Monday, September 19, 2011

Sandy Loy Has Made EVERY Attempt, Dale Smith Cowers

Knoxville's other blogger Mike Donila over at Screams From The Porch posted this on Thursday.

I believed that Sandy Loy had asked Dale Smith to appear in joint meetings, I contacted Sandy Loy to confirm my memory (you know I got older last month)

Sandy confirmed that he has invited Smith to every appearance that he has made. Sandy contacted Dale Smith and invited him to a private sit down. Sandy has invited Dale to write an answer to the concerns that Sandy has raised. Every time Dale responded by NOT responding. Dale has responded to County Commission and did not even give Sandy the courteous jester of sending him a copy. The person ducking a debate is Dale Smith, the Director of the Knoxville/Knox County Public Building Authority (PBA).

Sandy Loy will meet Dale Smith anywhere at anytime whether it is a cage or a podium. Sandy will meet Dale wherever he shows up because the documents speak for themselves. Go right
here. You will find contracts written with TBD (To Be Determined) in the amount and scope lines. You will also find change orders written 18 months AFTER completion of the project.

The last thing that needs to be accomplished is adding smoke to this issue by trying to make this as a personal deal between Loy and Smith or Smith and Loy when it is not personal at all. It is about poor management of our public tax dollars and a lack of transparency on the part of Smith and the PBA Board.

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your away pal said...

My email to Donila:


While I appreciate your humor I hope you will clarify a couple of things;

First...I have invited Smith to every appearance I have made, as well as a private meeting invitation...neither of which he took the time to respond to.

In the inverse he went to commission in writing once and in person the second time without the courtesy I extended him of a heads up or an invitation.

Second...I hope you and your readers are savvy enough to recognize the "this is just a personal attack" for what it is 1)untrue 2)a diversionary tactic traditionally invoked by government officials when they have no material facts with which to defend their irresponsible actions when called out on them.

Carcello is personal friends with Smith. His rant was personal...while my presentations have been facts based with documentation to back my claims up.

I notice you didn't include the link to in your blog. How do you and the KNS defend never reporting the FACTS of contracts written with TBD in the amount line? Or change orders written 18 months after a project is completed?

I am disappointed in your biased and slanted blog in which you carried Carcello and Smith's water for them; whether you knew it or not.

Shifting the public's eye off the target of wasteful practices by the PBA by writing about my claims being personal is just wrong on every front.

While I like a good laugh as much as anyone, your attempt at humor in this case is wasted on a multi-million dollar problem which is anything but funny.