Sunday, August 03, 2008

Baer's Latest Backfires

I was at the community pool today for a couple of hours and was talking with a fellow church member. Someone that I have known and they know that I am politically involved and active. He is a regular voter but not politically involved or active, as always with conversations with me the topic of a political campaign came up. This one being the Ryan Haynes -vs- Baer for State Representative. He asked me if Ryan's father was a leader at our church. I confirmed that was true.

He said, well when I got that mailer yesterday I knew that I wasn't voting for Baer. At a time when we should be encouraging young people, Baer is tearing him down. He also said that after reading Baer's piece about nuclear experience it gave him a flashback to Jimmy Carter. You know the failed former President.

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Anonymous said...

let's just be glad Baer didn't run in the County Clerks race as an independent :)