Sunday, June 08, 2008

Being Chairman is Hard Work, Good Job Don Daugherty

Don Daugherty has hung it up as Chairman of the Knox County Democrat Party. Don is a good guy, he was responsive and worked hard to bring the factions of the KnoxDems together. There are at least two factions, the one faction is the always been here, yellow dog democrats and the other faction, ain't from around here, deaniacs.

People that have never been County Chairman and would never be selected as County Chairman always sit around writing in their papers, on their blogs and just all around run their mouths like they could or would do it differently. These people have no clue.

It is easier to be a volunteer for a political party or a candidate. It is something entirely different to have your name on the line as the Chairman for the problems of the party and the victories or losses of the party.

I know how Don feels today. In my two years as Republican Party Chairman, I immediately started with a local community newspaper reporting lies about me. I had individuals that were supposed to be on my team calling these "reporters" and spreading lies. I had individuals that were supposed to be on my team calling volunteers and donors and spreading lies. I had the Immediate Past Chairman sending emails to "reporters" and to the leadership of the Tennessee Republican Party. I immediately took inventory and determined who I could trust and froze the rest of them out. Fortunately for me the Executive Committee that I worked with had the same goals that I had. That goal was win every race we could.

It appears that for Don, his executive committee (Board of Governors, in the democrats case) was cutting his legs out from under him. Don has accomplished much in his one year as Chairman.

For me, I first began with a TN Supreme Court decision that called into question the eligibility for nearly every candidate on the 8 year ballot. Every 8 years, nearly every office in the courthouse is on the ballot. Second, we won every race that we were supposed to, taking a sweep of the countywide races. We were then faced with the January 31, 2007 appointment process.

I made a commitment to my family in December 2004 that if I served as Knox County Republican Party Chairman, I would only serve one term (two years). I kept my commitment, in spite of hundreds of phone calls, emails and conversations of people asking me to run again.

I loved the job. For me election day as Party Chairman was like Christmas morning when you were 7 years old. However, I don't miss the "reporters and editors" that print lies and fail to get your response. I don't miss the people that I learned early on would say one thing to your face and call the media and volunteers and spread lies about you. Although, I am better for the ware.

I have contacts in every part of Knox County. Good people that have the same goal that I have and that is to elect good people to office, good Republicans to office. I have become a better and stronger man for each of the skirmish's that I had to experience. Don Daugherty will be a better man for his as well. Don will be back, stronger and better for the experience.

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