Sunday, February 19, 2012

Cindy Ballard (Wife of John Whitehead's Opponent) Comes Clean

Thursday night at the South Knox Republican Club Cindy Ballard (the wife of John Whitehead's opponent) came clean on a "whisper legend" that has been active since 2006. When Cindy's husband first ran for County Commission in 2006 against Mike McMillan. The "whisper legend" of the eighth district has been that Ballard is a Democrat that ran as Republican. 

On Thursday night Cindy's husband was scheduled to be the speaker but instead he sent his Chief Deputy Jim Weaver to speak on his behalf. During the portion where candidates or their representatives can speak for 2-3 minutes. Cindy rose to speak for her husband. She said she did not know what a RINO (Republican In Name Only) was. She said that she  asked her husband are they calling you fat? He said NO and explained that RINO is Republican In Name Only. Cindy Went on to inform the club that "we were Democrats, our families were Democrats, however when Phil ran for Commission we ran as Republican"

Well, thank you Cindy for clearing that up! So, in fact Ballard is a RINO!


Anonymous said...

First of all, Phil probably sent Jim Weaver because Phil is a horrible speaker and knows nothing about appraisals, assessments or anything dealing with this office. And having his wife stand up and admit that he is a RINO was beyond funny. Let's see him explain his way out of this. Maybe Jim can tell him what to say.

Anonymous said...

Voting records tell the true story, and this just confirmed what we already knew. Ole Phil will be as quiet as a church mouse and limit his exposure to the public. Phil the Metal Shed and the Gossip paper in Fountain City DO NOT VOTE. Just like your advertisement which was a waste of the paper it was printed on you were signing blank paper which matched the look on your face when questioned publicly, BLANK. So sorry Cindy, you are a sweet Lady.

Anonymous said...

Just got home and a message on my answering machine, from Carl Tindell. I cannot believe that he is endorsing Phil as Property Assessor. Well with this economy and Lowe's and Home Depot on every corner, it's time we discontinued doing business with Carl Tindell. I have traded at Tindells since 1981 and that's it Carl, I am calling all of my subs and other builders, if you want to support Phil we will support your competition on our supplies, pay more for materials but it's worth it. Carl, I thought you were smarter than this, so long Tindells.