Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Amy Broyles Illegal Vote Scheming Tomorrow

UPDATE: Brian's Blog has received two emails and the information in those emails when we fact checked with individuals named does not line up exactly as presented in the emails. We do believe that it is accurate that Amy has received information that this is potentially illegal. We do believe that she contacted a candidate or two to join her in this endeavor. But no other candidate interviewed tonight has agreed to join her in this school supply give away. For the record, we have discussed this with all interested parties, except Broyles. We have been unable to contact Broyles. We have at least 5 individuals that confirm that this was announced at the Saturday morning club.

It appears that Amy Broyles, candidate for Knox County Commission Second District has organized and will be leading an illegal vote scheming campaign tomorrow. According to Second District Democrat insiders, Broyles mailed out 3,200 direct mail pieces over the weekend stating that everyone should come to the polls on election day, Thursday August 7, 2008 and bring your kids. Because the Broyles campaign will be handing out school supplies to your children. This is vote buying through an intermediary. (the children)

I certainly hope that no other democrat candidates have participated with the Broyles campaign in this illegal vote scheme. It is rumored that other Democrat candidates may have helped pay for the postage or the school supplies. This announcement was also made at the Saturday Democrat morning club this past Saturday. It is remarkable that no one stood up and said this is illegal. Hopefully the Knox County Election Commission will instruct the election officers in the Second District to be monitoring this activity tomorrow and stopping this illegal vote scheming.

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