Sunday, August 10, 2008

Chuck WIlliams To Replace Liberal Council Member Frost

Chuck Williams, an unsuccessful candidate for the Second District County Commission seat announced on Friday night during the community television show One on One with Hubert Smith and again today on The Hubert Smith Radio Show that he will replace liberal council member Rob Frost on Knoxville's City Council representing the Fourth District.

Good Luck, Chuck!


Anonymous said...

What's liberal about the Republican Frost versus the Democrat Williams?

Brian Hornback said...

o.k. anonymous aka gutless wonder.

liberal Frosty is ineligible to run so it will not be as you have written here.

for the record. Frosty ain't a Republican

Anonymous said...

Won't there be election first? What/who's to say that Mr. Williams will win it?


Brian Hornback said...


Of course there will be an election. Chuck is the only announced candidate to run for the seat. Liberal Frosty is not eligible to run, so far Chuck will replace Frosty.

If individuals like my colleague over on political knoxville Ray Abbas announces then Williams may not replace ole' Frosty.

Time will tell.