Saturday, August 09, 2008

Straight From The Heart With More Lies

Do you remember a couple of weeks ago when we posted about the local criminal defense attorney lying about Brian Hornback on Inside Tennessee. We posted the entire history and how five days before it aired Brian had talked with Bill Shory, News Director and Jeff Lee, General Manager of Gannett's WBIR. But they ran the lie anyway.

Thanks to the local liberal blog known as Knox Views for posting this evidence of "oops they did it again." It is like they didn't pay their property taxes for two years and "golly gee, it was my bad. I goofed." This time it was their longest serving news anchor Robin Wilhoit that did it again.

We now turn to Robin for another inaccurate report, straight from the heart. Over to you Robin.

If these news readers would get out in the community, attend commission meetings, town hall forums and candidate debates then they would know the candidates, what party they are representing and would not blindly read inaccurate news copy.

By the way, Brian's Blog sends Congratulations to Brad Anders, the Republican County Commissioner - Elect from District Six for winning the election. To Kathy Bryant, the Democrat County Commission candidate from the Sixth District we recognize your hard work and thank you for submitting yourself to the process.

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