to the use of body fluids being used as a fire extinquisher.

Bruce Hartman must be SO proud.