Friday, June 20, 2008

Phil Ballard for Property Assessor

Last night, the Knoxville Expo Center was colored orange and white. The event was a dinner, honoring Phil Ballard, Republican candidate for Knox County Property Assessor. Nearly 300 attended. The Prime Rib dinner was one of the best political dinner meals that I have enjoyed and I have attended a bunch of dinners since 1982.

A great job of hosting this dinner by Steve Hunley and John Mills. Jack and Joyce Huddleston were working hard to ensure that everyone had a great time.

Philbio (aka Phil Williams of NewsTalk 100) was the Special Master of Ceremonies. Someone remind me to post about how in 1982 - 1984, Phil Williams was an advisor of mine. Last night, Williams told some funny jokes. He kept saying he was glad that his mom wasn't there. However, he talked about his brother and I go to church with his brother and sister. Note to Philbio: for a nominal fee I can be quiet. (joking)

There was live music before and during dinner. Pastor Clarence Sexton gave the invocation. State Senator Tim Burchett led the Pledge. He and his beautiful wife Allison were in attendance. Elected Officials and candidates were recognized by the Knox County Republican Party Chair, Irene McCrary. Cindy Ballard, Phil's wife entertained. Bob Griffitts of Congressman Duncan's office read a statement that the Congressman read into the Congressional record honoring my friend and our public servant, Parkey Strader. Paula Rudder, Parkey's daughter accepted it on his behalf and read a statement from Parkey. State Senator Jamie Woodson then introduced Phil. Phil talked about his experience in the private sector and the need to keep running a professional Property Assessor's office.

My personal take-aways from this event. Our county has been fortunate to have had Parkey Strader run the office for seven terms from 1972-2000. He has served as my State Representative since 2004. In addition, We have been fortunate to have had the leadership of Republican Property Assessor John Whitehead since 2000. Whitehead has 30 plus years experience in the office, working as the Chief Deputy for Parkey Strader all of those years before. Whitehead's knowledge, leadership and experience can not be replaced.

On a political note: all countywide Republican candidates (except one) and nearly every Republican County Commissioner candidate was present. Foster "I don't pay out of county taxes" Arnett, candidate for County Clerk was not in attendance.


KnoxGOP2 said...

Our Republican nominee and next Knox County Clerk, Foster Arnett, was exactly where he needed to be last home by the side of his lovely wife, Dottie, who is recovering from very recent foot surgery. Phil and Cindy Ballard, and many others in attendance, knew exactly where Foster was and why he was unable to attend last evening's wonderful event. Foster Arnett's servant leadership, as demonstrated by his devotion and committment to his wife of many years, will be invaluable to the citizens of Knox County and will be a positive step in the right direction when Knox County Republicans carry him to victory on August 7th.

Brian Hornback said...

If that is the case and I assume this anonymous poster id accurate. It would have helped to secure a spirit of unity for Irene to announce why Arnett, Junior was not able to attend.

Tony said...

Phil Ballard is a degenerate piece of trash. One of the most immoral, unethical, worthless human beings to ever walk the face of the earth.