Friday, February 24, 2012

Fifth District Boundaries Only Bother Elaine Davis Opponent When She Wants Them Too

Elaine Davis opponent is having a "hissy fit" about fifth district boundaries. You see this past November (less than 12 weeks ago) the Knox County Commission moved all of the Town of Farragut from the Sixth District to the Fifth District. In the same vote the Commission moved Elaine Davis neighborhood to the Fourth District. However, the Knox County Charter states that the first election after redistricting there is NO boundary limitation. 

Elaine Davis has been represented for the past 11 plus years (the last redistricting was in 2001) by the School Board Representative in the Fifth District. The last eight years Davis has been represented by her opponent. The Town of Farragut residents have only been in the Fifth District less than 12 weeks. Elaine Davis is Farragut home grown and educated. Having graduated from Farragut High School prior to attending and graduating from the University of Tennessee. 

Four years ago when Laurie Alford challenged Elaine Davis opponent, one of the issues was that the current School Board members children did NOT attend Fifth District Schools. At the time Davis opponent said that was not an issue that she represented all the children in Knox County. But now, Davis opponent is all about a district line. Davis opponent's own child is still in a Knox County School, Farragut High School. Only for the past 12 or so weeks has her daughter been in a fifth district school. However, beginning in school year 2007-2008. Her daughter attended sixth district schools until the middle of November. So, Davis challenger was re-elected in 2008 without district boundaries being an issue. 

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Republicans, Pam Strickland endorsed the Democrat Karen Carson in the KNS.