Saturday, February 04, 2012

KTSC and Gloria Ray are Parting Ways

I was out of town for most of yesterday. So I missed the dramatic theater at the corner on Gay and Summitt Hill. However, it looks like Gloria Ray will be departing the KTSC. Shock And Awe was the first on December 28 of last year (here) to identify the head of KTSC as being compensated more than $400,000.00 last year. 

I went to the County Commission Chairman's lunch and that was the first time that Gloria Ray made a presentation about the issue. She came up to me and told me that she reads Shock And Awe regularly. 

I wish that I could learn from her style of persuasion, she has an energy and charismatic appeal one on one that measures similar to Zig Ziglar. Below are a couple of photographs that  I took of Mrs. Ray on that day. 

Mrs. Ray and former Chairman of the KTSC Board David Duncan waiting for the County Commission Chairman's luncheon to begin. 

Mrs. Ray beginning to answer the television news first questions between the Commission Chairman's lunch and the County Commission meeting. 

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Elroy Woodson said...

A little surprised at Ms. Ray's counsel involved in the case, usually those guys come down on the side of employers, that's a real good way to run off your employer business, start representing employees. Given the counsel involved, this appears to be a claim which will settle, don't think this firm would file a case on behalf of an employee when the employment litigation business is built step by step representing employers.

In my opinion Mr. Duncan and Ms. Ray tried to pull a fast one to the tune of about $450,000. TBI, IRS, and Knox County should do a comprehensive audit of the entity, the employee, and the board members involved in this fiasco.