Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Third Option

This morning I finished reading the third of nine books written and published by Vince Flynn. The first book Term Limits was an excellent read. The second book Transfer of Power was a fast paced and superb book. The third book, The Third Option has Mitch Rapp in the middle of an covert operation in Germany. Unknown to him he becomes a focus of the operation and now he has to move fast to protect himself, the woman that he loves (which he met in the second book) and the country.

The ending is not what you expect as any good fictional thriller should be. However, Vince Flynn exceeds expectations again. So, now it's on to Vince Flynn number four Separation of Power. I have the first eight books and will purchase the ninth book when it comes out in paperback. However, I am reading them in the order that they were published and released.

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