Friday, August 22, 2008

Where Has Knox County Spent Their Money? On Video Security Cameras. Money Wasted?

Dale Yeager of Seraph talks about the need to STOP wasting money on buying security video cameras in schools. School administrators MUST manage inappropriate behavior with human to human contact, not by purchasing video security cameras. In the past 5-10 years Knox County Schools have spent thousands and thousands of dollars on cameras. Yeager also discusses bullies. Check out his video here.

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Doug McCaughan said...

Dale Yeager is my new hero. I despise cameras. They are passive, treat symptoms not problems, alienate and are generally ineffective and easily circumvented.

I haven't watched the video yet but am looking forward to it. Developing relationships fixes problems far better than us vs them. This is why many cities have taken police out of their cars and put them back on the beat walking the streets to be able to interact the community.

Let's hope Knoxville actually listens to Dale Yeager's message.