Thursday, December 16, 2010

Foster Arnett: A Liar or A Political Opportunist?

In 2008, Foster Arnett offered himself as a candidate for County Clerk with the promise of "throwing the door of the clerk's office open" and "to always do the right thing" He was elected and served the remaining two years. In 2010, Arnett ran for a full four year term as County Clerk as a continuation of his first partial term. Then within 60 days of taking office on September 1, 2010 he appoints his brother as Treasurer of an exploratory committee to run for the position of City of Knoxville Mayor. Sources close to Arnett indicate that not only is he definitely running, he is planning his Mayoral administration. Obviously, Arnett never participated in little league sports as a child. Because when young kids want to quit the team when the going gets tough, dad's always say "you have to finish the season." So, either Arnett is a political opportunist running for Mayor or he is a liar after having said he would "always do the right thing." The right thing is to complete what you said you wanted to do and what the public gave you the honor of doing.

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