Friday, August 15, 2008

Craig Leuthold - Does the Scarecrow have a brain?

I am a property tax payer in the fifth commission district, while I have supported Craig Leuthold both times (2002 and 2006) that he ran for commission. While I supported his father in 1994 and 1998. That should actually give me a reason to raise the following points.

So, I read on the newspapers website that Craig has ignored the sunshine law in lobbying three of his colleagues for the position of Commission Chairman. It makes me think of all my time growing up in East Knox County and seeing cornfields with a scarecrow in the middle of the field. The scarecrow's job was to be on a stake in the middle of the field. All the crows were intimidated by it's presence and stayed away. But the scarecrow just like in the book and movie, The Wizard of Oz didn't have a brain. It begs the question, does Craig have a brain? Is Craig's presence just to be on the stake and intimidating enough just to keep others away?

Let's review the past two years of Craig Leuthold's history.

First, he was on the commission on Black Wednesday, January 31, 2007 when the entire commission including Craig were found guilty of violating the Sunshine law. Their actions resulted in many appointments, including the appointment of Craig's father, former Commissioner Frank Leuthold.

Second, Craig was the recipient of a high level Supervisory promotion in the Trustee's office that came with it a substantial pay increase immediately following his motion on Black Wednesday to appoint his NEW boss Fred Sisk.

Third, now that his appointed boss Trustee Fred Sisk is the elected Trustee. Craig wants to become the Commission Chairman. He is paid a high salary to supervise the Trustee's substation. But, now he wants to be Commission Chairman.

Say what you will about former Commission Chairman Scott Moore. But, when he was attending to additional duties assigned to the Commission Chairman, he wasn't robbing time and money from the taxpayers. I certainly hope that the County Commission will select a Chairman that does not have a full time taxpayer funded job. It is bad enough that during commission meetings they are double dipping out of our wallets. Let's not give them a blank check book.

Out of the 19 County Commissioners, 4 of the current and 1 Commissioner -Elect have taxpayer funded "real" jobs in addition to their Commissioner job.

The Commissioners are.

Commissioner Tank Strickland - Mayor Haslam's office
Commissioner Mark Harmon - University of Tennessee
Commissioner Ivan Harmon - City of Knoxville
Commissioner Craig Leuthold - Supervisor in the Knox County Trustee's office.
Commissioner - Elect Brad Anders - Knoxville Police Department.

It is interesting to note the arrogance of Craig that the voting population decreased in re-electing Sisk and others on August 7, 2008 and they think that they can go back to "old" ways of doing things, Pre-Black Wednesday. Since 1/31/07 it is a new day in Knox County and things can't go back to the backroom days that Craig would desire us to go back to.

I sincerely believe that Trustee Fred Sisk understands that it is a new day in Knox County and he will inform Commissioner Leuthold that if he desires to be Commission Chairman than he must forgo his position in the Trustee's office while he campaigns for Chairman and if selected as Chairman will NOT work in the Trustee's office.

Trustee Fred Sisk will do the right thing. After all 2010 is not that far away.


Anonymous said...

Love to hear your thoughts on who should be chair!


Anonymous said...

He also perposed the Property tax increase (black mail tax) if the wheel tax did not pass.