Sunday, February 19, 2012

When Will the TBI Begin Investigating Official Misconduct on the Current Knox County Property Assessor?

On Thursday the Chattanoogan reported here that the TBI has presented additional information to the Unicoi Grand Jury for charges of Official Misconduct on the Unicoi County Sheriff. It seems that the Sheriff used his county computer to solicit money for Attorney fees. 

So, when will the TBI look into the use of county computers and county telephones for the campaign activities of the current Knox County Property Assessor? In the News Sentinel's Voters Guide, (here) the current Property Assessor list his Knox County office telephone and the Knox County website as his campaign contacts. 

In the event that the Property Assessor has the News Sentinel remove the information from the online version. We here at Shock And Awe have archived a print company in a secure off site location should the TBI need it. 


Keeping Them Honest said...

Have you heard anything on the TBI investigation of current trustee. Word is the DA or locals will not touch it due to JD2. The 4 big time defense lawyers must be doing something or why else would they all be retained so quickly.

Anonymous said...


Just like any other politician here in Knox County, this will be swept under the rug. Nothing is ever done to the elected officials no matter what crime they commit. I am only too sorry to call Knoxville my home. TBI stands for TO BE INVESTIGATED, but nothing is ever done with the findings. Its no wonder less than 10 percent of this County votes, we are sick to death of idiots running for office. As long as you have an R behind your name whether your name was Olive Oil or Daffy Duck, the people in this town will pull the lever and vote for them. I can only hope that Mr. Whitehead will get elected, I spoke with him briefly at the early voting center. He was kind, and looked me in the face when he answered my questions. I did not know him and wasn't aware he was running. I have sen all those signs and bill boards for that other guy which is an embarrassment. I retired from insurance adjustments and heard him speak at a church debate several years ago, insurance does not have anything to do with assessments. He ran against a real estate guy who in my book had better knowledge, but once again the idiots pulled the lever for Ballard and elected an idiot. I hate to come off this was but if the idiots here continue to vote like this then let them pay for it. Higher assessments mean higher property taxes, its your choice wake up and pay attention or pay higher taxes.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Has more staff than any other office holder appeals filed of
25,000 and 271 million in reductions voters wise up its time for a change I humbly ask you think before you vote Can knox County afford four more years???

Anonymous said...

The reason he has more staff than any other office is due to the promises made promises kept slogan. "Support me and I will hire your relative." I dare the metal shed on the hill to report the salaries of these clowns. Lets see the following salaries?

Jim Weaver
Paula Rudder
Betty Lane
Craig Leuthold

He promised he would not drive a Knox County Car, LIE Count 1: He is now driving a county car, he isn't certified so why is he out assessing property? Here is a waste of tax dollars.

He continues to get a car allowance, and drives a county vehicle, waste.

Swapped a PA employee for a trustee employee Craig Leuthold, gave him a job title of Public relations, paying $70,000.00 a year. Phil is the elected official and should make all public appearances and report his office's responsibilities, waste.

Paula Rudder was given a new title as internet coordinator, it's nice that she created a facebook support group for the Ballard supporters, paying $60,000.00, waste.

Betty Lane, what does she do, does she monitor the cameras or is this Paula's job. Pays her $50,000.00, waste.

One question Phil, we have PBA security and the Sheriff provides deputies, this offices collects copy money ($100.00 per month), does this warrant $75,000.00 in cameras and equipment? These cameras are monitored via cell phones? Why?

Add this up and by electing a certified Property Assessor and cutting out this unnecessary waste of tax dollars, we can save over ONE MILLION DOLLARS over the next four years.