Monday, February 13, 2012

Conley Underwood or McMillan? Shopper's Clark or Hunley's Focus?

This could be fun (for me, anyway) It is time for a little contrast and compare. Both Shopper News Publisher Sandra Clark and Focus Publisher Steve Hunley have published opinions on the School Board Race in the Eighth District. The School Board Race pits former Commissioner Mike McMillan against Husband, Father and Small Business Owner Conley Underwood.

Before we get to far, many of you are saying "oh my gosh Shock And Awe ain't found of either publisher". That is not true. I have respect for Sandra Clark's ability to maintain a newspaper through all the years. She first reported on me when I was 23 running against a 23 year incumbent. Had Clark not recruited a third candidate, oh well, I would still be stuck in the eighth district. Thanks Sandra! As for Steve Hunley, I respect his ability to manage multiple businesses and make cash with most of them. He and I share the ability to keep a school board seat for only 4 years. So, he ain't that darn bad. Do I disagree with some of their editorial positions? Absolutely! Just as they probably disagree with things I editorialize and report here. It is just competitive courtesy. 

As Mike Donila says, "Anyhoo"

Here is Sandra Clark's editorial position on Conley Underwood and how she arrives at her decision. Sometimes you are known by the company you keep and Sandra details some endorsements that McMillan has trumpeted a bit.

Here is the link to this week's Focus. There are two articles, on page A3 is the "Publisher's Position It Isn't All About The Kids" and then on page A5 is "Political Analysis: The 8th District School Board Race". The A3 article is identified as having been authored by Hunley. The political analysis is identified as being authored by Focus Staff. Both articles possess the same negative venom verbiage all focused on Conley Underwood. Oddly, Hunley trashes Underwood for being a father. He says that does not make for a better candidate. However, Hunley does not discuss the reason that McMillan ended his 30 year career as a classroom teacher. McMillan faced with a termination hearing due to in part to inappropriate material in his classroom closet. Also, when Hunley ran for election and his failed re-election, he too used the "for the kids" slogans. Hunley also doesn't reveal that Shirley Underwood (Conley's Aunt) managed the campaign of former School Board Member Jim Williams and that campaign and Mr. Williams defeated Hunley in 2000. Hunley also doesn't reveal that he also voted against Roy Mullins for Superintendent of Knox County Schools in 1999. It is because of Hunley's vote that Roy Mullins is a sometime Superintendent, to take a shot at all three is unwarranted. But now you know why. Hunley also has proclaimed that only McMillan in 2010 began the move for a new Carter Elementary School. This is not correct either. As a board member in 2003, Jim Williams proposed and I along with a majority of the board at that time voted to purchase the land on Strawberry Plains Pike that the new Carter Elementary School is being built on. 

While I support every one's ability to advance the candidate of their choice. In this contrast and comparison exercise. It is obvious that Sandra Clark was more informative with both sides then Hunley was. Conley Underwood and I went to high school together at Carter. We both graduated Carter High School in 1984. So, yes I have a favorite. I support the husband, father and small business owner that is young enough (45) to be able to relate to the new technologies and today's students and that candidate is Conley Underwood.   


Anonymous said...

Brian, I have known Steve Hunley for over 25 years and even in the current election hoop-lah I have no ill feelings towards Steve. He has always been cordial and nice to me but this time he is unfortunately, in my opinion, dead wrong in the candidate he has chosen to back. This does not make Steve wrong or me right or vice versa. It just means we are both entitled to promote who we believe to be the best man for the job. I just happen to believe Conley has the commitment, compassion, and the Gibbs and Carter's community's best interest at heart. For Conley this is not about recognition, fame, fortune, ego, or anything other than the LOVE he has for the students and children that represent the 8th district. He is a smart man because he knows that the youth of today are tomorrow's leaders.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame to see what has happened to Steve Hunley. He has changed and no one knows why. This new Steve can't get along with people. And that is a real shame.

Anonymous said...

I love that Sandra pointed out that it was Hunley who was working the room at the Meet & Greet, while McMillan stood by the door. Its clear who is really running for the School Board and it is not McMillan.

Anonymous said...

As I read all the things said by Hunley and his staff that you say are not completely true, I wonder how he can stay in business with his paper. Is there no way to regulate what he prints? At least a lot of folks are considering the source and are not buying in to his exaggerations, and statements for public consumption.

Amy said...

Agree, Steve Hunley has changed. He, at times, does think that the power of his name, businesses, and donations gives him authorities to control certain political activities.... as shown at several area Republican club meetings and

Anonymous said...

Today, a man was handing out McMillians info at Corryton Elementary. According to a parent picking up a child, a man got to the school long before most of the parents did, backed in so license plate couldn't be read, handed out Mikes info about the time students were dismissed, and left before a teacher got outside to watch car riders leave. This needs to be stopped!