Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The First Days of August Begin The Race for Chairman

The first days of August begin the race for Chairman. Chairman of County Commission and Chairman of Knox County School Board. The first meeting in September every year, the first order of business, both bodies must elect a Chair and Vice Chair.

Let's begin with the Knox County School Board. The current School Board Chair has served two years and for at least the past 10 years the board has self imposed a two year term limit to the position of Chair. It is expected that the current Vice-Chair Indya Kincannon and Seventh District member Rex Stooksbury will seek the position. Two members that could pursue it, but have not voiced any public interest in the position are Sixth District member Thomas Deakins and/or Third District member Cindy Buttry. On September 1, 2008 the School board is losing Jim Williams from the Eighth district and gaining successful businessman Bill Phillips. The winning candidate will need 5 votes. With three or more candidates interested in Chairman, Phillips could be the vote that will elect a Chairman.

On to the Knox County Commission, while Commissioner Thomas "Tank" Strickland having had a brief honeymoon as Chairman serving from March 2008 - present. It was widely speculated at the time of his election, that his term as Chairman would only last until August 31, 2008. A majority of the current Commissioners are not pleased with his long drawn out meetings and his attempt to silence some Commissioners with the call for the question and allowing other commissioners to go on and on and on. The following Commissioners are expected to have an interest in becoming Chairman. Commission Vice Chairman Mike Hammond, Commissioner R. Larry Smith and Commissioner Tony Norman.

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Not Hammond. We don't need Tyler Harber's man with the gavel.