Thursday, November 11, 2010

News Sentinel Editorial Misses the Cronyism Mark

This Editorial in Yesterday's News Sentinel missed the mark on cronyism. The News Sentinel Editorial Board cites Zach Brezina as a potential political patronage becoming cronyism. The editor writers stated that Brezina is a college graduate. What the editorial authors missed is the daughter of political gadfly Mose Lobetti that has been hired into the Trustees office with no Trustee experience at a salary in excess of $50,000 it is reported to Brian's Blog that this hire is not a college graduate. More details could be forthcoming on this hire. To my friends at the Big Metal Shed on the Hill this is an example of Cronyism 101.


Anonymous said...

Thank You!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Ballard agreed to swap Leuthold for Mose's daughter. It would be a good way for Ballard to get rid of her and Duncan to fulfill his promise to Mose.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Brian for your info and not playing favorites. The thing that KNS and the Trustree are spouting everywhere is that he has lower staffing levels than Mike Lowe and Fred Sisk. If they are setting Mike and Fred as their benchmark for doing the right thing, we are in BIG Trouble. Why would you pick one of the most corrupt past offices in Knox County to compare your staffing and salary levels, and say you are doing a great job ?

Brian, another thing that has not been talked about is JD moving the Tax Relief office to the Cedar Bluff Office. Does anyone think that West Knox has more low income seniors than East,North, or South Knox ?

It seems that all of his campaign promises concerning the "good old boy" network in his office were forgotted after the election.

I guess that Mose and the other insiders will continue to push his bandwagon until his dad retires.

Wake up Knox County !