Sunday, June 17, 2007

A Shopper Example

A Brian's Blog reader has emailed an example of the Shopper's tabloidish methods. This appeared in the January 7, 1998 Shopper.

The text under the photo reads "Mike Prince and Chad Tindell, candidates for GOP Party Chair. Any resemblance to Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dum is purely unavoidable."

Mike Prince was elected and served one term. Sue Methvin, First Vice Chair during Prince's term was elected and served two terms as GOP Party Chair. Methvin was the first female Chair in the Party's history. Chad Tindell was elected and served one term as GOP Party Chair. Brian Hornback was elected in 2005 and served one term. The Current GOP Party Chair is Irene McCrary, the First Vice Chair during Hornback's term and now the second female in the Party's history to serve as GOP Party Chair.


Anonymous said...

Me again..I posed this on the other story about the shopper but I sure didn't want the lefties from who read you to miss I am posting it AGAIN!
Hang in there..

However, over the last several years it is obvious that SC and BB believe they can print any ole' thing about elected people and it is alright."

Believe it or not, for years I sent that column in and had NO idea
the paper was agenda driven! I kid you not. Then I got in big trouble for blogging (by Bean and her buds) on the Patterson WATE blog. I was told I was a rep of the paper and I should stop so I did.

Yep I was SHOCKED to find out the paper (Bean and her Buds) all blogged on! Man, at least Gene's was just a pump of his station and not so far left it goes around the corner and docks in the former USSR. I was the first and I think only poster on the Gene blog to be identified (which was fine with me) but when Gene and his former boss (the woman that bailed before the ship really hit the rocks) called the paper to get me fired I just laughed! To
have a job that never paid enough to play two rounds of golf in a week pulled from you wasn't a real blow. AFTER I left (they said something about me doing features but after I did one I guess Bean and her buds didn't like it cause I never did another) I started to find out about their love for and the left wing. Man I had NO idea! I just thought it was a nice community paper but man was I wrong. If they don't like you they go after you big time. As for me I have not had any real dealings with them (republicans run in different circles I guess) except for being banned from Now I will admit I miss the heck out of going on that site and pointing out the truth to those 5 folks who post..but hey, it is very closed and if you even mention you are not for abortion or back GW you are toast!

SO...again keep your head
down, don't let anything out of that camp bother you and lets make sure we win in 08!


Brian Hornback said...

WJ -

They don't bother me. If they bothered me then I would have given up along time ago.

Actually thier little antics energize me. It is funny that SC used Gossip and Lies for years (until Bruce Hartmann told her to stop) to say all kinds of things about individuals that she knows is untrue. And then she gets all bent out of shape over a term (tabloid editor girl) and sends me an email telling me that she is tired of being called a liar and for me to STOP IT.

Seems they can dish it but they can't take it. Even when I point out with her sitting in the Conference room that she is lying and she has to concur with her boss in the room that I was right and she was wrong. SC and BB Can't handle the truth.

This is FUN! It is part of the game that they started.

We (Republicans)keep winning, they keep losing. Hoo Rah.