Thursday, February 23, 2012

Center City Conservative Club

The Center City Conservative Club formerly the Center City Republican Club installed their officers for this year. Chancellor John Weaver installed the officers. Bo Bennett is the Club's President. 
Knox County Law Director candidate Richard "Bud" Armstrong made his pitch for a vote in the Republican Primary for Law Director.  
Knox County Third District School Board Candidate Gina Oster makes her case for election to the School Board. 
Knox County Fifth District School Board Candidate Elaine Davis was warmly received. Davis discussed the decline in ACT performance of Knox County students over the past eight years. 
Local business owner Gary Loe announces his intent to run in the August 2012 Republican Primary for  the TN State House of Representatives District 13. A seat previously held by Democrat Harry Tindell. Tindell has announced that he will not be seeking re-election. 
Knox County Fourth District County Commissioner Jeff Ownby  expressed gratitude to all the candidates running. 


Anonymous said...

Renaming of this club is a very positive step. This will send a message that the Grass Roots Conservatives who make up the base of the Tennessee GOP will no longer accept the status quo of having the party establishment attempt to foist so-called "moderates" also known as RINOs on us in order to control the party. The days of supporting individuals such as Howard Baker and Don Sundquist are finally coming to an end. True Conservatives such as Fred Thompson, Ed Bryant, Van Hilleary, and Marsha Blackburn are the type of leaders that we need to noninate and elect. To quote Sean Hannity: "We are Consrvatives first!"

Anonymous said...

Uh, where was Karen Carson?

Anonymous said...

Why is it you never see the Democrat Karen Carson at a Republican gathering?