Thursday, October 28, 2010

Knox County Trustee Salaries in 2010 -vs- 2009

The Knox County Fee Offices are required to file a salary suit in Chancery Court to allow their employees to be compensated. This year on September 1, 2010 the Trustee's office is the only office where the incumbent was replaced with a new Trustee. So, we have examined the salary suits. In 2009, Trustee Fred Sisk filed a salary suit for 27 positions with a salary requirement of $1,239,663.68; the salary suit was amended in August 2009 where the salaries were reduced -$13,400.04 to a salary requirement of $1, 226,263.64 Originally, there were 9 employees with an auto allowance, in August the auto allowance was reduced to 7 employees receiving the auto allowance. In 2010, the average salary in the Sisk administration was $45,417.17

In 2010, Trustee Sisk filed a salary suit for 39 employees for a salary requirement of $1,749,285.80 Again 9 auto allowance with an annual expense to the Knox County taxpayers to $48,600.00 In 2010 the average salary in the Sisk administration was $44,853.48

So, what about the recent salary suit of 2010 by new Trustee John Duncan it reveals 40 positions with a salary requirement of $1,855,904.80 with 9 employees receiving an auto allowance of $4,050 a year to an annual commitment by the taxpayers for $48,600.00 The average salary in the Duncan adminstration is $46,397.62

There is a possible ethical violation with the latest Trustee salary suit. You see the Trustee employee Chadwick B. Tindell signed the salary suit as the Attorney for the Trustee. So, he was petitioning for his own salary of $106,905.00 and his $4,050.00 auto allowance per year. In the past the contracted Attorney for the Trustee petitioned the court, but he did not have his entire salary, auto allowance and benefits on the line. So, to a citizen that is not a licensed Attorney it appears as a conflict and most of the time perception is reality.

Our review has been just a quick cursory review. We will dig into further details and may update this post.


Anonymous said...

Did Mose Lobetti's daughter go to work for Duncan after the election?

Brian Hornback said...

Yes, he did. I believe she is the collections assistant. I will try and confirm the exact title.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy is preparing his Son for the 2nd