Monday, February 20, 2012

Victor "Bullydog" Ashe Just Gets Angrier

When Victor Ashe made his failed run for U.S. Senate against Congressman Albert Gore, Jr. he traveled with his pet bulldog as his campaign trademark. Well, fast forward through the Knoxville Mayor bullying days of forced annexation and through his Ambassadorship to Poland. It seems his trait as a non stop bully has not been curtailed. You see about a year ago, he settled down over at the E.W. Scripps owned weekly paper, The Shopper News. The former  tabloid paper previously owned by a bully girl. 


Here is this week's column by the former State Senator, Mayor and Ambassador. He is now setting his sights on continuing his bullying on Gloria Ray and he throws former KTSC (Knox Tourism and Sports Corporation) Board Chairman David Duncan and former Knox County Mayor Mike Ragsdale into his trash heap. 

Here is the back story (aka the real story) on the naming of the "Gloria Ray Building". This is the building at the corner of Summit Hill and Gay. Home of the KTSC and WDVX.

Fact: Knox County Government has not and does not own the building, so they had no say in the naming of the building. 

Fact: Every KTSC board member was contacted and concurred with the naming of the building for Gloria Ray. Why was each board member polled individually? Because it was a surprise to Ms. Ray at the unveiling. Both Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam and Knox County Mayor Mike Ragsdale were present at the unveiling.  

I wonder how the City Council approved the naming of Victor Ashe Park? Should Knoxville City Council now remove the name of Victor Ashe from the park because he was found guilty by a court of law for violating the civil rights of firefighters. Now there's a story!


Keeping Them Honest said...

Great points---Perhaps this more politically correct City Mayor and City Council may wish to consider removing the name from Ashe Park.Then Mayor Victor Ashe was found guilty of civil rights violation for retaliation against two City Fireman for supporting his opponent in the Mayor's Ivan Harmon. Victor Ashe was found personally guilty of this civil rights violation...a judgement which greatly concerned him during his confirmation hearings for the Ambassador to Poland position by the US Senate. Victor, soon you forget that what goes around comes around!

Gym Dandy said...

Just waiting on a trustee's office update from the Ashe pile. Governmental ethics and frugal use of the taxpayer's dime were never a hallmark of the Vic the Hick, but hopefully he'll pen us a few comments on a trustee's office that has 4 employees lawyered up and an investigation open and active.

Anonymous said...

Only Sandra Clark would give Ashe a place to spew his poison.