Friday, August 29, 2008

Foster Arnett "Math Was Never My Strong Suit"

This morning, the first duties as assigned to the Knox County Clerk was to conduct the Knox County Commission Chairman election. After all the nominations and casting of votes had concluded. Foster Arnett announced "13 votes for Strickland, 5 votes for Leuthold and 1 vote for Briggs." Knox County Commissioner Paul Pinkston said wait, there are only 18 Commissioners here. (Phil Ballard was sworn in as the Knox County Property Assessor and was not participating in the Commission meeting) In response, Arnett said "math was never my strong suit." Commissioner Strickland said "I hope it is when you are collecting all the fees."

Brian's Blog is wondering if he can't count to 18. How will he ever count to 60 for a license plate. Sources indicate that the News Sentinel launched an audit into their Charities. Since Arnett has been serving as President of the News Sentinel Charities and now he has self admitted to math not being his strong suit.

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