Wednesday, February 01, 2012

KTSC is Now Using Public Funds for a Spin Machine Shop?

According to this report, David Duncan Chairman of the KTSC stepped down today. Vice Chair Susan Brown is now the Interim Chair and the KTSC has hired Moxley Carmichael. Moxley Carmichael is a local PR shop aka spin machine. So, the KTSC is using the public's tax money for the services of a "spin machine" shop? I am not confident that is an appropriate use of tax money. While the tax money is 45% of the local hotel/motel tax collected in Knoxville/Knox County. It is still public tax money. 

Really and truthfully there is NOTHING Moxley/Carmichael can do that Gloria Ray can not do by herself. Moxley/Carmichael does enjoy the PR business of the Knoxville News Sentinel. Moxley/Carmichael at one time employed the wife of Scripps Executive Bruce Hartmann. Hartmann once served as Publisher of the News Sentinel. He has worked his way up the corporate ladder but is still based here in Knoxville. 

Again, the question is it appropriate for tax dollars to be spent on a PR spin machine shop? It is almost akin to lawerying up if you are the Knox County Trustee or one of his employees. 


Sniffy said...

Tea leaves indicate the public will be shocked when they review the list of events which the Sports and Tourism Council is taking credit for and the incredible calculation of what they consider the economic impact of such events really is. KTSC has nothing to do with many of the sporting events which occur in Knoxville, yet in my opinion this board should be investigated by the TBI/IRS for outright misuse of a not for profit legal entity and abuse of public funds, yet another political fish living large on the backs of Knox County taxpayers.

How many books, supplies, and opportunities would $400,000 buy in Knox County? These lifestyles on the backs of Knox County taxpayers in these quasi public positions need to be eliminated.

Tea leaves indicate in my opinion Gloria Ray cannot withstand public scrutiny and accountability, more resignations will follow. Complete waste of money, effort, and resources that could be better utilized (and should be better utilized) by Knox County for its essential and primary function, education of children.

Jack Speers said...

If the citizens of Knox County voted to repeal the hotel motel tax, or if county commission elected to abolish the hotel motel tax, me thinks the bulk of these problems and these people just go away.

This is why we need to starve the beasts of ballooning government as the funds never serve a legitimate government purpose and are usually subject to continued back room cronyism and more salaries, perks, and benefits courtesy of the taxpayers of Knox County.

Make Gloria go away, make the hotel motel tax go away.

Keeping Them Honest said...

I don't think Moxley can safe this one with the News-Sentinel. This attack is selling too many papers and generating too many internet comments...the number of comments (web traffic) is how Jack Mc and the boys sell advertising and continue to make payroll for those few left working with the NS.

Anonymous said...

I wonder when someone is going to ask for the Knoxville Chambers Executive pay and benefit packages.If you add together the total pay packages of Mike Edwards, Rhonda Rice, Doug Lawler, Mark Fields and Garrett Wagley it waould exceed the top five at the Sports Corp.....At least Gloria's team brought events to town and the Convention Center during the tough economy...just ask the downtown Hotels! What has the Chamber brought to Knoxville in past 18 months? How much taxpayer dollars is the Chamber receiving including the Innovation Valley.It was the Chambers team that spent $12 million of taxpayer dollars on Midway property and failed to get it rezoned...Now at best it is worth $2 million. One other point..The Hotel/Motel tax is tax payer money...but it is taxes paid by non-residents who visit here and the use of that money must go to projects/programs that generate more tourism...the money that goes to the Chamber comes from property tax money that could be used for other programs/projects such as the new Carter school. Just think the money the Chamber spent on Midway property could pay in full for the new Carter School!!