Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Recall Bill Lockett!?

This story revealed by the BIG Metal Shed on the Hill today is very disturbing. It would appear that Lockett knew what he was doing at the time. It would appear that he knew what he did during the time and prior to his old law firm confronting him about it. It would appear that he knew what he did when he agreed with his law firm that he did it. It would appear he realized he did wrong when he agreed to pay it back. Had his law firm never discovered it and confronted Locket with it. What would Lockett have done?

Lockett has portrayed himself as a Boy Scout leader, he should resign. Lockett has campaigned on his membership in a large church, he should stand before that congregation and ask for forgiveness and for their assistance in helping him to right his moral life.

The citizens of Knox County began the rumblings today of a Recall Bill Lockett movement. What will the position of the BIG Metal Shed on the Hill be in recalling Bill Lockett? If they are consistent they should be asking for his immediate resignation. Because the view of the citizens that we spoke with today said, the actions of Bill Lockett are no different than the robbers at the Bravo restaurant or the robbery of the convenience store on Middlebrook Pike last night. The only difference is one happened last night and the other a year or two ago.

Now, Lockett's attempt to get the Knox County taxpayers in September 2008 to purchase a "tricked out truck" for his county and personal use is viewed in a different light.


Anonymous said...

The News Sentinel called for Lockett's resignation in this morning's editorial.

Logan Brummitt said...

Wow, gone on the honeymoon for last week and I missed a whole lot. This is a shame.

Doc said...

This is all BS!

Mr. Lockett was the one who explained to the people of Knox County and Knowville exactly would be involved if the two combined to a single government.

Bill explained that the people of Knoxville and Knox County would no longer be able to vote for Sheriff of for any of the other leaders of similar smaller offices and the people voted down "home rule."

For that, the greasy Mayor and the other would-be dictators have concocted a set of lies to smear the name of a good man. They also dislike the fact that term-limits remain in force and blame Mr. Lockett for that as well.

It is simply wrong for Knoxvillains to assume the worst about Bill Lockett. Mr. Lockett has proven time again that he's a good, caring and honorable man, and the tone of this blog rather disgusts me.

Brian Hornback said...

well, doc.

You may be disgusted and that is your right. Individuals that do what Mr. Lockett is reported to have done and he has begun paying it back digusts me.

He should come out and speak the truth. He is refusing to make any additional comments.

Doc said...

Oh I'm sure he'll make some more comments. As much as you and your ilk desire for him to be tried in the court of public opinion, I hope this slander is rebuked in a court of law and those of you so quick to judge are equally rebuked.

Shame on you for assuming this citizen guilty until proven innocent.

Brian Hornback said...


he is paying the money back, it is reported that he has paid half of it back.

As far as this being slander. He is a public official, he and his family campaigned for the job and asked for this position. Search for the lack of law and precedent case law for public officials on slander.

Doc said...

Paying the money back?

It's my understanding that he did work for free for clients who couldn't afford to pay.

So what's he paying back? The salary he got while doing free legal work?

Hardly grounds for dismissal.

Other than those sharks who would ouster this kind and honest man because he explained to the voters what combining city and county was all about, who else is calling for him to step down?

Congratulations Logan Brummitt!