Friday, February 10, 2012

Facebook Parenting: For The Troubled Teen

Check this out! Beware, there is some mild strong language. But to this dad, I say here, here!


Mike Donila said...

Ha ha. I saw this earlier. I'm sure there are folks out there complaining, but I support the guy.

Gary said...

But isn't this also a big part of the problem?

EVERYTHING has to be shown on video?

Including the raising of children?

I'm just so thankful I wasn't raised during this era of technological "progress," but I was raised when people could worry about who they were and not what kind of media celebrity they could be.

Mike Donila said...

It is partially part of the problem. But in his case he should get a pass. He did it response to the daughter putting her note on Facebook. He posted the video on Facebook as a way to reach out to her friends and their parents.