Tuesday, February 28, 2012

TEA Party Hears From Oster and Harris Tonight

Tonight at the West Knoxville Outback Steakhouse one of the Knoxville TEA parties hosted the candidates for the Third District School Board. Candidates According to out TEA party sources, Gina Oster and Doug Harris both spoke.  

They both agree that iPad should be utilized. However, they each have very different approaches. Oster advocates making iPad and technology a priority of the school district. She contends that Knox County must first make Smart Boards a necessity in every classroom and implement WiFi capabilities in every school. Harris believes it is critical to get the iPad NOW. When asked by a TEA activists how can a parent can engage with their child over homework with an iPad. Harris is said to have responded, that with iPad you do not need engaged parents. 

Regarding the teachers support. Oster who has been endorsed by the KCEA (Knox County Education Association, the teachers representative group) highlighted her endorsement by the group. Harris is said to have remarked that he was glad he did not get the teachers endorsement, because he was not supportive of teachers. He was supportive of students. 

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