Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Cynthia Moxley doesn't like Mayor Burchett, Much!

Yesterday Shock And Awe posted this about Cynthia Moxley's postings on her twitter account. In her tweet 2/3/2012 she attacked Mayor's Tim Burchett and Madeline Rogero. Now, today Moxley takes a condescending tone on her twitter. In tweeting about the elevation of Kim Bumpas to KTSC President position. Moxley tweeted "New KTSC prez says 1st order of biz will be to educate people about how tourism recruitment really works." 

Let's review the timeline. In a request for emails to the County Mayor's office from Cynthia Moxley reveals two of the following emails.

On Wednesday February 1, 2012 at 7:35 pm Cynthia Moxley send the following email to Dean Rice, County Mayor's Chief of Staff. "Dean: Here is a release we sent out tonight. Also, I have a packet for you - same as was delivered to media. Do you just want me to send it over in the morning?

Lastly, Susan Brown wants to know if you - and Mayor Burchett, if you think that's appropriate - can meet with her for a few minutes tomorrow.


Cynthia Moxley 
Chief Executive Officer
Moxley Carmichael"

And then at 10:01 pm the same evening Cynthia Moxley sent the following email to Dean Rice, Michael Grider, Communications Manager for County Mayor Tim Burchett and the Mayor himself.

The email reads: "Hey, guys: I was reading the WATE website and I was a little curious about a  statement attributed to the mayor. It said he "hopes Susan acts responsibly as interim". 

Can you clarify this, please, so I can tell Susan? 

Dean, I sent you the release we put out tonight and asked for a meeting with you all tomorrow. Is that going to be do-able? We also have a copy of everything that has been released to the media.

I am up until 1130 if you would like to discuss. XXX-XXXX



Then on February 3, 2012 the twitter message blaming "the politicos for calling for their heads"  Both Mayor Rogero and Burchett called for Ray to step down" Mayor Burchett went further in calling for the Executive Committee to step down.

Then this afternoon, Moxley sends a tweet that the new KTSC President will educate how tourism recruitment works. Moxley in representing KTSC in such an aggressive, condescending manner reflects on her other clients. Knox News-Sentinel, Pilot, KUB, Knox Area Chamber Partnership and Rural Metro to name a few. 

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Amy said...

Moxley tweeted "New KTSC prez says 1st order of biz will be to educate people about how tourism recruitment really works."

Really Moxley?! Cause I still haven't seen or heard anything and still know nothing more than I did 4 weeks ago!