Thursday, June 21, 2007

Brian Free and Assurance Tonight at Tennessee RV

Tonight began a 3 day Grand Opening celebration for the new Tennessee RV Sales and Service dealership in Knox County. It has re-located into Knox County from Sevier County. The dealership located at the I-40 / Strawberry Plains Pike exit on Huckleberry Springs Road.

This evening Brian Free and Assurance appeared in concert on the parking lot under the big tent. As always Brian Free and Assurance led the large crowd in Praise and Worship, lifting high our Lord and Savior.

I began following the career of Brian Free nearly 25 years ago. He was the tenor for Gold City. He is the most awarded singer in Gospel music today. Over the years he formed Brian Free and Assurance, he also has led worship with a brief solo career.

Tonight's event highlighted the entire group. However, during the song, "Long As I Got King Jesus". The newest member of the group, Jeremy Lile (a Maryville, TN resident) who sings Bass nearly shut down the sound system with one of the lowest bass voices in Southern Gospel music. Also, Jerry Lee Lewis has nothing on Scott "Pepper" McDowell the 22 year old keyboard player.

Ricky Free, 23 year old percussion player (drums) led the group through the entire set tonight and is the best in the industry.

As always Bill Shivers on Lead and Derrick Selph as Baritone are the core of the group.

Other highlights included the songs "If It Takes A Valley", "When the Lord Says Go", "It's About The Blood" and "For God So Loved"

In September 2007 Brian Free and Assurance will release a CD project entitled "Real Faith" all 10 songs are Great but the song "Praying Man" is worth the purchase.

Check out Brian Free and Assurance on the Web here.

Tomorrow night at Tennessee RV is Bluegrass night and Saturday night is Oldies night. Go check it out. Tonight I found a RV Motor Home that will serve my needs in Retirement.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Brian,
Glad you enjoyed the concert. I was the emcee, and I was also doing a remote there before the concert.