Thursday, November 30, 2006

3 more Demos fall in the Capital of Corruption

This from the Commercial Appeal. Three more active Democrats fall in the Capital of Corruption aka Memphis, TN. Is it a odd that another Ford is involved? Or is it just a Family Tradition?

A Brian's Blog source in Shelby County said if the FBI keeps this up. We will be as Republican as East Tennessee.

What would have happened if Junior won the Senate election? hmmm. Good question.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Tuke is one to talk or maybe he is

This from today's Tennessean. Tennessee Demo Chair Bob Tuke criticizes Senate Majority Leader Dr. Bill Frist, M.D. as failed leadership.

Let's see Tuke is the only state Chairman that lost a competitive state race funded by the DNC, DNSC out of the entire country. Tuke is the leadership failure of the national Democrat Party. So, I guess by calling Frist a failure Tuke is hoping that everyone forgets his own failure and shortcomings. Or Tuke really knows failure and is attempting to call it as only Tukey can.

West Knox County High School Re-zoning

Here is a story that appeared on WATE last evening. The chief architect of the "not our types in Farragut High School" is making the argument that we don't want too much overcrowding taken from Farragut High School. We only want the overcrowding that we don't like taken out. ie. "Those pesky non-Town of Farragut residents."

The goals of the school board and school system as voiced at the three community meetings is to 1) relieve overcrowding and 2) provide the same high school experience to and for all.

Relieving overcrowding is not achieved in the current plan. The same high school experience is not accomplished in the current plan.

The student numbers at Farragut, Bearden and Karns need to be added up and divide the number by 4 and the populations of Hardin Valley, Farragut, Bearden and Karns is then determined and the zone lines adjusted to reflect the same.

The Town of Farragut may not be able to stay together in order to achieve a proper balance. Plus remember the Town of Farragut is NOT in the education business. The town takes the sales tax dollars that Knox County and the City of Knoxville contributes to the public school system and funds parks and a town parade in July, instead of helping to educate children.

The citizens of Farragut that want to protect their own have not marched on town hall demanding their money to be spent on education. It is time for these "concerned" Farragutians to either talk the talk and put their sales tax dollars where their mouths are or just sit down with their classwarfare mentality.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


This announcement is in the KnoxGOP News2Use that went out this evening. I felt it was appropriate to post here as well.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all that you did to achieve OUR success this year. As Knox County Republicans we won BIG. It has been an honor serving as YOUR Chairman through the critical elections of 2006.

There is no I in Team and Together Everyone Achieved More.

It is because of your commitment that Bob Corker was elected. Congressman Duncan was overwhelmingly re-elected. Stacey Campfield, Parkey Strader, Frank Niceley, Bill Dunn, Harry Brooks, Tim Burchett, Randy McNalley were all re-elected. Marriage was defined as being between one man and one woman. 14 Republican County Commissioners were elected. All Countywide Republicans Officeholders and Judges were re-elected and we gained a NEW Countywide Republican with Law Director John Ownings.

There is more work to be done. The Lincoln Day Dinner will be coming in February/March 2007. There is a Town of Farragut election in April and the City of Knoxville elections in September and November of 2007.

I will be making a statement before the Christmas Holidays about my intentions as we approach the County Re-Organization in March 2007.

Thanks again for working as a unified Republican TEAM to achieve OUR Republican successes.
Brian Hornback, Knox GOP Chairman

Partisan Leadership Positions Up for Grabs in State Senate and House

Here is a story from the Commercial Appeal (Memphis) that details the races for Democrat and Republican leadership selections for the State House and Senate. Wilder holds a record in the U.S. and should be thanked for his leadership over the years and replaced with Senator Ron Ramsey.

BTW (By the Way) What do you notice about this paragraph from Richard Locker's story? Wilder, 85, D-Somerville, is the longest-serving current presiding officer of any state legislative body in the Unites States. Could it be the misspelling of United States?

(House Democrats caucused Nov. 18)

House Democrats selected Reps. Gary Odom, Nashville as new Democratic majority leader and John Litz, Morristown as new assistant majority leader. Rep. Randy Rinks, Savannah was re-elected Democratic Caucus chairman.

Dec. 11: Senate Republicans

The Senate Republicans are expected to elect and nominate Senator Ron Ramsey - Blountville to challenge Wilder for Lt. Governor.

Dec. 12: House Republicans

Rep. Jason Mumpower, Bristol, is challenging Rep. Bill Dunn, Knoxville, for the Republican leader's post. Rep. Glen Casada, College Grove, is running against Rep. Charles Sargent, Franklin, for GOP Caucus chairman.

Dec. 13: Senate Democrats

The Senate Demos are expected to re-nominate Senator Wilder for speaker, and re-elect Sen. Jim Kyle, Memphis as Senate Democratic leader and Sen. Joe Haynes, Nashville as caucus chairman.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Right Brothers...Momma, I Wanna Live

I had seen this several moths ago and just ran across it again. With Thanksgiving weekend, I feel it is appropriate as I reflect on what I am most thankful for. My wife of 18 years and our 3 wonderful kids.

The Right Brothers website is located, here.

For Those in Church.Set the VCR or TIVO for Everybody else. Tune In

Tomorrow's CBS program "Face the Nation" will have as it's guest Tenneessee's new Senator-elect Bob Corker. He will be joined on the panel with two other members of his freshman class to discuss the upcoming Congress.

When: Sunday, November 26, 2006
Time: 10:30 a.m. EST/ 9:30 a.m. CST

The Knoxville, TN CBS affiliate is the locally Fair and Balanced Volunteer TV Channel 8. Seen on Comcast Channel 5.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Thanksgiving, Black Friday and then Christmas

Thanksgiving goes so quickly and now Black Friday. Black Friday is the day that 20% of the Christmas Retail sales are conducted. Yesterday the sales circulars didn't appear to be as HOT as previous years.

The Brian's Blog wife is out with a few friends shopping, while I am enjoying a cup of coffee and the 2005 Rick Santorum book, It Takes A Family. The younger Brian's Blog children are enjoying cartoons, the older one is on the phone.

This weekend we will be decorating for Christmas. The oldest Brian's Blog son decorated the yard for Christmas, yesterday. So, our thoughts are on Christmas.

Christmas? Presents? Yes. Santa Claus? Probably, the kids are getting older.

The real meaning of Christmas for us is the birth of a Savior. God became flesh when he sent his son Jesus to the earth, he was born to a Virgin named Mary. Jesus lived a perfect sinless life and was crucified by the world. His death/burial/resurrection is redemption for mine and our sins. He arose and today sits on the right hand of the father in heaven.

The word (Bible) in 1 John 1:9 says If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins, and purify us from all unrighteousness.

Our days would be cold, lonely and useless without the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

Check out Matthew 1:18, here or Luke Chapter 2, here.

The Crabb Family's song. Please Come Down to Me.

More on the Christmas holiday through the Brian's Blog world later.

Rick Santorum will be missed in the Senate Chamber

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

From the entire Brian's Blog team to you our avid reader. We wish you and your family a

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Governor Bredesen to have a Sundquist moment?

Thanks to my buddy Josh Parker for pointing out this article from the Chattanooga Times-Free Press. Governor Phil Bredesen who is a Brian's Blog reader (he responded to a post during the campaign) is expected (by Josh, I and others) to respond favorably to Comptroller John Morgan's proposal for a STATEWIDE PROPERTY TAX. "After all isn't it all about the Children?"

Governor Bredesen, you are welcome to send an email and denounce the Comptroller's proposal TODAY.

Comptroller proposes restructuring Tennessee's tax system
Tuesday, November 21, 2006, at 8:44 p.m.
By Christina Cooke
Staff Writer

The committee considering revisions to the formula the state of Tennessee uses to dispense education dollars now has another option to consider: Restructuring the tax system to put the state in charge of funding education.

Tennessee Comptroller John Morgan proposed a third alternative to the current formula at today's meeting of the Basic Education Program Review Committee.

"Education is not a local issue," Mr. Morgan said. "It really is a state problem, so why don't we use the state tax base to fund an adequate education program to give all children in Tennessee the opportunity to succeed in public schools?"

Under Mr. Morgan's proposal, the state would spend an additional $900 million on education. It would capture half of local option sales tax dollars, establish a statewide property tax and distribute the revenue among school systems depending on their needs.

County Board of Education chairman Joe Conner said he was skeptical of Mr. Morgan's proposal.

"I have no confidence in the state coming up with a formula, which is taking more of our local dollars, when they can't fix the formula they have today," he said.

The BEP Review Committee has been studying revisions to the current formula in response to complaints from Tennessee's large urban school systems, which now receive less money per student than smaller systems.

Parents On the Record that Hardin Valley will be a good school

There were more than 15 parents that spoke at the School Board workshop. Three or four parents raised several questions about the Superintendents zone proposal. Several speakers spoke in favor of the Superintendents zone and in their comments indicated that Hardin Valley High School will be a good school.

A Brian's Blog question to ponder for the Thanksgiving Holidays:

If the zone were to change to include the speakers residence, would these parents still believe that Hardin Valley High School to be a good school or will they oppose it?

Coach Fulkerson Placed on Leave Again... Principal Davis is not on Leave Pending an Investigation

This Breaking News from the Knox News-Sentinel website. Karns football Coach John Fulkerson was placed on leave yesterday by Knox County Schools Human Resources Supervisor Pat Mashburn for the school district. This is the third incident since May.

In August of this year a complaint was made about the administrator Clifford Davis of Karns High School. Many sources have confirmed that investigative interviews have been held with various individuals for this investigation. However, nothing printed about the investigation by the (MSM) main stream media and Principal Davis is still on the job.

The first allegation about Coach Fulkerson in May was found not be accurate, the second allegation in August was found not to be completely accurate. And now this.

Brian's Blog will be closely following this story.

HVHS Re-zoning..Could impact Federal dollars going to the school district

UPDATE: This morning I had a pleasant conversation with Todd Taylor. Mr. Taylor spoke on Monday night representing himself, his neighbors in Wentworth Subdivision at the School Board meeting. I know several families that live in Wentworth Subdivision and all are pleasant individuals and good people. Mr. Taylor took some respectable issue with the sentence in the original post that said: It appears that the residents of the Town of Farragut that spoke last night and worked on the re-zoning desire to have all of "not their types" removed from the Farragut High School zone. Mr. Taylor assures me that in the conversations that he and his neighbors had there was never this type of conversation. After Mr. Taylor and I talked this morning, I believe Mr. Taylor in regards to he and his neighbors in Wentworth. To the residents of Wentworth, I apologize that you were inadvertently placed in a broad statement.

This statement by Brian's Blog first came to consideration prior to the Farragut Community Meeting by an individual representing a group of citizens. The group desired to protect the "Town of Farragut" residents. It was reported here at Brian's Blog, Farragut Press and other media outlets. There was some communication that there was a misunderstanding concerning the position. However, there was NEVER a retraction of this public position by individual or the other entities and persons represented.

Original Post: (Tuesday November 21, 2006: 7:20 am) In the HVHS zone plan presented by the Superintendent of Schools last evening it did not go unnoticed by board members and the general public that the area being moved the greatest distance away is an area established as middle to lower income.

In the proposed shift to Hardin Valley High School there are many middle income subdivisions and lower income manufactured housing developments (trailer parks). It appears that the residents of the Town of Farragut that spoke last night and worked on the re-zoning desire to have all of "not their types" removed from the Farragut High School zone.
The plan is so obvious that in statements the Superintendents staff said the rezoning doesn't go further west than Fox Road and Mourfield Rd. Not true. On the map, all homes on the south side of Bluegrass Road east of Mourfield Road up to two subdivisions currently attending Bearden High School will be re-zoned to HVHS.

Board Member Robert Bratton asked for the Free/Reduced lunch numbers currently at the three high schools and the numbers with the proposed rezoning. Why? In order for the school district to receive federal dollars the population should be balanced. A free and equal access education by federal standards will not be met with this re-zoning. When the distance to a free and equal access is limited the federal standard isn't being met.

A total high school experience isn't being achieved at Farragut High School when you remove the lower socio-economic component (students) from the student body. A total high school experience isn't being achieved at Hardin Valley High School when you send the majority of the lower socio-economic component (students) 15-20 miles away.

Stay Tuned. More to come.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Hardin Valley High School

When the Hardin Valley High School opens the Superintendent is proposing that the school operating hours be 9:30 am - 4:30 pm.

One problem with this proposal is that the student traffic would be merging onto the Pellissippi Parkway during the evening rush hour moving from the Oak Ridge reservation (ORNL) and will place the student drivers and bus traffic in a dangerous situation.
Think of merging a car or bus onto the Daytona racetrack beginning at 0 mph while those on the track are running at 65 - 70 mph.

Pellissippi Parkway has the reputation of being Knoxville's own Nascar track and for good reason.

Knox County School Board Chair Calls Superintendent Staff on the Carpet

The Knox County School Board Chair this evening called the Superintendents staff on the carpet and red faces were abound. It was revealed that when the board members were previewed the information this past Friday, they were shown numbers for 10 years. At the three community meetings it was communicated to the public that the proposed zone lines would be 10 year zones.

When the School Board Chair said these numbers are different from last week. All members of the Superintendents staff began clamoring looking at one another. While the audience chuckled at the incompetence of the staff. The Superintendents staff after a three minute or more delay said it was the difference in MPC's high growth / moderate growth numbers.

MPC staff were asked after the meeting. We're your numbers used or not used? They said certain numbers were used and others not. MPC is not sure why.
This is the longtime game by the beaureacratic infrastructure of the school system.

During the meeting, there was an overflow area in the lobby area of the first floor and a certain Central Office Administrator was observed to be lounging in his chair taking a nap.


Mayor Ragsdale got it right. There was much hollering, grandstanding and saber rattling in September 2006 that Mayor Ragsdale was trying to short change the Knox County School System by not providing the funds to fully fund the much needed Hardin Valley High School.

When the $40 million dollar budget became a $44 million dollar budget and the schools and PBA asked for an additional $6.0 million more making the project a $50 million dollar budget. The Mayor proposed building a school for 1200 with all the infrastructure for 2100 and building on the classrooms when necessary. Everyone said it was necessary to build the school for 2100. The Mayor's proposal would have held the project at $44 million.

This evening the Knox County School Superintendent has proposed an attendance zone for 930 students the first year. 270 students less than the Mayor proposed in September. The numbers for 7-8 years never rise above 1000 students.

So, with a $50 million dollar budget and less than 1000 students the first 7-8 years the Superintendent is requesting that the Knox County School Board spend $50,000.00 a student on bricks and mortar. Salaries, textbooks and other necessary dollar items are not in this dollar amount.

If the School Board opens this school with less than 1400 students. All Knox County citizens should storm the courthouse and demand a repeal and refund of the wheel tax.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Knox County Mayor Ragsdale and Law Director Owings

UPDATE: SteveMule asked a question in the comments. Brian's Blog contacted John Emison for a response. Here is Mr. Emison's response. John Emison is President/Chairman of Citizens for Home Rule.

One reader asked the following question about this story: "What is the big deal for someone living in Old North Knoxville?"

The "big deal" is that everyone in Old North Knoxville was taxed by the City in order to subsidize a developer on Chapman Highway to the tune of $2 Million........ Cash, BTW.

John A. Emison

There is a little Good News in today's News-Sentinel. Read it here. The City of Knoxville annexation in South Knox County of the Lowes shopping center is being contested by Knox County Mayor Mike Ragsdale and Law Director John Owings on behalf of the citizens of Knox County.

This attempted annexation is outside the Urban Growth boundary. The annexation was approved by a voter referendum of one vote on November 7, 2006.

The questions were raised by Citizens for Home Rule

1) Was/Is this whole procedure legal?

2) If the Knox County Election Commission followed the law/procedure to place this on the ballot. (One Election Commissioner acknowledges this was never brought to an Election Commission Meeting).

This issue was first reported by Brian's Blog here.

Hardin Valley High School Zone Lines

Tomorrow, Monday November 20, 2006 at 5:00 pm the Knox County School System is expected to present the proposed attendance zone lines for the new Hardin Valley High School. The meeting will be held in the first floor board room of the Andrew Johnson Building located at 912 S. Gay Street in Downtown Knoxville.

Brian's Blog sources indicate that 2 scenarios will be presented. 1) The Pellissippi Parkway area south of the lake will be one scenario 2) half of the Town of Farragut, the area closest to Hardin Valley will be a second scenario.

No word on if the School administration will recommend one scenario over the other. If you can not attend the meeting in person, it is scheduled to be televised on Comcast Channel 10 at 5:00 pm. Any person can signup to speak by calling 865-594-1630. The deadline for signing up is prior to the meeting. You can speak for 5 minutes.

Discussion will be held with Public Forum at a December 4, 2006 meeting at Fulton High School on the other side of town and a vote is scheduled for December 6, 2006 at the City-County Building in the Main Assembly Room.

School Board members Contact Email addresses:
Indya Kincannon:
Cindy Buttry:
Dan Murphy:
School Board Chair:
Thomas Deakins:
Rex Stooksbury:
Jim Williams:
Robert Bratton:

Brian's Blog Endorses Mike Faulk - Two Years Early

Brian's Blog is a little behind on this one. If you didn't see the Greg Johnson column in the News-Sentinel on Friday, Brian's Blog is including it here for your reading pleasure. In the column Greg indicates that fellow blogger and Church Hill, TN Attorney Mike Faulk is considering a run for the seat formerly held by State Senator Mike Williams.

Brian's Blog is endorsing Mike Faulk, two years prior to the election. Here is Friday's column. Here is the link at the News-Sentinel website.

Johnson: Impossible possibilities
November 17, 2006

It's almost impossible to overstate the power of the speaker of the Tennessee Senate. Elected by members of the Senate, the speaker appoints all officers and members of Senate committees.

The speaker allocates office space and support staff and all but dictates bathroom breaks. Most importantly, the speaker serves as lieutenant governor and is one tick bite away from being governor. A bit of apoplexy hit Nashville earlier this year when Gov. Phil Bredesen took ill and Tennesseans realized Lt. Gov. John Wilder could become the real governor.

It's completely impossible to overstate how desperately eccentric octogenarian Wilder clings to power. Speaker since 1971, Wilder could have had power ripped from his white-knuckled clutches in 2004 when Republicans won a majority in the Senate.

Shortly after that election, though, Republican Sen. Micheal Williams of Maynardville met with Wilder. When the 104th General Assembly convened in January 2005, Williams, along with Knoxville Republican Sen. Tim Burchett, voted for Democrat Wilder for speaker.

Wilder then plucked Williams from obscurity and installed him as speaker pro tem, even though Williams ranked 16th in seniority, had held no leadership position and brought little life experience of value to the position. Williams lists his occupation as antique vehicle restorer but showed no income from that profession on his Senate statements of interests from 2002-2006.

After last week's election, Republicans still hold a 17-16 majority, and Wilder's death grip again appears shaky. Republican leaders say Burchett is back in the GOP fold. Williams is another matter.

Williams said he might turn independent because of pressure being applied by Republican leadership for him to back Republican Senate Leader Ron Ramsey for speaker. Williams said last week, "I really think our government works best when we don't have one party in total control." Following that logic, since Democrats control the House and the governor's office, a Williams vote for Ramsey would break Democrats' one-party control.

But logic may not matter. Asked whether his constituents wanted him to vote for Wilder or Ramsey, Williams replied in a statement, "My views and votes are always grounded in what is best for my district and our state - not what any one member of the senate or a political party desires."

Williams is delusional if he thinks the majority of his constituents want him to vote for Wilder again. Republican U.S. Senator-elect Bob Corker won the counties in Williams' district - Claiborne, Grainger, Hancock, Hawkins, Jefferson and Union - with 63 percent of the vote. To say that Williams' district is a Republican stronghold is an understatement.

And Republicans in his district leave no doubt what they want Williams to do. Union County Republican Party Chairman Jack Rhyne said, "We expect Mr. Williams to do the right thing the right thing for the Republican Party, for the county and for the state. The right thing to do is vote for the Republican."

Many of Williams' constituents are angry. Claiborne County Republican Party Chairwoman Judi Swilling said, "People haven't forgotten what he did last time and are very upset."

Especially Republican Executive Committee member Henry DeVault of Blaine. If Williams votes for Wilder again, "We oughta impeach him," DeVault said. Even Grainger County Republican Party Chairman Dustin Stratton, who describes himself as Williams' friend, sees problems. "If he doesn't vote for Ramsey, there'll be trouble," Stratton said. "He has to make a decision, and there are consequences to decisions."

Michael Faulk, a Church Hill attorney and possible challenger to Williams in 2008, echoed other Republicans in the district. "Since Sen. Williams cast his vote for Sen. Wilder in January 2005, there's been a groundswell of concern from hardcore Republicans," Faulk said. "In that group, he's in serious trouble."

Williams is likely done as a senator if he votes for Wilder, which leaves many observers wondering why he would commit political suicide. With no other apparent source of income, Williams could be unemployed after the 2008 election.

But, more than one constituent said they had heard reports of another deal. A rumor floating around Nashville has Williams voting for Wilder for speaker, then taking a job in the Bredesen administration.

Though a well-placed Senate source confirmed the rumor, Lydia Lenker, Bredesen's press secretary, said, "I have no knowledge of Sen. Williams taking a job in the administration." Williams neither confirmed nor denied the rumor in his e-mailed statement. After all the ethics issues Bredesen has had to navigate, it's hard to imagine him signing off on such a blatantly unethical scheme.

Given Wilder's benign neglect of a culture of corruption that led to the arrest of three Democratic senators last year, it's impossible to overstate the need for change. But, given Williams' oblivious ignoring of his constituents, it's entirely possible he will sell his soul again.

Greg Johnson is an East Tennessee native and resident and writes this column for the News Sentinel. E-mail him at

Saturday, November 18, 2006


UPDATE: I have decided that since the KnoxViews forum is so dependent on no conservative speak. I have decided to remove myself from their forum. If you see anything purporting to be from me as BriansBlog, Chairman or Knox County Republican Party Chairman. It isn't me and only the three or four "administrators" including R. Neal or other regulars on the forum attempting to impersonate me for their greater good. I am no longer a particpant in that forum at my decision and no one elses.

I have posted somewhat irregularily over at KnoxViews. On Friday an anonymous post went up about the Halls Shopper News and was taken down when some if not most of the information was re-buffed by Shopper attorney and City Councilman Rob Frost. That decision was O.k.

I then posted an entry entitled Halls Shopper News. There was some good discussion. Betty Bean or BBeanster (the assumption on-line is that it is the same tabloid journalist that has lingered in Knoxville for a number of years, working with publications like Knoxville Journal, Metro Pulse and now tabloid Halls Shopper) when I responded with facts, the post and all discussion disappear. Obviously when the facts hit them squarely in the nose, KnoxViews people just can't handle the truth. Bean had made the statement that I had gone on record indicating what my future would be regarding the position of Chairman. I corrected the statement that I haven't gone on record with her or any of her types (tabloid), not even the real journalists that I like in Knoxville.

I received an email from Marty Smith concerning a similar treatment from KnoxViews last week. Brian's Blog will work to make contact with Marty Smith and may open a guest forum spot for Marty Smith. Also, Brian's Blog has received a comment from another person indicating that a forum administrator of KnoxViews has contacted posters and threatened to contact certain individuals to get them in trouble. It sounds like threats and intimidation on the part of some KnoxViews administrators that do not like opposing views.

Over the weekend, several regular posters and commenters have aggreed that KnoxViews should implement the Brian's Blog policy of no anonymous commenters and posters. The KnoxViews forum is NOT open to all. If you disagree with the administrators position they will simply delete your comments and postings.

If you have comments about posts on Brian's Blog and do not want to establish a blogger account. Simply send an email to the address in the Profile. Brian's Blog will work to get it added in some form or fashion. You do not have to be subjected to Hitler style treatment to have your say in Knox County, East Tennessee or the blogosphere. This is a America.

This is not Harold Ford, Junior country where if you don't like what is being said. You shout and lie about the facts. This is BOB CORKER COUNTRY. Where everybody gets to speak their mind and correct lies that are said about you. Come on along. Get on board.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Breaking News: Tuke is Exiting Stage Left

UPDATE: The Brian's Blog staff have researched and discovered that Mountain 'Publican (a fellow responsible blogger and a link buddy) prophesied this on October 29, 2006 . Read it here.

The Nashville City Paper is reporting that Bob Tuke will not seek another term as Chairman of the Tennessee Democrat Party.

This kind of thing happens when you are the only state Democrat Chairman not to pick up one seat in the State's lower chamber. (State House) Couldn't beat Campfield or Matthew Hill. You only pick up one seat in the state's upper chamber. (State Senate) Couldn't win an open U.S. Senate seat.

We Republicans will miss Tuke. We would like Tuke to hang around for another beating. A likely replacement may be Knoxville native Doug Horne.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Report Bad Restaurant Stories for Brian's Blog

If you have stories of restaurants that have terrible customer service and want to share it with Brian's Blog readers, email Brian, here. You do not have to have a blogger account, simply send Brian an email and he may post them.

If you have exceptional stories share those as well. They too may appear on Brian's Blog. Unless it is about any McAlister's not located on Cumberland Avenue.

Restaurants with terrible Customer Service...McAlister's Wins

With the Herbert Moncier case in the news. I am reminded of McAlister's Deli in particular the one at Turkey Creek.

I have never posted about McAlister's Deli, in particular the ones that are owned by two guys (Jeff and Chris). They operate the ones at Schaad Road, Turkey Creek, Morrell Road and now one in Fountain City. My understanding is the only one not operated by the two guys is Cumberland Avenue.

In the future I will post about the TERRIBLE customer service at the McAlister's operated by the two guys. If you suggest (as I did) to them ways to improve their service, they simply ignore you.

McDonalds is now a Herb Free Restaurant

Brian's Blog has reviewed the 911 calls regarding the Herbert Moncier incident at McDonalds on Cumberland Avenue. In the call he acknowledges that he has the work schedule, but the best news is that he tells the 911 operator that he will never go into McDonalds again.

Some restaurants are smoke-free. McDonalds is now Herb free, that is good news. I went through a McDonalds drive-thru last night it was very enjoyable. No body in a little foreign car was blowing their horn trying to get people to move so that he could be superior to anyone else. Our orders were right. It was a lovely experience.

McDonalds may become my favorite fast food restaurant now that it is Herbert free.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

TNGOP Chair Bob Davis, Jr. Deserves another term

On December 2, 2006 the TN Republican State Executive Committee will convene and select the next Chairman to lead the state party. Bob Davis, Jr. deserves another term.

Tennessee faced with the national anti-Republican sentiment, elected the one NEW Republican U.S. Senator Bob Corker. The party lost not one Republican State House position. The party lost only one State Senate seat but still maintains a lead in the Senate.

Bob Davis, Jr. deserves another term and will lead the party to a Republican takeover of the State House in two years.

BREAKING NEWS: Moncier gets first hand look at the Sheriffs Department operation

This from KnoxNews.

It appears anti-Sheriff attorney Herbert Moncier decide to go through the McDonalds drive-thru on Cumberland Avenue. He wasn't pleased that he had to wait, so in typical Herbert fashion, he proceeded to defend the "people" in the drive-thru lane. Had Herbert gotten his food, he could have cared less about the "people". The problem with a temper tantrum in a McDonalds and the courtroom is the public doesn't have to take Herbert's temper tantrum.

Now, Herbert gets to visit the Knox County Dentention Facility for booking and a possible short stay in a cell with Bubba. I am sure that Greg Issacs or Don Bosch will be shortly behind to post any bail or bond needed to free Herbert. I hope the Sheriff is there to greet Herbert when he arrives.

I served on the Knox County Jail Inspection Committee for about four years, three as Chairman. In the jail, the food is served quicker than the drive-thru, the food is as good, but you do not get the option of super sizing the value meal.

I would love to have soon the look on Herbert's face when the KCSD cruisers pulled into the McDonalds. That would have neccesiated a fleeing feeling on Herbert's part. Jamie Satterfield asks in this News-Sentinel report why the Sheriffs Department responded. Jamie, the Knox County Sheriffs Department has jurisdiction, the city is in the county. It doesn't matter if the call from McDonalds came through 911 or through the county's tele-serve.

In the past during the Phil Keith KPD days if/when an incident happened in the City, I requested KCSD.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Always the Statesman...Always the Gentleman

Senator Rick Santorum always the statesman always the gentleman. For those of you that do not understand the stress and turmoil that public service brings to your spouse and children. It is a price that is immeasurable. Many of you that like to throw grenades and bombs at persons that serve, but you do not have the intestinal fortitude to open your lives to the public at large.

Chris Matthews blows off the pain of Santorum's daughter and he will pay the price for that one day. Watch the Concession speech, because unlike the liberals and Democrats. Rick Santorum is a Statesman and a Gentleman.

This "Blue Dog Demo" is NO Blue Dog...But he and his party are in control

This Congressman wants a divorce to warrant a felony. This Congressman wants only those individuals that have never been divorced to hold public office. Had this Congressman had his way in the 1980's I would be eligible to serve, but not Ronald Reagan. I am opposed to this Congressman's plan. He is a self proclaimed "Blue Dog Democrat". If this is the Conservative branch of the new majority. God save our nation.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Veterans Day......Thank You, Veterans

While the Demos have John Kerrey. We Republicans have hundreds of thousands of real Veteran heros. One of my favorites is Senator John McCain. I had the pleasure of having my picture made with Senator McCain this past Monday.

In honor of Veterans Day. I say Thank You. Thank You to everyone that has served, including John Kerrey.

The Best Part of Waking Up......Without Harold Ford, Junior as Senator

I have had a lot of conversations and emails about the BIG Bob Corker win on Tuesday, November 7, 2006. This morning this was my thought.

You have heard the commercial jingle for Folgers coffee. "The Best Part of Waking up is Folgers in your cup."

This good Saturday morning as I consumed a cup of coffee, (not Folgers). I realized The best part of waking up without Senator Ford as my Senator is that Frank Cagle, one of three tabloid journalist in the Knoxville market now has little to no credibility. Cagle endorsed Ford, Junior. Ford, Junior spent a considerable amount of money running ads about why Cagle was right in his endorsement. Ford, Junior in nearly every interview in Middle and East Tennessee bragged about Frank Cagle's endorsement.

Cagle four years ago worked on the campaign staff for Republican Gubernatorial candidate Van Hilleary and lost. Cagle blamed Tom Ingram for the loss. Cagle acknowledged in a recent radio interview that Bob Corker's hiring of Tom Ingram was the reason for the endorsement of Ford, Junior.

It appears that Cagle has been beat by Tom Ingram twice and that Cagle has lost to Tom Ingram twice.

Any future credibility for Cagle? Any future political opportunities outside tabloid journalism for Cagle? These are questions that remain partial answered.

The other two tabloid journalist. One (Betty Bean) spent a considerable amount of time on KnoxViews promoting the Ford, Junior candidacy and posting mean spirited comments about her NEW United States Senator Bob Corker. The other (Sandra Clark) acknowledged in the Scripps publication that she is employed by as having contributed $250.00 to Bob Corker but was desiring her money back.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Russell Kocur

On November 1, 2006 there was a press conference regarding the Halloween night murder of Knox County School Security Officer Russell Kocur at Halls High School. The press conference was conducted at the Sheriffs Department with Sheriff Tim Hutchison conducting most of the Press Conference.

When it came time for the Superintendent of Schools to speak he referred to the School System Officer as Russell Stover.

Less than one year ago new Campbell County Superintendent Dr. Judy Blevins did not miss the names of the three Principals at Campbell County High School that were involved in that unfortunate incident at Campbell County Comprehensive High School. No Sheriff faced with losing an officer has missed the name with the incident having occurred within the past 24 hours.

A sad time in the Halls community and in Knox County and the victims name was not properly addressed. A sad time became sadder.

"Harold, call me" Actress

In The Pink Texas has an interesting post here about the actress that starred in the "Harold, call me" ad.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Knox County Election Commission - Failure to Perform its Duties

Sources indicate that the KCEC is unable to retrieve the 2,625 votes cast in the election at Downtown West Early Voting site.

If the sources are correct and these 2,625 votes are not retrieved and counted. All five Election Commissioners and the Administrator of Elections should be held legally responsible and removed from conducting any other election(s).

Great Republican Night - November 7, 2006

In spite of Greg Mackay and the Democrat controlled Election Commission not being able to unlock 2,625 votes, Knox County Republicans had an excellent day. Brian's Blog will revise the numbers when the box is opened with the out of state traveler tomorrow.

Knox County Republicans delivered a 15,000 plus vote victory margin for Senator -Elect Corker. Corker garnered 66,114 or 55.72% to Junior's 51,066 or 43.04%

Knox County Republicans delivered 80,297 votes or 71.33% for Traditional Marriage in spite of the opposition garnering 32,279 votes or 28.67%

Knox County Republicans delivered 88,590 votes or 76.89% of the votes for Congressman John J. (Jimmy) Duncan, Jr. in spite of 26,624 votes or 23.11% for the Re-Elect Nobody crowd.

Knox County Republicans delivered 9,508 votes or 53.60% of the votes for State Representative Stacey Campfield, while the income tax daddy candidate garnered 7,614 votes or 42.92% and the independent candidate garnered 618 votes or 3.48 %

Knox County Republicans delivered

14,049 votes for State Representative Harry Brooks
7,454 votes for State Representative Frank Niceley
16,794 votes for State Representative Bill Dunn
20,166 votes for State Representative Park M. (Parkey) Strader
34,690 votes for State Senator Tim Burchett
8,448 votes for State Senator Randy McNally

Two races that unfortunately we lost

J. Randall Parker who garnered nearly 40% of the votes of his district for State Representative.
State Senator Jim Bryson who garnered nearly 28% of the votes in his campaign for Governor.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Obama Plays the Race Card

This from GOP Bloggers details Senator Obama and how he is playing in Maryland and in Tennessee. Obama is playing the race card. He is the new star of the Democrat Party, same tune diferent version.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Corker and Bryson Win

Today, A.L. Lotts Elementary School one of East Tennessee's largest K-5 schools located in Southwest Knox county conducted Kid Vote. State Senator Jim Bryson beat Governor Phil Bredesen.

Chattanooga Mayor Bob Corker in a nearly two to one fashion beat John Ford's nephew.

Children typically reflect their parents beliefs, Tomorrow will be a Good day.

The Other Paper

It is quite comical that a certain weekly tabloid publication from the north side of town (Halls Shopper News) when the tabloid editor refers to the Knoxville daily paper (News-Sentinel) as "the other paper". This has been her back handed slap at them for years.

In case you missed it. The weekly tabloid was bought by Scripps the owner of the daily about a year and a half ago. The tabloid editor is getting a check from the same source as every writer at the enemy that she refers to as "the other paper"

"Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to believe." Laurence J. Peter, paraphrasing Sir Walter Scott US educator & writer (1919 - 1988)

Friday, November 03, 2006

Bredesen caters to his base......

UPDATE: Brian's Blog received an email from none other than the Governor himself. He explained how difficult it was to hold the pose while the photographer snapped the picture. We have thanked him for understanding and replying to the humor. Brian's Blog thanks the Governor publically.

This picture recently appeared in the Oak Ridger. Brian's Blog sources have researched the photograph and have determined that it has a hidden meaning. It is a coded message to the Bredesen base. Bredesen is reaching out to the illegals that are here in Tennessee by demonstrating how to jump the fence.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Knox County School Board was Out of Order Tonight

Vice Chair Cindy Buttry did not take personal privilege to postpone the issue previously reported here at Brian's Blog. She made a Substitute Motion for the School System to absorb 100% of the increase to the healthcare increase for all school employees that are on the health plan. This was actually more than the Superintendent proposed and more than KCEA endorsed. This was an early Christmas present for the school district employees.

The Substitute Motion passed 5-3 with Board Member Sam Anderson absent from the meeting. The 5 members taking a stand for the School district employees were Vice Chair Cindy Buttry, Thomas Deakins, Rex Stooksbury, Jim Williams and Robert Bratton. Those members voting against helping school district employees were the Board Chair, Dan Murphy and Indya Kincannon.

The Board Chair then out of order called for a roll call vote on an amended motion, there was NO substitute amendment. Vice Chair Buttry made a substitute motion, once passed there was no opportunity for the other three to pile on and go on record to pass it unanimous. With successful passage of a Substitute Motion there is no other business on the issue, you must move to the next item. So, to all Knox County School employees, three board members voted against helping you.

The most shocking portion of this is that Robert Bratton missed the Substitute Motion -vs- Substitute amendment, there have been so many parliamentary errors since September 6, 2006 that Robert has a hard time pointing out the most egregious ones. The Law Director did not stop the out of order vote because there are so many errors.

Brian Hornback of Brian's Blog several years ago served for two years as parliamentarian of the A.L. Lotts Elementary School PTA while the current Board Chair was President of the A.L. Lotts PTA. He had to continually remind her to get a motion, a second and a vote. This is no surprise to individuals that have seen the Board Chair operate, unfortunately all of Knox County is forced to watch it every two weeks when the board meets. It reflects poorly on the operation of the Board of Education. When the board is evaluated by a panel of its peers as it is annually, the evaluation will be poor if the Board Chair continues operating out of order.

One of the nine board members needs to ensure that the minutes are correct and clean up the out of order vote when they vote on the minutes next month.