Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Senator Rick Santorum in Knoxville Today

Yes, Rick Santorum was here in the river city of Knoxville (by way of Powell) today. He was out at Crown College and Temple Baptist Church. A large crowd was present. Below are moments in time from yesterday's event. 
This is the crowd just before the program began. 
The Crown College Singers prepared us with motivational and inspiring musical performance. 
Dr. Clarence Sexton of Temple Baptist Church and Crown College standing as former First District Congressman David Davis is seated just before the program began. Davis introduced Senator Rick Santorum
Senator Rick Santorum and his daughter Elizabeth as they entered the stage. 
Senator Santorum giving his remarks to the Conservative faithful. 
Senator Santorum and I immediately after his speech. 
The crowd after the speech trying to meet Senator Santorum. He stayed for a long time meeting as many as he could. 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Santorum Tomorrow, Newt Tuesday!

Tomorrow Presidential Republican Candidate Rick Santorum will be visiting Crown College around 12:00 NOON. Crown College is located in the community of Powell. 

Sources have told us that on Tuesday (Election Day March 6) Presidential Republican Candidate Newt Gingrich will be visiting the Knoxville Expo Center in Knoxville at 2:00 p.m. The Knoxville Expo Center is located at the corner of Clinton Highway and Merchants Road in Knoxville. 

TEA Party Hears From Oster and Harris Tonight

Tonight at the West Knoxville Outback Steakhouse one of the Knoxville TEA parties hosted the candidates for the Third District School Board. Candidates According to out TEA party sources, Gina Oster and Doug Harris both spoke.  

They both agree that iPad should be utilized. However, they each have very different approaches. Oster advocates making iPad and technology a priority of the school district. She contends that Knox County must first make Smart Boards a necessity in every classroom and implement WiFi capabilities in every school. Harris believes it is critical to get the iPad NOW. When asked by a TEA activists how can a parent can engage with their child over homework with an iPad. Harris is said to have responded, that with iPad you do not need engaged parents. 

Regarding the teachers support. Oster who has been endorsed by the KCEA (Knox County Education Association, the teachers representative group) highlighted her endorsement by the group. Harris is said to have remarked that he was glad he did not get the teachers endorsement, because he was not supportive of teachers. He was supportive of students. 

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Trustee Duncan Rewards Chadwick With Bigger Salary Than The Trustee Receives

Mike "Donila da career killa" Donila posted this (on Thursday) about Trustee John Duncan rewarded his staff with pay increases. That Trustee character he likes handing out money. I think he should throw some coin or cash a couple of bloggers way. Like this dude and this one too.

To quote Donila, Anyhoo. 

Sources within the Trustee office told us that in August 2010 when Duncan hired Chadwick B. Tindell as the Delinquent, Delinquent Tax Attorney that is. Tindell wanted $110,000 a year. But Baby Duncan didn't want the delinquent, delinquent tax attorney making more than the Trustee. So, Chadwick was paid $106,904.48 a year which was about $1 less than Duncan makes. So in December 2011 and December 2012 Chadwick was one of several employees to get the $3,000 bonus for NOT completing the CTAS training. He has since refunded the money, according to Duncan's office. In addition, he has reportedly hired Criminal Defense Attorney Don Bosch. 

So, beginning January 1, 2012 a lot of people in the Trustee's office got a 3% raise. Chadwick was one of those that got a raise. Chadwick is on receiving $110,112.34 in taxpayer coin. The Trustee's salary did not change because it is set by the legislature. Duncan is still making $106,905.76 the legislature may decide to raise Duncan's salary before the legislature adjourns for the year. So, when I know that. I will let you know it. 

Ballard is Robo Calling

I had a friend tell me that they got a robo call from Commissioner Dr. Richard Briggs asking them to vote for Phillip Ballard. Another friend got a robo call from Ballard's wife. Why can Phillip not do anything for himself? Also, if you watch Gene Patterson's Tennessee This Week, why is Ballard wearing makeup? 

This post about the Don Dare story (where Ballard declared it a clerical error) and this post about the clerical error on Ballard's Friday mailer. The consistent thing about Ballard, he is an illiterate error. 

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ballard Is Either Scared or He Believes He Is Running for President

Shock And Awe's sources at WATE called yesterday laughing so hard. It seems that Gene Patterson's Tennessee This Week was recorded at 3:30 p.m. on Friday. The guest were John Whitehead, candidate for Knox County Property Assessor and his opponent Phillip Ballard. The way Patterson's show works is that the first two segments are with the guests and the last segment is with pundits panel. The pundits panel is made up of three people. This week, Former Knox County Mayor Mike Ragsdale will debut as a pundit.

The station staff were first shocked and then began laughing because Ballard entered the station with his wife Cindy, his Chief Deputy Jim Weaver and County employee Betty Lane. Weaver and Lane are county employees, why they were not working for the taxpayers but were babysitting Ballard 
instead is still an intriguing question. 

Either Ballard is too scared to travel alone or he thinks the position of Property Assessor is as important as President and that he must travel with an entourage.

Romneybama and his Mud Machine

Shock And Awe First! Shed, 6 days late.

We predicted six days ago (here on Sunday February 19, 2012) that if the Big Metal Shed on the Hill wrote about Former Sheriff Tim Hutchison being released from the bankruptcy lawsuit involving SHE Group, LLC that it would have a negative tone. Sure enough they had to include the cabin forfeiture of the Hutchison's. Why did it take a week for the shed to write this story?

Friday, February 24, 2012

Conley Underwood's Opponent Violates Board Policy Third Day in a Row

Today it was Corryton Elementary School that got a visit from a campaign worker for Conley Underwood's opponent. A man matching the description of Brad Rayson (the man that identified himself at Carter Elementary School yesterday) was at Corryton Elementary School. He parked his car where the license plate could not be seen. He then proceeded to walk to each car handing out his candidates propaganda. A parent snapped two photographs, the first one is how closely she was parked to the school. The second of the propaganda that she was given. Melissa Copelan when contacted by Shock And Awe said, "we have reminded school administrators and school security of Policy CC and if there are people in violation they are being asked to cease." Conley Underwood is expected to file an ethics violation to the Knox County School Board's Ethics Committee on his opponent, the current School Board Member for District Eight. Here is our post on the incident at Gibbs Elementary on Tuesday and this post yesterday from the incident at Carter Elementary School. 
This is how close the parent was parked in front of Corryton Elementary when a man walked to her car handing out campaign material for Conley Underwood's opponent. 

This is the campaign propaganda that the parent was handed by  one of Conley Underwood's opponents campaign. 

John Whitehead's Opponent is an Illiterate -------

John Whitehead's opponent has a mailer dropping today. He and his campaign director Gary Drinnen evidently can not make a coherent sentence. Read the first line. "While Property Assessor, he had is son-in-law..." Really? You are a Knox County Property Assessor and you send garbage like this out? You are obviously too stupid to even correct the simplest sentence. 

Plus, the item itself is wrong. The resolution in question came from and was sponsored by the Pension and Retirement Board. When the cost was revealed it was pulled from the agenda of County Commission. Let us not forget that on Black Wednesday. John Whitehead's opponent was an active member of the County Commission that was found guilty of violating the Sunshine law. He got his best bud, ex Jack's Wholesale Tire Owner appointed to be his seat mate. His Chief Deputy of the Assessor's Office Craig Leuthold was found guilty for violating the Sunshine law in getting his own father appointed to the Commission on Black Wednesday. 

So, the real Black Wednesday backroom deal maker was John Whitehead's opponent in his getting his best-est bud and cronies on the County Commission. Only to then for them all to be found guilty as charged by in violation of the Sunshine law. 

John Whitehead's opponent even had this mailed from his home address of 9316 Ruggles Ferry Pike Strawberry Plains, TN 37871

Knox County Young Republicans Listen To School Board Candidates

Knox County Young Republican Vice Chair Alex Roehl prior to the start of the meeting.  Fifth District Elaine Davis is speaking with John Gabriel. 
Fifth District School Board Candidate Elaine Davis along with other members of the Knox County Young Republicans listen as Third District School Board candidate Doug Harris answers a question. 
Knox County Young Republican President Scott Farmer listens as Third District School Board Member Doug Harris answers questions while Young Republican members including County Commissioner Ed Shouse listen. 

Fifth District Boundaries Only Bother Elaine Davis Opponent When She Wants Them Too

Elaine Davis opponent is having a "hissy fit" about fifth district boundaries. You see this past November (less than 12 weeks ago) the Knox County Commission moved all of the Town of Farragut from the Sixth District to the Fifth District. In the same vote the Commission moved Elaine Davis neighborhood to the Fourth District. However, the Knox County Charter states that the first election after redistricting there is NO boundary limitation. 

Elaine Davis has been represented for the past 11 plus years (the last redistricting was in 2001) by the School Board Representative in the Fifth District. The last eight years Davis has been represented by her opponent. The Town of Farragut residents have only been in the Fifth District less than 12 weeks. Elaine Davis is Farragut home grown and educated. Having graduated from Farragut High School prior to attending and graduating from the University of Tennessee. 

Four years ago when Laurie Alford challenged Elaine Davis opponent, one of the issues was that the current School Board members children did NOT attend Fifth District Schools. At the time Davis opponent said that was not an issue that she represented all the children in Knox County. But now, Davis opponent is all about a district line. Davis opponent's own child is still in a Knox County School, Farragut High School. Only for the past 12 or so weeks has her daughter been in a fifth district school. However, beginning in school year 2007-2008. Her daughter attended sixth district schools until the middle of November. So, Davis challenger was re-elected in 2008 without district boundaries being an issue. 

Elaine Davis's Opponent Will Say Whatever It Takes

In this weeks Farragut Press Elaine Davis's opponent takes jabs at Davis. Now, while Davis's opponent has served two terms on the School Board. She is trying to paint Davis as a Democrat, because Davis once ran as a Democrat for County Commission. The School Board race is non partisan meaning you do not have to run as a Republican or Democrat. But since Davis's opponent has opened the issue up, let's look at who is the Right leaning candidate.

In the Presidential Primary of 2004, Davis's opponent voted in the Democrat Primary. So, she likely voted for Al Sharpton, womanizer John Edwards or Teresa Heinz Kerrey's husband John. She rejected supporting the  primary election of George W. Bush.

In the December 12, 2011 Bearden Shopper Larry Van Guilder said about the race. "Elaine Davis is regarded as considerably more conservative than Carson." Check out the Shopper here.

Elaine Davis has been asked to be a guest speaker at several of the local Republican clubs. Just this week, she was a featured speaker at the Young Republicans of Knox County and the Center City Conservative Club. Check our post about Center City here

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Center City Conservative Club

The Center City Conservative Club formerly the Center City Republican Club installed their officers for this year. Chancellor John Weaver installed the officers. Bo Bennett is the Club's President. 
Knox County Law Director candidate Richard "Bud" Armstrong made his pitch for a vote in the Republican Primary for Law Director.  
Knox County Third District School Board Candidate Gina Oster makes her case for election to the School Board. 
Knox County Fifth District School Board Candidate Elaine Davis was warmly received. Davis discussed the decline in ACT performance of Knox County students over the past eight years. 
Local business owner Gary Loe announces his intent to run in the August 2012 Republican Primary for  the TN State House of Representatives District 13. A seat previously held by Democrat Harry Tindell. Tindell has announced that he will not be seeking re-election. 
Knox County Fourth District County Commissioner Jeff Ownby  expressed gratitude to all the candidates running. 

McMillan Campaign Violates School Board Policy!

Yesterday, we posted here about a possible school board policy violation by Mike McMillan and his campaign at Gibbs Elementary School yesterday afternoon. 

Today at 2:36 p.m. the man identified himself as "Brad Rayson" was handing out McMillan literature in the car rider line at Carter Elementary. The Carter Elementary PTO President, Larry Eastridge asked him to leave school property immediately. Carter Elementary School Principal Julie Thompson and she is looking into the situation. Conley Underwood and his campaign have followed each and every board policy. 

It is now confirmed that McMillan and his campaign has not and will not follow the policies of the board. It will be interesting to see how Superintendent Dr. Jim McIntyre and School Security Head Steve Griffin address this constant abuse of a board member's position.

As of this posting, sources indicate that Brad Rayson is a 17 year employee of Workers United SRJB an affiliate of SEIU. The labor union has connections to Jobs with Justice, the organization that rightfully fought for the custodians in Knox County Schools not to be out sourced. The question that must be answered is did McMillan arrange for a quid pro quo. I will vote for your position in the fall, if you work for my re-election in February?  

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It is Time to Stand Up for the Fifth District Students! End the Carson Decline!

It is time to stand up. Stand up for the future generations. In the eight years that Karen Carson has served on the School Board as a Member and as Chair. During her eight years in office, County Commission has continually increased the financial contribution in multiples of millions. What has the students gotten in return? The students have gotten nothing in return, ACT scores have gone down. While Ms. Carson has traveled all over the country. She has traveled to Washington, DC nearly every year and multiple other locations on our tax dollars.

As Ronald Reagan once said, "Are you better than you were four years ago?" The question is are our students smarter and performing at a higher level. The answer is NO! So the answer is Elect Elaine Davis, she is focused on moving our students to the front of the line.

McMillan is Accused of Violating School Board Policy

Yesterday at Gibbs Elementary School someone was handing out Mike McMillan for School Board literature to persons sitting in the car rider line. This is in direct violation of Knox County School Board policy CC line 5

Conley Underwood made Superintendent Dr. McIntyre, School Board Chairman Thomas Deakins, School Security Head Steve Griffin and School Transportation Director Rick Grubb. In addition, Lydia McCoy of the News Sentinel, Sandra Clark of the Shopper and the offices of Shock And Awe

Underwood reiterated "I have, and will continue to, campaign ethically for the duration of the campaign. However, he (McMillan) should be held to the standards of the Knox County Board of Education, the office he currently holds." 

This is why there is an Ethics Committee of the Knox County School Board and the Committee should hear this complaint and investigate it. If it is found to be true, a censure would be in order. 

Shock And Awe - Mayor Approved!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Was There a Conflict With WBIR and the KTSC Story?

So, the end of the KTSC (Knox Tourism and Sports Corporation) has come. It has been reported that Liza Zenni Executive Director of the Knoxville Arts & Cultural Alliance along with Caesar Stair the President of the KACA and others were instrumental in getting the Gloria Ray salary out there. So, they were the spark that lit the fire and the controversy of a lazy board of directors was the gasoline that consumed the issue. 

WBIR was supposedly saying they broke the story on Gloria Ray's salary. Actually, Mike Donila over at the News Sentinel identified on his blog Screams From The Porch who first identified the salary. Check out his post, here. Yes, it was Shock And Awe. Anyhoo!

I was checking out the Knox Arts & Cultural Alliance website this afternoon, here and lo and behold, WBIR's News Director Bill Shory is on the board of directors. I wonder why and how some little ole' blog beat the straight from the heart folk. Did WBIR news reports reveal that their big bad News Director served on the board?  Where, When and How are the Arts and Cultural Alliance Board meetings conducted and recorded? 

What Do The Teachers Think About the 2012 School Board Candidates?

The KCEA (Knox County Education Association) the representative group for the teachers in the classroom will be announcing their choice for the contested School Board races this evening or tomorrow. Who do they support? Of the four races, they are endorsing in two races and leaving the other two up to the voters. 

In District Two, Former School Board Chair Indya Kincannon and current Vice Chair is unopposed and the KCEA say YES, Vote for Indya!

In District Three, there are three candidates. Bobby Edington, Doug Harris and Gina Oster. After interviewing the three candidates. The KCEA say YES, Vote for Gina Oster

In District Five, there are two candidates. Eight year and former School Board Chair Karen Carson and former County Commissioner Elaine Davis. The KCEA says there is no endorsement. This is an endorsement of Davis in my opinion. In 2008, when Carson was running for her first re-election she was endorsed by KCEA and proudly proclaimed it. This year's non endorsement is a statement that Carson has not been supportive of teachers and public education. 

In District Eight, there are two candidates. 18 month incumbent Mike McMillan and Husband, Father and Small Business Owner Conley Underwood. The KCEA says there is no endorsement. So, while McMillan proclaims that he is the only board member with classroom experience, he says over 30 years of classroom experience. What the very body that he once belonged to says is that in his 18 months of service on the school board he has not earned the respect and support of the teacher organization. 

So, Carson has lost the respect of the organization and McMillan has not earned it. If you care about public education, listen to the front army soldiers. They know who best can move the district forward with real results. 

Victor "Bullydog" Ashe Just Gets Angrier

When Victor Ashe made his failed run for U.S. Senate against Congressman Albert Gore, Jr. he traveled with his pet bulldog as his campaign trademark. Well, fast forward through the Knoxville Mayor bullying days of forced annexation and through his Ambassadorship to Poland. It seems his trait as a non stop bully has not been curtailed. You see about a year ago, he settled down over at the E.W. Scripps owned weekly paper, The Shopper News. The former  tabloid paper previously owned by a bully girl. 


Here is this week's column by the former State Senator, Mayor and Ambassador. He is now setting his sights on continuing his bullying on Gloria Ray and he throws former KTSC (Knox Tourism and Sports Corporation) Board Chairman David Duncan and former Knox County Mayor Mike Ragsdale into his trash heap. 

Here is the back story (aka the real story) on the naming of the "Gloria Ray Building". This is the building at the corner of Summit Hill and Gay. Home of the KTSC and WDVX.

Fact: Knox County Government has not and does not own the building, so they had no say in the naming of the building. 

Fact: Every KTSC board member was contacted and concurred with the naming of the building for Gloria Ray. Why was each board member polled individually? Because it was a surprise to Ms. Ray at the unveiling. Both Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam and Knox County Mayor Mike Ragsdale were present at the unveiling.  

I wonder how the City Council approved the naming of Victor Ashe Park? Should Knoxville City Council now remove the name of Victor Ashe from the park because he was found guilty by a court of law for violating the civil rights of firefighters. Now there's a story!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Former Knox County Sheriff Tim Hutchison has been released from controversial lawsuit.

The controversial lawsuit that the Knoxville News-Sentinel has continually used to cast a negative shadow on Former Knox County Sheriff Tim Hutchison has been dropped (aka dismissed) by both parties. The suit previously titled Citizens National Bank vs Tim Hutchison. 

Hutchison sold his stock in SHE Group to a fellow shareholder in February 2008. The owner/manager of SHE Group later filed for bankruptcy in August 2009. Hutchison was notified of the bankruptcy filing by sources in the local media. Hutchison said he "was only a passive investor and never had any involvement in the management or decision making at Dean Stallings Ford. Nor was I consulted over any issues with those responsible for ultimate outcome of that dealership" 

Hutchison was elected to the Office of Sheriff 5 times in Knox County and was term limited by the Tennessee Supreme Court during his fifth term. In 2010 he lost a primary bid for County Mayor. He has been doing Law Enforcement consulting and construction/disaster relief since he left the Sheriff’s Office.

I wonder if the News-Sentinel will even report this? If they do, will it be the same size as the articles about the bankruptcy and lawsuits? Will it be a small news brief? It most certainly will likely have a negative spin to it. It could even be ghost written by Herb Moncier. 

When Will the TBI Begin Investigating Official Misconduct on the Current Knox County Property Assessor?

On Thursday the Chattanoogan reported here that the TBI has presented additional information to the Unicoi Grand Jury for charges of Official Misconduct on the Unicoi County Sheriff. It seems that the Sheriff used his county computer to solicit money for Attorney fees. 

So, when will the TBI look into the use of county computers and county telephones for the campaign activities of the current Knox County Property Assessor? In the News Sentinel's Voters Guide, (here) the current Property Assessor list his Knox County office telephone and the Knox County website as his campaign contacts. 

In the event that the Property Assessor has the News Sentinel remove the information from the online version. We here at Shock And Awe have archived a print company in a secure off site location should the TBI need it. 

Cindy Ballard (Wife of John Whitehead's Opponent) Comes Clean

Thursday night at the South Knox Republican Club Cindy Ballard (the wife of John Whitehead's opponent) came clean on a "whisper legend" that has been active since 2006. When Cindy's husband first ran for County Commission in 2006 against Mike McMillan. The "whisper legend" of the eighth district has been that Ballard is a Democrat that ran as Republican. 

On Thursday night Cindy's husband was scheduled to be the speaker but instead he sent his Chief Deputy Jim Weaver to speak on his behalf. During the portion where candidates or their representatives can speak for 2-3 minutes. Cindy rose to speak for her husband. She said she did not know what a RINO (Republican In Name Only) was. She said that she  asked her husband are they calling you fat? He said NO and explained that RINO is Republican In Name Only. Cindy Went on to inform the club that "we were Democrats, our families were Democrats, however when Phil ran for Commission we ran as Republican"

Well, thank you Cindy for clearing that up! So, in fact Ballard is a RINO!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

John Whitehead's Opponent Refuses To Meet With Don Dare

Here is a link to the WATE Don Dare story. Knox County taxpayer's can not afford any more clerical errors.

John Whitehead's Opponent Explains It As Only He Can

I have discovered 4 videos posted on youtube by former Commissioner Mark Harmon from April 17, 2009 where John Whitehead's opponent had a District 2 meeting at the Time Warp Tea Room. I have posted them here. I suspect that within the day Whitehead's opponent will call Harmon and have them taken down just as he did when he called WATE and had the "Don Dare investigation on himself" taken down after it was linked on John Whitehead's website. In preparation for these four videos to be taken down, I am going to give you soundbites under each video. 


Part 1 is 9:07 in length. He said he was there to discuss the reappraisal's and that his clock was 1/1/2005 - 1/1/2009. He said "if you'll listen...I think I can get you up to speed a little bit better that the papers or media can do, 2-3 inch columns in a paper or 6 minutes on Gene Patterson you just can't grasp the reappraisal process" In the reappraisal process, they look at cost, market and income. Income is primarily used on commercial property. He stated that Knox County has 190,800 parcels in the 526 miles of Knox County. In 2008 there were 4500 sales and in 2007 6500 sales. He stated that his dataline is 1981, Knox County began doing it's own appraisals in 1983. He only uses "valid sales", He says the state does not allow foreclosures or bankruptcies to be considered for a valid sale. He stated that "his book of business ended on 1/1/2009. That it will not reopen until 2013. He stated that he couldn't talk to them about 2007/2008. He said when the property value went up in 2005/2006 your property value or taxes did not increase, you didn't pay more


Part 2 is 9:10 in length. He began with foreclosures are up, employment is down. "Countrywide Mortgage, the king of predator lending" He said home values down. He again said he would not talk about 2007/2008. He said is is about the process of 2005/2008. He said "we just have not seen the amount of foreclosures here that others have." He discussed cutbacks at Alcoa, Sea Ray, Goody's and Brunswick. He put up a picture of a home for sale in Williamson County and said "if you buy this house in Williamson County, they will put the Mercedes in your garage." Man, that is a good gift for buying a house. But I digress. He said that Tennessee is the 16th most populated state in America and 19th in foreclosures. He said in the 2nd qtr there were 691 foreclosures. He said in Knox County in 2008 were 1500 foreclosures. In Nashville County there were 3800 and in Shelby County / Memphis there were 6700 foreclosures but 6500 new home sales. In 1998. 

He said that from 1998-2007 the median income in Knox County was $50,000 and that the median price home sale was $159,000. He said that Knoxville ain't been hit by recession like the rest, you can look at any numbers in the books. He said your homes appreciated in 2005/2006. "When it boomed, you didn't have to pay more money"


Part 3 is 9:39 in length. He said that when the market was hot it was up 28%. In 2008 in Knox County our increase was 15% while other counties like Union, Greene and Scott were up 20-40%. He talked about Hamilton County (Chattanooga) He said there are areas that really bring the values up like Red Bank and Soddy Daisy. He said Farragut and Hardin Valley are not like Red Bank and Soddy Daisy. It just doesn't bring our values up. 

He talked about revenue neutral. If property goes up, the tax rate goes down. He said that the city tax rate was $2.81 and the county was $2.69 He said that in West Knox home sale in 2004-2008 they increased and then tapers off. He said if your reappraisal went up 16.6% on a $150,000 home that your previous tax bill was $1008.75 but with a 16.6% reappraisal your tax bill would go down to $1001.80 If your appraisal went up 25% he said that is really only a 10% increase cause when it went up 15% they (county commission) reduced the tax rate. That would cause your tax bill to increase to $1073. a $64.68 increase.

He said that's not media newsworthy. What is media newsworthy he asked. 50% increase is what he answered to his own question. He went on to say, that's what you see in newsprint. He said, "I say, Knoxville don't panic" 

Part 4 is 8:10 in length. He pointed out that Commissoner Mark Harmon and Commissioner Dr. Richard Briggs were present as was John from IT. He also had staff members Cathy Murrell, Bob Kohol, Paula Rudder and Jordan

He said that the commissioners have a tougher job, figuring out how to spend all the money. He said there were a ton of refinancing going on right now. He said "out in west knoxville where there's new subdivisions there is little change. 

He finished with "we have not done a bad job, this time" 

Jeez, Louise! This guy ain't got a clue

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Setting The Story Straight on Carter Elementary

I have received multiple phone calls from individuals concerned about a rumor that if Conley Underwood is elected that Carter Elementary School construction will be pulled. Finally, last night I received a phone call saying that retired Knox County Assistant Principal Alvin Taylor is repeating this information to people that are supporting Underwood for Eighth District Knox County School Board. 

I immediately called Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett and asked him about the rumor. His response was instant and matter of fact. Burchett said "that is a lie" This morning I contacted Knox County's Purchasing Director Hugh Holt and asked him if the project could be pulled. He said this agreement has been consummated by the Knox County School Board, Knox County Commission and the Knox County Industrial Development Board. Dirt should be moving in three weeks. I then contacted Melissa Copelan the Knox County Schools PR Guru, I asked her to obtain a response from Dr. Jim McIntyre. Dr. McIntyre said both bodies (Schools and Commission, I presume) have given the appropriate approvals and the project is moving forward. 

So, those of you in the Carter community. Do not fear the unknown, the Carter Elementary project will carry forward when you elect Conley Underwood to the Knox County School Board representing Carter, Gibbs and all the communities of the Eighth District. 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Conley Underwood or McMillan? Shopper's Clark or Hunley's Focus?

This could be fun (for me, anyway) It is time for a little contrast and compare. Both Shopper News Publisher Sandra Clark and Focus Publisher Steve Hunley have published opinions on the School Board Race in the Eighth District. The School Board Race pits former Commissioner Mike McMillan against Husband, Father and Small Business Owner Conley Underwood.

Before we get to far, many of you are saying "oh my gosh Shock And Awe ain't found of either publisher". That is not true. I have respect for Sandra Clark's ability to maintain a newspaper through all the years. She first reported on me when I was 23 running against a 23 year incumbent. Had Clark not recruited a third candidate, oh well, I would still be stuck in the eighth district. Thanks Sandra! As for Steve Hunley, I respect his ability to manage multiple businesses and make cash with most of them. He and I share the ability to keep a school board seat for only 4 years. So, he ain't that darn bad. Do I disagree with some of their editorial positions? Absolutely! Just as they probably disagree with things I editorialize and report here. It is just competitive courtesy. 

As Mike Donila says, "Anyhoo"

Here is Sandra Clark's editorial position on Conley Underwood and how she arrives at her decision. Sometimes you are known by the company you keep and Sandra details some endorsements that McMillan has trumpeted a bit.

Here is the link to this week's Focus. There are two articles, on page A3 is the "Publisher's Position It Isn't All About The Kids" and then on page A5 is "Political Analysis: The 8th District School Board Race". The A3 article is identified as having been authored by Hunley. The political analysis is identified as being authored by Focus Staff. Both articles possess the same negative venom verbiage all focused on Conley Underwood. Oddly, Hunley trashes Underwood for being a father. He says that does not make for a better candidate. However, Hunley does not discuss the reason that McMillan ended his 30 year career as a classroom teacher. McMillan faced with a termination hearing due to in part to inappropriate material in his classroom closet. Also, when Hunley ran for election and his failed re-election, he too used the "for the kids" slogans. Hunley also doesn't reveal that Shirley Underwood (Conley's Aunt) managed the campaign of former School Board Member Jim Williams and that campaign and Mr. Williams defeated Hunley in 2000. Hunley also doesn't reveal that he also voted against Roy Mullins for Superintendent of Knox County Schools in 1999. It is because of Hunley's vote that Roy Mullins is a sometime Superintendent, to take a shot at all three is unwarranted. But now you know why. Hunley also has proclaimed that only McMillan in 2010 began the move for a new Carter Elementary School. This is not correct either. As a board member in 2003, Jim Williams proposed and I along with a majority of the board at that time voted to purchase the land on Strawberry Plains Pike that the new Carter Elementary School is being built on. 

While I support every one's ability to advance the candidate of their choice. In this contrast and comparison exercise. It is obvious that Sandra Clark was more informative with both sides then Hunley was. Conley Underwood and I went to high school together at Carter. We both graduated Carter High School in 1984. So, yes I have a favorite. I support the husband, father and small business owner that is young enough (45) to be able to relate to the new technologies and today's students and that candidate is Conley Underwood.   

Is This Just Big Bad City Government Controlling the People?

The City of Knoxville on Friday announced a new Office of Neighborhood initiative. The funds for the initiative is coming from contributions the city has sent to the East TN Foundation that were redistributed to community grants. In three years, the city gave $90,000 and East TN Foundation paid out $89,800 in grants during those three years. 

The new initiative is three fold. First they will launch "Building Strong Neighborhood Organization. It will provide workshops and seminars. It will be aimed at everyone, not just neighborhood leaders. It will include peer to peer training. Second, the city will hold a neighborhood conference Saturday October 27. The intent is to bring neighborhood leaders, local officials and citizens. Finally, the Office of Neighborhoods will provide free copying services to neighborhood organizations for newsletters and fliers they distribute within their defined boundaries. 

The big red flag is the free copying service. What will the administration do when a neighborhood organization is wanting copies that disagree with the city administration or city council positions. What if the neighborhood is advocating a campaign to organize a "throw the tea into the Tennessee River" or a civil disobedience demonstration, will the Office of Neighborhoods censure or refuse service to entities that disagree with the administration or council. 

Vines Is Several Days Behind Shock And Awe

Today (here) Georgiana Vines is reporting the "old news" that Gloria Johnson will be running as a Democrat for the seat currently held by State Representative Harry Tindell. Shock And Awe reported it (here) last Tuesday February 7, 2012. Shock And Awe even got a plug from SRW and Associates on their daily news recap. Here is their twitter announcement
"Todays #Knoxville "must reads", @wbir, @wvlt, @brianhornback and more"
Here is the twitter feed for SRW & Associates. 

Many prominent Democrats have been encouraging Robert Bratton to run for the same State House seat that Johnson intends to pursue. However, with the untimely passing of Robert's mother this past Saturday night. I would not expect any confirmation or details will be forthcoming in the next several weeks. 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

"We Have To Stay In Our Lane"

Yesterday Hubert Smith of the Hubert Smith Radio Show and One on One with Hubert Smith and I were talking about the proposal of Commissioner Sam McKenzie to request that the State Senate censure State Senator Stacey Campfield.
Knox County Commissioner Sam McKenzie 
State Senator Stacey Campfield

Smith reminded me that McKenzie continues to remind the commission when they are discussing issues that impact schools, the Mayor or Council that the Commission should "stay in our lane". Well, clearly if a majority of Commission goes along with McKenzie's request they are clearly not staying in their lane. 

Ballard is the Kid on the Playground That Screams!

Certified Property Assessor John Whitehead and Insurance Claim Adjuster Phil Ballard just appeared on Inside Tennessee on WBIR. The panel were Knoxville Attorney Don Bosch, Public Relations Executive Susan Richardson Williams and Knoxville News-Sentinel Editor Jack McElroy. In their closing remarks, Ballard said "I want my term". Just like he was the kid on the playground screaming for his turn. The position of Property Assessor is not about one person or the cronies they can hire. It is the peoples business. When the people select the next Property Assessor they need the most qualified. Whitehead is a Certified Property Assessor and  has personally assessed 1000's of personal and commercial property. 

As for the voters guide in the Knoxville News-Sentinel, Insurance Claims Adjuster listed as his campaign website, Knox County's website. Check it out here. This is clearly a violation of county ethics policy. As an officeholder, you can not utilize the county resources for personal political gain. As for the Certified Property Assessor John Whitehead's campaign website. It is located here

Saturday, February 11, 2012

First Knox Cash Mob, Huge Success

Yesterday launched the first Knox Cash Mob. The idea is a creation of Mayor Tim Burchett's out of the box thinking. Emery's 5 and 10 was the first merchant selected for the Knox Cash Mob. Overall, the first preliminary reports are that the first one was all good.
Shortly before 5 p.m. several media organizations were prepared  with satellite trucks for live broadcast. 

Several customers make their way past the live media truck set ups. 

Inside customers were checking out all the merchandise to make a purchase. 

Many customers stood in line for more than 25 minutes. But it was a good feeling late waiting because  of the significance of helping a business in Knoxville. 

Weston Wamp for Congress Visits Roane County!

Weston Wamp, Republican candidate for US Congress in TN's Third District spent the day in Roane County on Wednesday. Follow Weston on Twitter, here and on Facebook, here
Weston Wamp meeting with Community Channel 15 and getting a first hand look at it's operation. 

Weston Wamp with Harriman Mayor Chris Mason looking over the Concession Area of the renovated Princess Theater. 

Harriman Mayor Chris Mason and Megan of the Princess Theater explain the renovation process  and  give Weston Wamp a tour of the restoration of the Princess Theater. The Princess first opened in 1939. 

Weston Wamp walking through Downtown Harriman with Roane County Commissioner Randy Ellis. Ellis lives and  represents the citizens of Harriman. 

Weston Wamp after a lunch meeting with Kingston Mayor Troy Beets. 

Weston Wamp after a lunch meeting with County Commissioner Randy Ellis (to the left) and Roane County Mayor Ron Woody (to the right) 

Kingston Mayor Troy Beets and Kingston Fire Chief Willy Gorden take Weston Wamp on a tour of the Kingston Pavilion . Roane County Commissioner Randy Ellis follows the tour. 

Weston Wamp and Roane County Commissioner Randy Ellis meet  Edith Miles during a tour at the Roane County Museum. 

Friday, February 10, 2012

Facebook Parenting: For The Troubled Teen

Check this out! Beware, there is some mild strong language. But to this dad, I say here, here!

Emery 5 & 10 Today From 5 - 7 p.m.

Today from 5 - 7 p.m. at the Emery 5 & 10 the Knox Cash Mob will make it's first appearance. Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett is encouraging folks to travel to Emery's 5 & 10 located at 4014 Chapman Highway in South Knoxville and spend $5 - $10 at a minimum.

Emery's 5 & 10 located at the corner of Chapman and Moody has been effected by the closure of the Henley Street bridge. So, in support of local businesses Mayor Burchett decided to take a lead with the idea of a Knox Cash Mob. Check out the Emery's 5 & 10 online, here.

Ron Emery, the owner of Emery's 5 & 10 is a great man. He has always been the go to guy for things south of the river. A Vietnam Veteran and a true statesman. Everyone go out and support Ron today. He has been there for us, let us now be there for him.

Check out Knox Cash Mob on Facebook here and on Twitter here.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Law Director Jarrett Picks Up A Lot Of Support

Today over 200 Knoxville based Attorneys joined together in endorsing Joe Jarret for a first full term as Law Director. The endorsement announcement was made at the law office of Billy Stokes. While Stokes and I have been on separate sides in various situations, while as equals in being former Knox County Republican Party Chairmen, Stokes continually excludes Mike McClamroch, the recently deceased POW Bill Tallent and myself in former joint Chairmen activities. Stokes personal petty flaws do not effect my support or opposition to everything he does. 

Law Director Joe Jarret at a recent meeting of the Tuesday Morning Breakfast Club

In the race for Law Director. Joe Jarrett is the only candidate with the experience of serving as a Charter form of Government Law Director for more than 20 years. Joe Jarrett is the only candidate that has continually sent me information about his campaign. Joe Jarrett is the only candidate to continually inquire if there is anything that I need in reporting on his election. Joe Jarrett is the only candidate to ask for my vote. 

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Democrat Gloria Johnson Is Set for Round 2

Democrat sources have informed me that Democrat Gloria Johnson will seek the State Representative seat currently held by Rep. Harry Tindell. Tindell has announced he will not seek re-election this year. Johnson challenged Senator Becky Duncan Massey from September to November last year. Duncan Massey won the Republican nomination in September after gathering more votes than former City Councilwoman Marilyn Roddy and former County Commissioner and Educator Victoria DeFreese.

Cynthia Moxley doesn't like Mayor Burchett, Much!

Yesterday Shock And Awe posted this about Cynthia Moxley's postings on her twitter account. In her tweet 2/3/2012 she attacked Mayor's Tim Burchett and Madeline Rogero. Now, today Moxley takes a condescending tone on her twitter. In tweeting about the elevation of Kim Bumpas to KTSC President position. Moxley tweeted "New KTSC prez says 1st order of biz will be to educate people about how tourism recruitment really works." 

Let's review the timeline. In a request for emails to the County Mayor's office from Cynthia Moxley reveals two of the following emails.

On Wednesday February 1, 2012 at 7:35 pm Cynthia Moxley send the following email to Dean Rice, County Mayor's Chief of Staff. "Dean: Here is a release we sent out tonight. Also, I have a packet for you - same as was delivered to media. Do you just want me to send it over in the morning?

Lastly, Susan Brown wants to know if you - and Mayor Burchett, if you think that's appropriate - can meet with her for a few minutes tomorrow.


Cynthia Moxley 
Chief Executive Officer
Moxley Carmichael"

And then at 10:01 pm the same evening Cynthia Moxley sent the following email to Dean Rice, Michael Grider, Communications Manager for County Mayor Tim Burchett and the Mayor himself.

The email reads: "Hey, guys: I was reading the WATE website and I was a little curious about a  statement attributed to the mayor. It said he "hopes Susan acts responsibly as interim". 

Can you clarify this, please, so I can tell Susan? 

Dean, I sent you the release we put out tonight and asked for a meeting with you all tomorrow. Is that going to be do-able? We also have a copy of everything that has been released to the media.

I am up until 1130 if you would like to discuss. XXX-XXXX



Then on February 3, 2012 the twitter message blaming "the politicos for calling for their heads"  Both Mayor Rogero and Burchett called for Ray to step down" Mayor Burchett went further in calling for the Executive Committee to step down.

Then this afternoon, Moxley sends a tweet that the new KTSC President will educate how tourism recruitment works. Moxley in representing KTSC in such an aggressive, condescending manner reflects on her other clients. Knox News-Sentinel, Pilot, KUB, Knox Area Chamber Partnership and Rural Metro to name a few. 

Monday, February 06, 2012

Deathstar (aka City County Building) Sources Need to Keep Eyes Wide Open Tomorrow

Tomorrow there is at least one felony cases that are/were scheduled for a preliminary hearing and a report back hearing. I wouldn't be surprised if the hearings get pushed back after the March 6 2012 Primary Election. All of my Deathstar sources need to keep eyes wide open in the vicinity of General Sessions Criminal or Criminal Court. If my sources want the case numbers contact me like you always do, I have them. 

Cynthia Moxley Attacks Mayor's via Twitter

On February 3 in the midst of the KTSC Board Meeting, Cynthia Moxley of Moxley/Carmichael a local PR shop that works with Rural Metro, Knox News-Sentinel and the Knox Area Chamber Partnership attacked Madame Mayor Madeline and Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett via a tweet. Here is what she tweeted on her "@cmmoxley" twitter account. "Agree w M Kelley. But while he blames media 4 rush 2 judgment against Brown and exec committee, I blame politicos who called 4 their heads."  Nothing like biting the hand that has kept you working and making money representing folks. 

Gay Education in Elementary School

All the news about the "don't say gay bill" that has passed the State Senate and is waiting for the State House of Representatives to vote on. The comments are that in Tennessee it is not possible to teach gay in the elementary school. That the curriculum in Tennessee does not allow it. Actually, it could be implemented by the State Board of Education. The bill is in anticipation and preparation of probable action by the state board of education. Currently, there is a film about elementary school gay education in California. Here is a 4 minute trailer for the film.

Knox County Commissioner Sam McKenzie announced today on the Hallerin Hill radio talk show on WOKI NewsTalk FM 98.7 is asking the County Commission to instruct County Commission Chairman Mike Hammond to send a letter asking State Senator Becky Duncan Massey to propose a a censure on Senator Stacey Campfield. Here is the first segment of the program where McKenzie details his proposal. Here is the second segment of the program where McKenzie took phone calls. Here is the third and final segment where McKenzie was educated on the bill by State Representative Bill Dunn about McKenzie's statement that gay education is not, will not and can not be taught. Just last year a group of citizens rallied in opposition to Knox County Schools Health Curriculum that was being administered by Planned Parenthood that had gay education over tones.  

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Is Scripps Shopper Trying to Steal Hunley's Focus?

In tomorrows Shopper News Farragut edition, longtime Scripps payroll beneficiary Sherry Gardner Howell debuts. The headline is "Welcome to our new look, new focus" Are they intending to steal Steve Hunley's Focus? 

Also longtime gadfly Shopper verbiage writer Betty Bean has an open plea to County Mayor Tim Burchett and Governor Bill Haslam about Senator Stacey Campfield. Obviously when Betty Bean pleaded for the job that Michael Grider earned that Bean begged and believed she would get has not gotten the message that Mayor Tim ain't listening to Beanie?