Saturday, September 10, 2011

Georgiana Vines Will Report on Former Republican Chairs Behaving Badly

In today's Georgiana Vines column (here) over at The Big Metal Shed on the Hill she reports to have talked to the former GOP Chairs that have dishonored the legacy of our 40th President Ronald Reagan. She states that they said this is the first time they have endorsed in a primary. Interesting, last summer several of them got together (except Prisoner of War Survivor Bill Tallent, Lynn Tarpy, Sue Methvin and Irene McCrary) and endorsed a candidate. On July 20, 2011 Here Rebecca Ferar over at the same Big Metal Shed on the Hill reported on their combined Republican election.

For some reason the former Chairs suffer from continued lapses of forgetfulness, because in last weeks endorsement three were not included (Prisoner of War Survivor Bill Tallent, Attorney Mike McClamroch and myself). On Monday, Vines reports that she will have more on the former Chairs endorsement. If she writes about those of us excluded, I guess that means that she will be contacting me or not.

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