Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sandra Clark Supports Spending More Than $15 Million on Land For Carter

In this weeks Scripps owned Shopper News, Scripps employee Sandra Clark is advocating here to build the Carter Elementary School on the Knox County taxpayers $10 million plus investment at the proposed Midway Business Park. The last line of her story states, "Just build an elementary school at Midway and let's all move on."

That is twice the cost of the Board approved renovation cost and at least 25% greater than Sandy Loy of Construction Plus indicates that he can build a new school for. What Sandra Clark may or may not have forgotten is that the school board in 2003 purchased property on Strawplains Pike for a new school. So, she is advocating a $14-$16 million land cost. That is before $8-$10 million is spent on actually constructing the building. That is so absurd, that the good people of Carter would reject this type of wasteful spending that Sandra Clark proposes.

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