Monday, August 18, 2008

When Will Knox County School Safety Seriously?

It took over 24 hours for Knox County Schools to report the accident that ultimately cut Eric Law's life short. When will the Knox County School district take serious the safety of our children? Instead of having a governmental bureaucracy known as school security tying the hands of the local law enforcement within their jurisdiction of the schools. The school system should turn all school security within the city limits over to the Knoxville Police Department. The school system should turn all school security outside the city limits over to the Knox County Sheriff's Department. The welfare of the children requiring it.


Anonymous said...

All the security should fall under one unit. Columbine showed what happens when you have different units trying to coordinate in real time under real bad situations

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if this situation is a security issue, or what calling law enforcement (City or County) earlier would, or could, have done to prevent this tragedy. Medical attention was needed, not the cops. If there was/is any criminal wrong doing it will be uncovered (and that seems a definite possibility IMHO). It seems having a school nurse onsite would have been better in this situation than a cop.


Brian Hornback said...


Calling 911 would bring a first responder. A first responder would administer medical attention. It looks bad that no report was starteed for 24 hours.

overtly trite said...

the money to have a school nurse at each school would be a fantastic start!
Plus I saw someone mention on knoxnews site we all fill out what do do in an emergency card what had this child's parents filled out?
Such a horrible tragedy for this family.
They need to investigate why students were moving furniture!