Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Foster Arnett, Knox County Clerk Candidate Does Not Pay His Taxes

Because of a tip Brian's Blog began an investigation into the alleged delinquent property taxes of County Clerk candidate Foster Arnett. In a phone interview with the Union County, TN Trustee's office it was revealed that he indeed is a delinquent property tax owner in Union County. Union County is the adjoining county of Knox County to it's north. The property is located at 160 Lakeshore Drive in Maynardville, Union County, TN.

The $362.00 in unpaid taxes for 2006 are filed and in the possession of the office of the Union County Clerk and Master. The $550.14 in unpaid taxes for 2007 (through June) are filed and in possession of the Union County Trustee's office.

Foster's campaign website uses campaign rhetoric like

Do the right thing
Do your very best each day
Treat others as you want to be treated.

His campaign website goes on to proclaim that Foster believes in

Honor Above All Else
and Transparency.

He promises not to violate our trust.

How about the trust of his neighbors in Union County? How honorable, honest, accountable and transparent is his actions in Union County? How is it doing the right thing, when you fail to pay all your property taxes?

The Knoxville News-Sentinel led by Jack McElroy has spent a considerable amount of time and ink on exposing county commission candidate Richard Cate and Sam McKenzie for not paying their taxes. But not a peep or a smudge of ink on their primary endorsed candidate for County Clerk, Foster Arnett.

McElroy and crowd will tabloid (today, on their website and in tomorrow's print edition) on the unfortunate private domestic events (last night) of the other County Clerk candidate. But will they treat Arnett the same? It is doubtful.

Here is a photo of the neighborhood of Foster's waterfront view property. Will McElroy and crowd print a map with directions to this weekend property, like they did with former Sheriff Tim Hutchison's weekend residence? It is doubtful.

Where are the investigative reporters at Scripps on their anointed candidates?

We attempted to reach Foster on the phone number published on his campaign website, there was no answer. A message was left.


Anonymous said...

first off Brian it was great seeing you yesterday and i again thank you for the tutoring you have given me about Knox politics.

OK, my problem with the dem candidate isn't the spousal abuse isn't the alleged infidelity, it is that she is-was married to a drug dealer who was busted trying to sell 1,000 freaking pounds of drugs!
Um hello! can you say that is an integrity issue?
I mean we see in the article she is money greed motivated doing it to be better then 98% of Knox residents.
That is why I like the assembly primary of mr. haynes and Dr Baer. Both REPUBLICANS are doing it out of respect! Not so they can be better then 98%
We have seen her actions when she wanted to be a last minute screening for the spot she is running for.

As Nancy Regan said best "just say no to drugs...and people married to convicted drug dealers!"

Anonymous said...

You are so right on this issue. Subscribers jumping to the internet (which is what I did) is the only small impact the KNS could ever feel for operating the way it does.

Choosing sides is obvious. The local news printed is blantantly biased. Does Mike Hammond not has some legal issues from when he lived in Alabama?

danabayiates said...

Oh, come on, Brian. I'm curious as to why you would support a Democrat when you're so gung-ho about your GOP.
One thing I look for in someone who is going to be overseeing our tax money in the county clerk's office: good judgment. Ms. Vandergriff obviously needs to work on this skill. She's got some growing up to do....

Brian Hornback said...


I am reporting fact, not reporting bias. I agree it is best to look for the ability to make good judgement calls. How good of judgement is it that Foster refused to pay his taxes? He said he moved and didn't change his address. Did he forget that he owned Union County property? What will he do, if elected Clerk and you move and use the excuse that you didn't pay your fees to his office because you moved?

Anonymous said...

You ignore Hammond but go after Foster. Why give Hammond a pass? We depend on you.

Brian Hornback said...

Mike Hammond is not on the ballot, yet. When he is on the ballot for County Mayor in 2010. He will be fair game.