Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Randy Neal Launches Investigation on a Republican Councilman

Here, Randy Neal of the local liberal blog launches an investigation on a Republican Knoxville Councilman. So, he owns a rental property. OK. They landlord / tenant relationship is not always fair, it even has a tendency to lean toward the tenant. The first inspection was in March 2010 and the last inspection was in September 2010. How much damage can be done in six months. I don't have to remind everyone that Senator Stacy Campfield was accused of being a bad landlord. But, when the proof was presented, Campfield won the counter suit. Why can't the local liberal blog try to something productive? Like convincing President Obama and the Democrats to extend our tax cuts so that the 9% unemployed can be employed and the economy rescued. After all, it is the economy!

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