Saturday, August 02, 2008

Tom Baer Goes To The Mulch Bed

Desperate candidates do desperate things. Tom Baer "the liberal PHD" that is a candidate for State Representative is no exception. Today, he distributed a direct mail piece that is pure mud and slim politics.

In response to Brian's Blog receiving Tom Baer's filth. We are submitting reasons why Baer should be rejected a second time within a few months. Remember he finished at the back of the pack of candidates for the Republican primary on February 5, 2008 for County Commission in Knox County's Fifth District.

Baer has signed the ASPA Code of Ethics. Item Number 2 of the code says he will “promote affirmative action.” (this is on the candidknoxville candidate guide)

Baer is on record supporting bigger government and higher local taxes as shown in his WATE survey.

On Baer's website for his failed County Commission candidacy, he promised to enforce extreme environmental regulations that would harm local small businesses. ( – he has removed this from his website of only four months ago). Removing his beliefs from his website within less than six months demonstrates that he is only a political opportunist, trying to get elected to anything that he can.

Baer in responding to a survey to while seeking appointment to the County Commission, (this past February) said commissioners should be able to meet behind closed doors.

According to the Farragut Press, Baer wants to delay millions of Americans getting back the money they have paid into Social Security by raising the retirement age (which he has already reached himself).

Baer has run a completely negative campaign, attacking Ryan Haynes and Jimmy Duncan at every door he has visited. Some Baer volunteers were recently seen taking up Haynes yard signs along Northshore Drive.

According to the State Republican Party’s Voter File, Baer voted in the 2002 Democratic Primary refusing to vote in competitive Republican primaries for Governor and U.S. Senate.

Baer has failed to vote in numerous Farragut elections over the last decade.

Baer has lived away from Tennessee for nearly 40 years. The majority of his campaign contributions have come from out of state.

Electing a political opportunist for the sole purpose of him being elected to anything is a risky choice that our district doesn't need to gamble with.


Anonymous said...

As a die hard Republican, I would like to remind all involved the great words of Ronald Regan.
'A Republican should never ***NEVER*** attack a fellow Republican.'

As for the environmental issue...with all the smog filled air quality alert days with code orange, we must start saving the environment and protecting the air we breath.

Brian Hornback said...

You are right, Anonymous. What Reagan actually said though is "Republicans shall not speak evil of fellow Republicans." Reagan did believe in standing up for himself, like he did with the microphone in NH.

Baer is obviously NOT a Republican as his voting record reveals from 2002. However, I would not have exposed him as I did had he not slimed Ryan Haynes, Jimmy Duncan and Parkey Strader.

So one, I did not attack Baer because he ain't a Republican and second, he attacked and I countered his attack. This is something Ronald Reagan would have been proud of.

Anonymous said...

I also got Baer's mailer and agree that its a sign of desperation. He should be ashamed of himself. It's funny that Ryan Haynes has proven to be the mature one in this contest.

Brian Hornback said...

He should be ashamed of himself. However, sources close to him are saying that he doesn't understand the criticsm ans believes it is a fair comparison. This proves he is out of touch with reality and unable to represent us in the legislature.